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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (6)

Spring Of Transmission

When you reach here, Nash suggests that you go to Althena's Shrine and get a room there for Luna to rest. He said that a priestess there should be able to help her. So, what are you waiting for? To the World Map!!! ^ ^

|World Map|

You should be able to access Althena's Shrine now! Simply move Nall to the place the looks like a castle! :) You'll be in Althena's Shrine in no time!!!

Althena's Shrine

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 17, Luna Lv. 17, Nash Lv. 16.
Items : Light Emblem (Phacia).

When you enter, Phacia will great you. She will then lend you a room for Luna to rest. Luna then rest 'in peace'! No, she's not dead but just not disturbed while she's sleeping! :) Anyway, while Luna is resting, Alex and Nash have a conversation about Luna. Nash thinks Luna has powerful magic inside herself. It also appears that the incident at the Spring Of Transmission was mainly about Luna! Anyway, after a while, Luna will be awoken and Nash tells you to search for the High Priestess! :)

Go out and before you can do anything, Phacia comes to you and asks about Luna. You'll then notice that Phacia is actually the High Priestess! She'll bring you to her place you will exlain everything to her. Phacia then understood and gives you a Light Emblem! She asks Nash to keep it and you will then regain control of your party again! Oh yeah, before you leave the room, you might want to talk to the old man near the stairs to the west of you first ^ ^.

Now, exit the room and talk to the people there to learn a bit about a girl called Jessica. now exit the Shrine, and to the World Map! ^ ^

Chapter 5 : ~ The Magic City Of Vane and Ghaleon ~

|World Map|

Now move Nall to the Transmission Spring! ^ ^

Transmission Spring

Now use the portal and viola! You'll be in Vane!!! :)


My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 17, Luna Lv. 17, Nash Lv. 16.
Items : Music (Red Chest), Dark Seed (red chest).

Nash will drag you to the Magic Guild. He then takes Luna with him to a room and asks Luna to stay there and wait for Ghaleon. Luna then meet a strange man outside and recognize his singing. It sounds like Alex! Alex meanwhile wants to explore first! :) Now, from your point, go west and enter the lower left room. It's Mia Ausa's room! :) In Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, Mis is my FAVORITE character! She's so cute and adorable! ^ ^ Anyway, try passing the man at the door and go inside. Mia then will greet you and you'll get another picture for your gallery! :)

Anyway, while you're talking to her, Nash bursts in and tells you to not to disturb her! What a jerk! :P Nash tells you that Ghaleon is waiting for you. You'll then be with Luna again. Luna asks you where have you went to and Nash tells her what happened. You'll then meet Ghaleon at last! :) Luna then notices that Ghaleon was the same man that she saw before. Ghaleon then introduces himself and heals Luna a bit. Your party will thank him and Ghaleon will tell you to go to Lann Village and talk to the Dragonmaster there. He asks you to ask his assistant to help you. Talk to the man left of him and he will said that Lann Village is over the Nanza barrier. Now go outside but before that, talk to the guard at the door. Take notes what he said! ^ ^ Now, get out of the Magic Guild!!!

Outside, you may go west and south a bit and remember the location of the red chest! Now, you might want to pay the weapon shop a visit! I bought a Silver Sword for Alex and Meteor Rod for Nash! ^ ^ You might also want to buy some new armors for your characters! ^ ^ When you're ready, go back to the portal and you'll be at the Transmission Spring again! ^ ^

Transmission Spring

From here, just go outside! ^ ^ You'll be on the World Map again and a new adventure awaits you!!! :)

Chapter 6 : ~ The Warrior And The Priestess, Kyle and Jessica ~

|World Map|s

Now move Nall to Nanza! :)


My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 17, Luna Lv. 17, Nash Lv. 16.
Enemies : DeathMoth, WildBoar, Ant Lion, Earthel.
Items : Angel Tear, Heal Gum X 2, 100S, Paralysis Cleanser, Magic Ring (Red Chest), Coral Tiara (Red Chest), Mental Gum.

Okay, from where you started, go west all the way and skip the north path for a Heal Gum. Now, backtrack and take the north path for an Angel Tear. From here, go west all the way and you should be on the next screen.

From here, go west all the way and open the chest for a Paralysis Cleanser. Backtrack and this time, use the north path and open the chest for a 100 Silver. Now, follow the west path all the way and you should see a cave. Do not enter the cave yet but instead, go east a bit and open the chest for another Heal Gum. Now, enter the cave.

From here, go north and remember the red chest's location. Now, move on and you should hear voices from outside. You'll see two people arguing. They shouldgo away then. Now, go north and there's another red chest and a blue chest. Remember the Red Chest and open the Blue Chest for a Mental Gum. Now, go north and follow the path and you should be at...

  GBA Lunar Legend

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GBA Lunar Legend

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