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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (14)

Chapter 13 : ~ The Search For The Last Dragon, The Black Dragon ~

|World Map|

Now, Move Nall to Tamur Pass.

Tamur Pass

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 32, Nash Lv. 32, Mia Lv. 32, Jessica Lv.32, Kyle Lv. 32.
Enemies : Iron Man, Sorcerer, Shrieker, Swarmer, IcePup,Dryad.
Items : Brave Helm, Heal Drop, IcePup Tail, Wind Staff, Angel Tear.

From where you started go all the way east, ignoring all the south path there is until you see a chest. Open it for a Brave Helm. Equip it on Kyle right away. From here, go all the way east and open the chest there for an Angel Tear. Now, backtrack and use the first south path from your side. You'll find a chest containing a Heal Drop here. From here, go all the way west for a chest containing an IcePup Tail. From here, go all the way west, following the path for another chest containing a Wind Staff. From here, go all the way east and eventually, you'll find Xenobia again. She'll say that Alex will never be a Dragonmaster as she will kill you! She'll then send another of her 'toys' to deal with you. It's time for another mid-boss battle! ^ ^

Zane X 2

Just use your physical attack. In my game, Alex kill them in two hits! ^ ^

There will be another battle after this and when you kill the second group, Xenobia will end another one! Too bad really cause several arrows then come piercing through the air and hit the monsters good! Xenobia almost got hit so she decided to flee again! ^ ^ You'll then get to see a man and a woman riding horses. It's another picture for your gallery! ^ ^ The man and the woman then leave you without a word! Now, continue your journey by following the path and you'll be on the World Map again! ^ ^

|World Map|

Here, move Nall to Tamur! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 34, Nash Lv. 34, Mia Lv. 34, Jessica Lv.34, Kyle Lv. 34.
Items :

Here, heal at the statue and visit the items, weapons and armor shop. Buy the Holy Hammer for Jessica if you can afford it. Anyway, go north and to the openings. You'll then meet Laike. Nall will show him the Blue Dragon Helm at Laike said he knows a man called Myght who could create a flying gizmo for you to go to the Frontier and stuff. Nall will then give out a suggestion of using the DragonWings to reach there in no time but Laike kinda disable it.... Suspicious! Anyway, Laike will say that Myght hates people so he only takes Alex to go with him. So, your party members will go to the village and leave you with Laike! Yikes! Before this, there's no Luna but now, no Jessica? Well, don't really worry about it cause Laike is really strong! ^ ^ Now, head north and to the World Map!

|World Map|

Now, move Nall to Myght's Tower!

Myght's Tower

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 34, Laike Lv. 99. (Woot! ^ ^)
Enemies : Magic Mirror, MechStar, Spector, Magic Hat.
Items : Barrier Ring, Healing Drop, Cestus, Mental Drop, 1000 Silver, Dark Sword.

Here, talk to the man near the door. He'll tell you Myght is in his lab on the top floor. Now, enter the door and you'll be on the next screen! ^ ^

Here, read the paper for clues to this puzzle. If you're still stumped, just enter in this order. (Star - Sun - Planet - Moon) You'll then be on the next screen. From here, go all the way west and use the ray of light to go upstairs. Now, enter the door near you. From here, follow the path north, and take the first south path you see and follow the path south to the exit. Take note that I called this place Point A! From here, enter the door just west of you. Now, follow the path and you'll eventually find a chest containing a Barrier Ring. Now, go back to point A and use the ray of light to go to the next floor. Enter the door nearest to you then.

Here, follow the path all the way for a Healing Drop. Now, follow the path again and you should be outside. Here, use the ray again to go to the next floor. From here, enter the door. Here, just go north until you hit the wall. You should then be able to see a chest. Now, go and take the chest for a Cestus. From here, go all the way south and you should be outside again. Now, enter the next door.

Follow the path here and take the Mental Drop nearby. From here, just follow the path until you're outside again. I called this place Point B! Here, enter the farthest left door. In this next room, follow the path again and open the chest for a 1000 Silver! Now, go all the wy back to point B and use the ray to go all the way down to the first floor! ^ ^ Now use the ray again but this time, use the ray two times. Now, head straight to the second door from your left. Here, follow the path and open the chest for a Dark Sword. Equip it on Alex. Now, go south and follow the path all the way to the exit. Now, enter the door to your left.

There, you're finally here in Myght's Lab! ^ ^ Laike will ask Myght to help you and then Myght will tell you to use trash chute on the left side. Use it and you'll be back on the ground floor! Now, make your way outside to the World Map! ^ ^

|World Map|

Here, move Nall back to Tamur!


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 34, Laike Lv. 99.
Items : Dragon Pendant (Tempest).

Here, Laike will leave you. Now, talk to Mia, Jessica and finally Kyle and they will say something about Nash, not being here for a while. Just when you're about to find him, he appears and said there's something interesting going on at the openings. Go bac to the openings and you'll see a short scene about the man and the girl. It turns out to be that they are Tempest and Fresca that save you before! Alex will then try to spare the man's life but Tempest insists on having him punished. He'll then challenge you to a fight and it's time for a boss battle! ^ ^

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