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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (19)

Magic Emperor

HP : 6500 to 6600 HP.
EXP : 50 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Magic Emperor.

Alex should use the Vigor and Sword Dance combo and Kyle should use the Heat Up and Slash combo. Mia should concentrate on powering up all party's members defence and starts attacking with Fireball when she can. Nash should never use anything else other than Thor Bolt except Thor Rain. Jessica should do physical attack on the first turn and heal when necessary. The Magic Emperor can do massive damage by causing either explosions, gust of wind or an avalanche for two consecutive turns! Jessica's Calm Ave won't be able to counter Magic Emperor's attack all the time! Watch out for this! However, you can use Cyanic to prevent yourself from losing your party members! Here's a tip. When you set up Alex to use Cyanic, Jessica should use a Mental Gum on him. Cyanic only cost 40 MP to use whereas Mental Gum heals 50 MP! There, you'll get 10 MP for free! ^ ^ Eventually, you'll beat him so, stay patient! ^ ^

Upon winning, your party members will ask you to go and save Luna! Alex will then go and save Luna but wait.... There's something not right! It isn't Luna at all! It's the Dark Goddess!!! She'll then attack you and wait, there's Ghaleon too! And, guess what? Luna is the Goddess Althena!!! I think you have already predict this as the Magic Emperor before is too easy right? :) Anyway, Ghaleon will attack you and you'll faint. Alex then hears Althena's voice inside his head... Anyway, when you wake up, you'll be back in Mel's Mansion and guess what, Mia and Kyle has gone missing! Jessica and Nash then asks you to go and look for them. When you regain control back, head out of the mansion and a guard will come to tell you that he saw Mia at the squares. Now, form here, try heading all the way south and west a bit and you should see Mia sitting there alone. She has lose her hopes on beating Ghaleon! Nash then encourages her and she regains back her spirit and join the party back. Now, it's time to find Kyle!

Oh yeah, by the way, if you head to Ramus's Store at this point, you'll get to buy all the items for 0 Silver or otherwise, for free!!! Stock on until you have 99 Healing Drops, 99 Mental Gum and 99 Angel Tears! ^ ^ Now, after you've finished, head to the harbor and talk to Kyle in the restaurant. Here, he will act like a total jerk and Jessica will leave your party after scolding him. Great, now Jessica is on the loose! Anyway, Kyle apologize for making trouble and said that he will bring Jessica back. You'll then get to see a romantic scene between Jessica and Kyle. Jessica and Kyle then join your party back and Laike suddenly appear and asks you whether you're ready or not. Choose the first option twice if you're ready and Laike will use the DragonWings to warp back to Dyne's monument! Boy, he sure is mysterious! Anyway, he'll tell you all about his past. I won't spoil anything except this. Laike is Dyne, one of the four greatest heroes!!! Other than that, you'll have to watch yourself! ^ ^

Anyway, Laike will ask Alex to pull the sword from the monument and as he did, he has been revitalized and he's a Dragonmaster again! But then, how are you going to Althena's Fortress? Easy! Nall! Nall will then chnage into a great White Dragon! Cool huh? Anyway, you'll automatically be on a journey to Althena's Fortress! I hope you're ready cause here we go!!! ^ ^

Chapter 16 : ~ The Final Battle ~

Althena's Fortress

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 48, Nash Lv. 43, Mia Lv. 47, Jessica Lv.47, Kyle Lv. 48.
Enemies : Giga Death, Gudeth, Pikuni.
Items : Aura, Holy Hammer, Dragoon Wand, Master Golves, Demon Blade, Goddess's Robe, Dark Armor, Salvation Dress.

From where you started, simply head north and through the entrance there. Oh yeah, by the way, go to Alex's equipment page and equip him with the brand new Althena's Sword!^ ^ Now, on this new screen, simply follow the path north all the way until you see Peddler Mack! Here, spend your money like crazy as this is the final battle! If you can, try buying 99 Mental Drops! Anyway, when you're stocked up, head east and you'll meet.... Luna! Unfortunately, it's another fake one! It's Royce! She'll then put a curse on you! If you've played LSSSC before, you should know how annoying this curse is! Anyway, for you who have not, the curse will either make one or more of your party members in a paralyze status. It's random really so don't worry to much. :) Anyway, head east and take the first north path you see for an Aura. I equipped it on Nash. Now, go south a bit and take the east path all the way and through the door there and you should be on a new screen! ^ ^

From your starting point, follow the path all the way until you come to a junction. Take the south path first and open the two chests for a Holy Hammer and a Dragoon Wand. Now, take the north path for a chest containing a Master Gloves. Equip it on Kyle right away! ^ ^ Now, finally, take the east path and use the door there and you should be on the next screen.

From here, simply follow the path all the way north and you should come to a chest. Open it for a Demon Blade. You can equip it on Kyle but it will reduced the Number of Attacks by one and you'll take damage evry turn! Anyway, head north again and search both eastern and western corners for a Goddess's Robe and a Dark Armor. Now, from here, follow the path all the way until you come to a road with lots of paths! Take the first south path (or the second one if you prefer as they end at the same place) and head east all the way and open the chest there for a Salvation Dress. Equip it on Jessica. Now, take the east path and you'll be on a new screen. From here, follow the path all the way and you'll meet Royce! And, guess what? It's time for another Boss Battle!!!


HP : 6100 to 6200 HP.
EXP : 50 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Mental Drop, Royce Card.

Okay, two of your party members are probably on a parakyze status. Heal them with Holy Waters and attack with the remaining character. if Alex is on a good condition, have him use Vigor and Sword Dance. If Nash is on a good condition, have him use Thor Bolt or even better, Thor Rain. If Mia is in good condition, have her use Ice Shell on all party members before she starts attacking with firballs. If Jessica is on a good condition, have her heal the paralyzed party members and heal when necessary. Lastly, if Kyle is on a good conditon, have him use Heat Up and Slash.

Upon winning, Royce body dissolved and guess what? The curse has been lifted off! Nice! Now, from here, the paths are again, straight forward. Now, follow the path all the way and you'll end up in Goddess Tower eventually! ^ ^

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