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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (9)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 19, Luna Lv. 18, Ghaleon Lv. 99.(Woot! ^ ^)

Just go north and to the World Map! ^ ^

|World Map|

Move Nall to Weird Woods.

Weird Woods

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 19, Luna Lv. 18, Ghaleon Lv. 99.

Well, you'll have to get through this stage again but with Ghaleon on your side, the enemies here are like cookies! Ooooo! COOKIES! :) Anyway, you should know the way to the shrine right? So, go to the shrine! Oh yeah, you'll meet a guy who catches fairies to sell em'! Ghaleon then asks the man how much does he want for the faerie but the man gave him for free as soon as he heard the name 'Ghaleon'! :) Anyway, continue your journey! ^ ^

Upon reaching, Ghaleon asks Quark about Luna. Then he laughs..... An evil laugh! Then, he changed into the Magic Emperor!!! Don't you get it? Ghaleon is the evil, powerful Magic Emperor!!! Wow! Bet you didn't expect that! ^ ^ He then traps Quark in an energy orb of his and takes Luna away with him. Alex tries to take Luna back but Ghaleon uses his magic barrier to knock him out in one hit! Nice! Errr...... I mean, how evil!!! Alex then remembers about his past with Luna..... Alex will then wake up in his house with his mother and all beside him. His mother told him that Laike was the one who carries you here! She told you to meet Laike at Dyne's monument to thank him! Now, go all the way to the monument and talk to Laike!

Laike will ask you a question. I choose the second choice which is to save Luna. I don't think it even effect the game. :) Anyway, he'll give you DragonWings! Nall then asks you to try and use it. Suddenly, you get caught in an orb and transported straight to Meribia! Nall then gets the idea of transporting to anywhere you have been before by using the DragonWings! Sweet! ^ ^ Well, it's no time to warp back yet as you'll see monsters running around in town! What? Monsters? In town? Jessica will suddenly run up to you and ask for help. A monster then come rushing towards her but she kick it's behind good cause the monster flies away really far! But then, two monsters come towards you at once! It's time for another mid-boss fight! ^ ^

Gargoyle X 2

Well, just use Jessica's Special Skill, Smite to end the battle in seconds! ^ ^

Now that the battle is over, you'll explain everything about Ghaleon and Luna being kidnapped by him! Jessica then realizes that her dad is the main target of the Vile Tribe right now! And, it's time for you to save him! So, what are you wiaiting for, head for the mansion!!! I just love saying that! ^ ^ Oh yeah, there's enemies here so, watch out! I'm too lazy to list them right now, sorry! :P

Now, enter the second floor and the training hall! You'll see Mel there trying to fight Xenobia! Jessica then tries to help him but his father pushed her away from Xenobia's beam attack! As a result, her father turned to stone and Xenobia then flee the scene! Jessica then try to heal her father but it won't work! Jessica asks you to go to Vane and meet Lemia to see if she can help her father! Now that you have the DragonWings, why slow down yourself? Use it and go to Vane!!! :)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 19, Jessica Lv. 19.

Now, head north and you'll bump into Nash and Mia! Yay! ^ ^ You'll explain everything but suddenly, a monster (not visible) attacks you and it's another boss battle!!! ^ ^


HP : 1900 to 2000 HP.
EXP : 1200 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Grandoom Card.

Okay, powerup Alex with Vigor and have him using Sword Dance all the turn! Mia should use IceShell to ups the defence of all your party! After that, use FlameArc all the turn! Nash, as usual, use Riot and Thor Rain when can! Make Jessica the healer here! if she's free, which means nobody is injured, attack normally. Grandoom can use it's mouth beam attack to do massive damage at all of your party members at once! it can even use it's eye beam to do more damage on one party member! If you've followed my advice of using IceShell before, the beam attacks should do only little damage which is not a threat at all! ^ ^ Remember, this monster is weak against fire and strong against ice! :) One more thing is, this boss has even less HP than the last one so don't worry to much! ^ ^

After you've won, the party decided to ask Lemia about what to do next. Lemia will say that the only one that can stop Ghaleon is a Dragonmaster and it's your job to become one! ^ ^ Alex then asks about the dragons whereabouts and Lemia said that the red dragon lives in the volcanoes south of Nanza Barrier! She's not too sure though but then Jessica said that Kyle should know something about it! ^ ^ So, what are you waiting dor? Use the DragonWings and transport to Nanza!!! :)

Nanza's Barrier

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 20, Nash Lv. 19, Mia Lv. 19, Jessica Lv.19.

When you reach here, go west and through the gate. You'll then hear someone screaming! Well, well, it's Xenobia! She's trying to kill a girl! Oh my, the girl is soooooo ugly! Well, you'll know she's no girl as the girl reveals her true identity! It's Kyle! And, off into another mid-boss battle! ^ ^

Zotto X 2

Well, simple! Just use Kyle's Sonic Wave attack to kill them in pretty much two hits! ^ ^

After you've won, Xenobia will flee. It turns out to be that the Vile Tribe wants to kidnap all the girls that sings! Oh my.... Anyway, you'll explain everything to Kyle. Kyle then agrees to help you and go to the Volcano south of here! ^ ^

Okay, when you regain control back, heal at the statue and go straight to the south gate unless you have something else to do which I don't think so! Boy, that was a long sentence! :) Talk to the guard there and he'll let you pass immediately! It's just nice having Kyle around here! ^ ^ Now, that you've pass the gate, you'll be back in Nanza!

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