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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (18)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 43, Mia Lv. 42, Jessica Lv.42 ,Kyle Lv. 43.
Enemies : Dark Mirror, Baiken, Wyndham, Driller, Taben (Boss).
Items : Mental Drop X 2, Heal Drop X 2, Lucky Ring, Mind Breaker, Shine Wristband, Tri-Ring.

Here, go east and examine the place with the arrow. Mia will then say the password and a path will be revealed! Now, enter the path and from here, you'll fight monsters and stuff. Okay, from your starting point, head north all the way until you come to a chest. Open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, head north again until you come to another vhest. Open it for a Mental Gum. Now, follow the possible path for another chest. Open it for a Lucky Ring. Now, follow the path all over again for another chest containing a Mind Breaker, a weapon for Jessica. Again, if you have Holy Hammer equipped, don't even bother. :) Anyway, now, go west a bit and use the entrance nearby! ^ ^

You should now be on a whole new screen! Head south and enter the building here and open the chest for a Shine Wristband. Equip it on Mia. Now, head out of this building and start heading north all the way. now, go west a bit and you should see a room with two chests in it. Enter the room and open the chests for a Mental Drop and a Heal Drop. Now, start heading south a bit and all the way east and north, using the entrance there to get to the next room! ^ ^

Now, in this next room, follow the path all the way until you come to a fork. Use the west path first for a chest containing a Tri-Ring. Now, head all the way east and use the entrance there. From here, the paths are straight forward so just follow them until you come to a fork which leads to two different entrances. Take the east path as the west one leads you to a dead end. Now, eventually, you'll see evil Dr. Taben and Nash in a ducky suit! ^ ^ Anyway, he'll try to paralyze you but then, Mia comes forward and slaps Nash really hard! Nash then realizes his mistakes and then, an then....... Mia confesses that she loves Nash! NOOOOO! My Mia! :( Oh well...... Anyway, *Sniff* *Sniff* Taben then tries to command Nash but Nash got control on himself and instead, he attacks Dr. Taben and the ducky suit *giggles* will be broken. Nash will then apologize for his mistakes. The Magic Emperor then appears and revelas the Grindery! Now, it's time for you to catch up with the Grindery before it destroys the towns and villages. You will then need to get out from the Ruid. Simply backtrack all the way back to the place where Mia said the password before. Now, try going south and Taben will appear and guess what, it's time for another Boss Battle!^ ^


HP : 6800 to 6900 HP.
EXP : 30 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Taben Card.

Use the old tactics which are Vigor and Sword Dance, Heat Up and Slash and Mia with her Ice Shell. Since Nash is back, use Thor Bolt to do massive damage. Mia should attack with Fireball rather than Freeze when she has finish boosting your party member's defence power. Jessica should either heal or attack normally when she can. Taben can do, a rather nasty rain of lasers attack! But then, he has an attack that is even nastier than the lasers! I called that the 'Death Explosion'! Watch out for this! Other than that, he could stomp at one party member for some moderate damage. That's all, no big deal! ^ ^ Keep it up and you'll win eventually! :)

After you've won, you'll get to see a scene where Mia asks Jessica to drive the Airship to Vane. Jessica agrees and you'll be in Vane before you even know it! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 45, Nash Lv. 38, Mia Lv. 44, Jessica Lv.44, Kyle Lv. 45.

Here, Mia suggests you talk to her mother so that she can help. Heal at the statue first and then, enter the Magic Guild. Here, go directly north and talk to Lemia. Mia will ask her mother for the permission to enter the Silver Tower! Lemia will then give her the permission and asks her to be careful. Now, head out of the Great Hall and head west and use the door there. Talk to the man in the next room and he'll let you pass. Now, you'll get to see a cool scene of the fight between Vane and the Grindery! ^ ^ Anyway, you'll be automatically transported to Meribia! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 45, Nash Lv. 38, Mia Lv. 44, Jessica Lv.44, Kyle Lv. 45.

Now, simply exit Black Rose Street and head out of Meribia and to the World Map!!! ^ ^

|World Map|

Here, move Nall to the Grindery! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 45, Nash Lv. 38, Mia Lv. 44, Jessica Lv.44, Kyle Lv. 45.
Enemies : Elemage, Plankton, Ur Golem, Disarmer, Kill Fang, Bomb Angel, Arc Mage, Arrow Fish,
Items : Heal Drop X 3, Angel Dress, Mental Drop X 2, Angel Wristband, Angel Ring, Dark Shield, Morning Star, Angel Bracelet, Ritual Robe, Master Suit, Heal Ring, Dark Mask, Goddess's Bandana Dream Ribbon, Mental Gum,

Upon entering, four monsters will try to ambush you! Luckily, Tempest comes to help you. He'll then tell you to go inside the Grindery while he and Fresca take care of the monsters outside! How nice of him! ^ ^ Anyway, I hope you're prepared cause you'll be in the Grindery! ^ ^

From where you started, go all the way east and north for a chest containing a Heal Drop. Now, use the chute nearby. Here, keep on using the chutes until you come to a chest. Open it for a Heal Drop. Now, go west and use the chute there. On the next screen, you'll get to see Quark's body trapped inside some sort of device. Now, follow the path east and open the chest for an Angel Dress. Equip it right away on Jessica! ^ ^ Now, go east a bit and use the chute there for the next screen! ^ ^

From where you are, just follow the path and open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, follow the path all the way again until you come to a screen with the Red Dragon behind you. From here, head east a bit and take the south path as the north path leads you to nowhere. Now, use the entrance and you should be on the next screen. Here, follow the path again until you come to a screen with the Blue Dragon behind you. Here, go north a bit and east and open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, follow the path and use the chute for the next floor! ^ ^

On this screen, there should be a chest near your starting point. Open it for an Angel Wristband! Equip it on Mia right away! ^ ^ Now, go south, and follow the path all the way west for another chest containing an Angel Ring. Now, from this point, the paths are really straight forward. Just follow the paths until you come to a screen with the Black Dragon on your back. From here, go west all the way and open the chest there for a Dark Shield! Equip it on Kyle! ^ ^ Now, follow the path all the way again until you come to a garden! There's even an Althena's Statue here! Heal at the statue quick! Now, search the upper right corner for a Morning Star. Again, if you have the Holy Hammer equipped, ignore this one. Search the lower left corner to for an Angel Bracelet. Equip it on Nash! ^ ^ Now, use the middle door to get to the next part of the Grindery!

Here, the enemies get tougher! I can't give you a complete walkthrough here as I'm confused myself! Just explore every room and paths for these chests/items : Ritual Robe, Master Suit, Heal Ring, Dark Mask, Goddess's Bandana, Dream Ribbon)

Eventually, you'll come to a room with red carpet on the floor. Open the chests here for a Heal Drop and a Mental Gum. Now, go north and examine the wierd door. Phacia will suddenly warps off behind you and open the door for you. Oh my, she's badly injured! Just when she's about to tell you all about Ghaleon, Xenobia and Royce comes to shut her mouth off! :P Anyway, Phacia will ask you to meet the Magic Emperor quick while she deal with her sisters. Now, in this room, simply go north and the Magic Emperor will greet you and guess what? It's time for another boss battle!!! ^ ^

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