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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (12)

Chapter 11 : ~ The Path To The Red Dragon Cave ~

|World Map|

Move Nall to Iluk! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 24, Nash Lv. 24, Mia Lv. 24, Jessica Lv.24, Kyle Lv. 24.
Items : None.

Here, go northwest, to the house with the flat hot air balloon near it. Talk to the man there. His name is Shira, the inventor. He'll then thank you and promise you to build you a hot air balloon for your trouble. But, in order to make the engine work, you must first catch a Fluffball! He asks you to talk to the botanist! ^ ^ Now, exit his lab.

Go west and use the stairs to go downstairs. Talk to the man there. He's the botanist. He'll let you go there and open the gate for you and even warn you about the similarities between a Flufball and a Puffball! Boy, it's gonna be hard! It shouldn't be that bad if you've played LSSSC before! ^ ^ Now, exit, and go north, opening the gate! You'll be on the field in no time! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 24, Nash Lv. 24, Mia Lv. 24, Jessica Lv.24, Kyle Lv. 24.
Enemies : Fluffball, Puffball, Man Eater, Devilfly.
Items : Heal Ring, 3000 S, Spirit Guard, Crystal Guard.

From here, go all the way east and use the red spring to jump to the other side. Open the chest here for a Heal Ring! ^ ^ For now, backtrack to the first entrance and go west, using the red spring again to access the other side. Now, keep on using the red springs until you come to a place with none of the springs. From here, go north, passing the tomato patch. Here, you'll see a Fluffball bouncing around. Touch it for a mid-boss battle! ^

Fluffball, Puffball X 2

Simple, use Jessica's Smite ability and the battle will be over before you know it! ^ ^

You'll get a Fluffball right after you won the battle! I suggest you stay here a bit longer and level up first before leaving! ^ ^ Oh yeah, open the chest south of you for a 3000 Silver! Now, go east and open the chest for a Spirit Guard! Go south, and west and open the chest for a Crystal Guard! Sorry, I missed this before! :P Now, use Jessica Escape Ave ability and you'll be bcak to Iluk in no time! ^ ^

Now talk to the Shira again and he will ask you to stay overnight. You'll wake up tomorrow with the balloon ready for you! ^ ^ Pick the first choice if you're ready and you'll soon depart to the Red Dragon Cave!!! ^ ^

Red Dragon Cave

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 28, Nash Lv. 28, Mia Lv. 28, Jessica Lv.28, Kyle Lv. 28.
Enemies : Blob, Burner, Scorpion, Firel,
Items : Mental Gum X 5, Rainbow Tiara, Flame Sword, Fabulous Guard, Amgel Ring, Barrier Ring, Dog Whistle.

From here, go north and tlk to the man there. It's peddler Mack again! Stock on some Healing Drops and Angel Tears! ^ ^ Now, go north and through the entrance! :) On this next screen, you'll hear the Red dragon's voice! Now, go east, south, west and enter the entrance andyou'll be in a whole lot bigger area! Okay, from your point, go east, and then north and open the chest for a Mental Gum. Now, backtrack, and this time, go west, south and open the chest for another Mental Gum! From here, go north and west, passing the entrance. Now, go north all the way and open the chest for another Mental Gum. Now, backtrack to the entrance you passed by before and enter it! ^ ^

From here, go west a bit and all the way south and open the chest for another Mental Gum. Now, go north abit, west a bit and north for a chest containing yet, another Mental Gum. From here, go south a bit and west for the next entrance! ^ ^

From here, go east a bit and south for a chest containing a Rainbow Tiara. Equip it on Jessica. Now, go backtrack to the entrance and this time go north and west for a chest containing a Flame Sword. DO NOT equip it on anybody as Flame sword is a flame based weapon so, the enemies here will probably just absorb your physical attacks or taking only little damage. Now, backtrack to the entrance and go west, and south, opening the chest for a Fire Orb. Again, DO NOT equip this on any of your character! Now, go all the way west and then south, opening the two chests for a Fabulous Guard and an Angel Ring! Now, go north and open the other chest for a Barrier Ring. Now, go all the way north and you'll meet Royce! She'll then call her pets to slaughter you! This is a mid-boss battle but I'll list the strategy here cause it's a hard one!

BronzeDog X 2

Okay, use the Vigor and Sword Dance Combo again! Try concentrating one one enemy at a time! Mia's special skill here comes to play! Her ice magic is vital here. Nash should just use Riot or Blitz if you want to. Jessica should heal and finally, Kyle should power himself up with Heat Up and attack with Slash! Now, while you're on the invincible status, use IceShell to up the defence of your party! Jessica should heal when necessary! Trust me, when one of the bronzedogs is dead, it will be much easier for you to win! ^ ^

After you've won, Royce flees again and leave you with a fortune.... Anyway, open the chest near you for a Dog Whistle. Now, continue north and enter the cave and you'll meet the Red Dragon. Unfortunately, the red dragon you see before you is only a spirit as the body has been snatched away by Ghaleon! Anyway, the Red Dragon will give you a Red Dragon Shield and transport you back to the beginning! ^ ^ Use the balloon to go back!

|World Map|

The balloon will start to malfunction here and you'll fall all the way to Reza!


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 29, Nash Lv. 29, Mia Lv. 29, Jessica Lv.29, Kyle Lv. 29.

Upon falling, Laike will 'greet' you and ask you to speak with the restaurant owner. Now, heal first at the statue and head to the restaurant. Talk to the owner there and talk to Laike twice. He'll tell you about a village where the Blue Dragon shrine is supposed to be! Use your DragonWings to warp back to Meryod! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 29, Nash Lv. 29, Mia Lv. 29, Jessica Lv.29, Kyle Lv. 29.

Here, move all the way east and talk to the man there. He'll ask you for a ride. Say yes and you'll be sailing to the other side of Meryod! From here, you can either visit the weapon and armor shop or go to the World Map! ^ ^

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