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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

IX. Boss Guide

Well, the strategy here is actually the same as in the walkthrough except that it would be much much easier for you to search for the boss you want! ^ ^ Oh yeah, I only list REAL bosses here! For the mid bosses, please check the walkthrough! :) Anyway, enjoy! ^ ^

HP : 500 to 600 HP.
EXP : 150 EXP.
Money : 200 S.
Items : Captain Card.

The captain can be a pain in the neck if you don't know what you're doing! He can send lots of pirates while throwing bomb from afar at you to do massive damage at your party! I use Power Song and The Sword Dance combo to do about 150 damage per turn. Nash should keep on using Riot or Thor Rain when his special attack gauge is full! You can try and use normal attack though but, trust me, it wont do much damage! :P Luna should keep on using Tranquil Song to keep the party in good shape and Ramus.......Just attack!

HP : 750 to 800 HP.
EXP : 250 EXP.
Money : 300 S.
Items : Rin-Rin Card

This boss is no push-over. The main strategy is to use Vigor(Alex) and PowerSong for Ramus. If you still haven't learn Vigor, stick to the PowerSong. Anyway, once you have powerup all characters except Luna, use TranquilSong all the turn. If you've run out of MP, use Mental Gum you've got on the way! For Alex, keep using Sword Dance and Ramus attack physically every turn! Luna's special ability(Goddess Song)will help you a big deal!

HP : 1400 to 1500 HP.
EXP : 380 EXP.
Money : 0 S.
Items : EvilMist Card.

Okay, again, use Vigor and Sword Dance combo. Nash should do the healing when necessary and use Thor Rain if can. Otherwise, Nash should use Riot all the turn! EvilMist can be nasty as she can hit both of you hard at the same time! She even has high HP so, you'll need to pull all of your skills to beat her! If you're levels are high, it shouldn't be too much of a problem! After a while, you should be able to defeat her!!! ^ ^

HP : 2000 to 2300 HP.
EXP : 600 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : FrogZard Card.

Okay, again, use vigor and Sword Dance combo for maximum damage. I used Thor Rain with Nash and Luna used PowerSong to powerup Jessica. Nash should use Riot if he can't afford Thor Rain yet. Don't heal with Jessica! Just use Luna to heal! FrogZard main attack is using it's tongue and hit you hard with it but it only attacks a sigle person so, it shouldn't be hard winning this battle asides from his high HP! But, he can still stomp all of your party at once so, be careful and heal when necessary! ^ ^

HP : 1900 to 2000 HP.
EXP : 1200 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Grandoom Card.

Okay, powerup Alex with Vigor and have him using Sword Dance all the turn! Mia should use IceShell to ups the defence of all your party! After that, use FlameArc all the turn! Nash, as usual, use Riot and Thor Rain when can! Make Jessica the healer here! if she's free, which means nobody is injured, attack normally. Grandoom can use it's mouth beam attack to do massive damage at all of your party members at once! It can even use it's eye beam to do more damage on one party member! If you've followed my advice of using IceShell before, the beam attacks should do only little damage which is not a threat at all! ^ ^ Remember, this monster is weak against fire and strong against ice! :) Oh yeah, you could always try using Meteor Rod with Nash to do lots of damage! One more thing is, this boss has even less HP than the last one so don't worry to much! ^ ^

HP : 500 to 600.
EXP : 0 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Tempest Card.

Oh my, god! This battle is even easier than the mid-boss battle! Just have Alex use Vigor and use Sword Dance twice and he should be dead!^ ^ Just don't worry about healing cause if you have decent equipments and levels, he can't even damage you! And, as a matter of fact, he even has little HP! Happy killing him! :)

Black Dragon/Rubeus

HP : 5500 to 5600 HP
EXP : 25 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Rubeus Card.

Okay, use the old tactic again. Vigor + Sword Dance and Heat Up + Slash. Nash should use Thor Bolt. If you still haven't learn Thor Bolt then, you're in BIG trouble! Anyway, Tempest should do Normal attack rather than his skills. His skills should only be used towards the end. Heal with your lightest hitter and in my case, Nash. Oh yeah, if you check Alex's skills, Quarker, Amelian, Cyanic and Rubean has been added to the skills table! ^ ^ Nice! Anyway, Black Dragon can either creates Aqua Tower or the Flame Tower! The flame one does more damage so get the Healing Drops ready! ^ ^ I use almost 6 Healing Drop in this battle! :) Oh yeah, watch out for his high HP too! After a while, you should get a hang of him so don't worry! ^ ^

Black Lamp
HP : 4500 to 4600 HP.
EXP : 28 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Black Lamp Card.

Okay, agai and again, use Vigor + Sword Dance and Heat Up + Slash. Jessica should attack normally when she has the opportunity to do so. and heal when necessary. Mia should use Ice Shell on everybody first before she starts attacking. Black Lamp can be a pain in the neck as it can spit dark flames that damage all your party badly! Have Mist Veil ready ot otherwise, you're toast! Anyway, this boss even has less HP than the last one and by this point, you should be able to deal at least 600 damage per hit from Sword Dance so, it shouldn't be a problem at all! ^ ^

HP : 6800 to 6900 HP.
EXP : 30 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Taben Card.

Use the old tactics which are Vigor and Sword Dance, Heat Up and Slash and Mia with her Ice Shell. Since Nash is back, use Thor Bolt to do massive damage. Mia should attack with Fireball rather than Freeze when she has finish boosting your party member's defence power. Jessica should either heal or attack normally when she can. Taben can do, a rather nasty rain of lasers attack! But then, he has an attack that is even nastier than the lasers! I called that the 'Death Explosion'! Watch out for this! Other than that, he could stomp at one party member for some moderate damage. That's all, no big deal! ^ ^ Keep it up and you'll win eventually! :)

Magic Emperor
HP : 6500 to 6600 HP.
EXP : 50 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Magic Emperor Card.

Alex should use the Vigor and Sword Dance combo and Kyle should use the Heat Up and Slash combo. Mia should concentrate on powering up all party's members defence and starts attacking with Fireball when she can. Nash should never use anything else other than Thor Bolt except Thor Rain. Jessica should do physical attack on the first turn and heal when necessary. The Magic Emperor can do massive damage by causing either explosions, gust of wind or an avalanche for two consecutive turns! Jessica's Calm Ave won't be able to counter Magic Emperor's attack all the time! Watch out for this! However, you can use Cyanic to prevent yourself from losing your party members! Here's a tip. When you set up Alex to use Cyanic, Jessica should use a Mental Gum on him. Cyanic only cost 40 MP to use whereas Mental Gum heals 50 MP! There, you'll get 10 MP for free! ^ ^ Eventually, you'll beat him so, stay patient! ^ ^

HP : 6100 to 6200 HP.
EXP : 50 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Mental Drop, Royce Card.

Okay, two of your party members are probably on a parakyze status. Heal them with Holy Waters and attack with the remaining character. if Alex is on a good condition, have him use Vigor and Sword Dance. If Nash is on a good condition, have him use Thor Bolt or even better, Thor Rain. If Mia is in good condition, have her use Ice Shell on all party members before she starts attacking with firballs. If Jessica is on a good condition, have her heal the paralyzed party members and heal when necessary. Lastly, if Kyle is on a good conditon, have him use Heat Up and Slash.

HP : 9000 to 9100 HP.
EXP : 55 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Mental Drop, Xenobia Card.

Alex should use Vigor and Sword Dance again and Heat Up and Slash for Kyle during the battle. Kyle should use Shiner when he can and Mia, powering up all party members defence with IceShell! Nash should stick to Thor Bolt and Jessica, heal when necessary! Xenobia has two nasty attacks! The first one is a huge beam that do MAJOR damage to all of your party members! The other one is what I called the Dark Orb which damages one of your party members for some good damage if not equipped properly! Xenobia is somewhat weak to physical attack and oh yeah, Mia should cast Fireball constantly after finishing doing IceShell on all party members.

HP : 8100 to 8200 HP.
EXP : 0 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Ghaleon Card.

Because this is the final battle, spend your items like crazy here! Again, Alex should stick with Vigor and Sword Dance and Kyle should stick with Heat Up and Slash! Mia should use Mist Veil here! While she's invincible, have her use IceShell on all your party members and then, keep using Fireball! Nash should use Thor Rain all the turn and Jessica might want to use Grace Ave to assist your party even more. She should then spend her time healing rather than attacking. Ghaleon can attck twice so be careful! He's attacks are just the same as before except that now, he can charge one of your party members to do massive damage. He can even drain your life! Eventually, there will come to a time where you'll need to use Cyanic instead of Sword Dance! Again, use a Mental Gum trick when using this! ^ ^ If Ghaleon uses his magic attack twice, you should definitely use Cyanic! Throughout the battle, I use Alex most of the time to heal instead of attacking! Oh yeah, another thing that surprises me is that Ghaleon actually has even fewer HP than Xenobia!!! I guess that's because he can attack twice. But, in LSSSC, Ghaleon has superb HP and he still can attack twice! That's probably because the creator of this game wants it to be easier on the GBA! Nice! ^ ^ Oh my, what am I talking here! Anyway, here's a simpler version of the Mental Gum trick!

Alex - Cyanic.
Mia - Fireball and etc.
Nash - Thor Bolt and etc.
Jessica - Mental Gum on Alex.
Kyle - Slash and etc.

As you can see, only Nash, Mia and Kyle attacks while your party keeps going to full HP every round! In other words, you're invincible!!! Throughout the battle again, I didn't even use my Mental Drop! Cool, huh! :) Anyway, this technique maybe slow but it keeps you invincible just like Mia's Mist Veil! ^ ^ Eventually, you'll beat Ghaleon!

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