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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (3)

Burg Dog X 4

EXP : ?
Money : ?
Items : Burg Dog Card.

I consider this as a mid-boss fight cause the music is different from a normal battle! Well, this battle requires no strategy except that you must concentrate on one Burg Dog! Try using Alex's Sword Dance skill to kill one of them quickly! Oh yeah, use your special move when the meter is full! Don't worry, with the mysterious guy on your side, you could never lose! :) He does about 500 to 600 damage per turn! ^ ^

After the battle, (I don't consider it as a battle at all...) the mysterious man will introduce himself as Laike Bogart. He travels around the world. He'll leaves you saying that he might see you again! :P You will then regain control of yourself again. Go west and cross the bridge and, presto! You're on the World Map again! :)

Chapter 3 : ~ The Journey To Meribia and the City Of Saith ~

|World Map|

This time, move the Nall to Saith by simply pushing the down directional button! :)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.9, Luna Lv.9, Ramus Lv.9, Nash Lv.9.
Items : 1500 S (red chest).

Upon entering, Luna will notice how quiet the town is. Just go south and a woman will appear and call you pirates! She even tells you about a wizard from Vane. You should be able to guess who is it right? It's Nash! The woman told you that she saw Nash at the restaurant but first, let's explore the town! :)

Heal at the Goddess statue first and go to east and up the staircase. If you look carefully, there's a red chest behind the house. Remember it so you won't forget next time! :) Next, go to the item/weapon shop and buy new equipments for Alex and Luna. DON'T buy any new equipments for Ramus! You'll see why later! :P

Now, head to the building east of the Goddess Statue which is the restaurant. Before you can enter, Nall said that he can see Pirates in the restaurant! Alex and the party decided to hide behind the cargos. The three pirates then came out of the restaurant. The party decided to keep quiet and let them go.

Now enter the restaurant and talk to the owner of the restaurant. He will say that Nash is kidnapped by the pirates! He tells you to go to the Harbor Building next to the pier and ask you to talk to a man called Zet.

Okay now go enter the building just south of you and talk to the man there. He will say that the pirates keep on a close look up no matter what! Luna suddenly give a brilliant idea of hiding in a barrel and let Zet an the restaurant owner bring them to the pirates. Stupid enough, the pirates believe the barrels contain apples instead of human! You'll regain control back and it's time to save Nash, now! :)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.9, Luna Lv.9, Ramus Lv.9, Nash Lv.9.
Enemies : Pirate 1, Pirate 2, Captain (Boss).
Items : Pot Helmet, Armour Ring.

Okay, first of all, go all the way south and try the stairs. The pirates will spot you and it's another mid-boss fight!

Pirate 1 X 3, Pirate 2 X 2

EXP : 35 EXP.
Money : 105 S.
Items : Pirate 1 card.

Okay, there's 5 of them against 3 of you. It shouldn't be a problem though since you SHOULD be on a high levels now! Concentrate on Pirate 2 first as they are the heaviest hitters! If Alex's special move gauge is full, use it for an instant kill! :) If you still have a long way to go, try using Luna's Power Song to power up Alex and Ramus. Other than that, there shouldn't be any problems at all! :)

After you have win, go all the way north. Note that you could stumble into a group of pirates just like the ones before! Watch out! Anyway, you will come to a point where another pirate spotted you messing around the ship. It's another mid-boss fight but please check out above as I'm to lazy to write it again! :P

After you've won this fight go northeast and you should be able to see a chest. And then, ANOTHER pirate spotted you. Duh! Again, it's the same one. So kill them quick so that we could move on! :P Now take the treasure chest for a pot helmet and equip it on Ramus. Now go north and you will hear Nash shouting! Nall will try to help him by biting the rope! ^ ^ Nash falls to the ground and the party decided to flee from the boat. Unfortunately, the captain come to stop you from doing that! And, you will enter the first REAL boss battle!!!


HP : 500 to 600 HP.
EXP : 150 EXP.
Money : 200 S.
Items : Captain Card.

The captain can be a pain in the neck if you don't know what you're doing! He can send lots of pirates while throwing bomb from afar at you to do massive damage at your party! I use Power Song and The Sword Dance combo to do about 150 damage per turn. Nash should keep on using Riot or Thor Rain when his special attack gauge is full! You can try and use normal attack though but, trust me, it wont do much damage! :P Luna should keep on using Tranquil Song to keep the party in good shape and Ramus.......Just attack!

After you have beat the Captain, you'll be celebrating your victory in the restaurant with your party. Soon enough, you'll depart to Meribia! :) In the boat, you'll get to see Luna singing on the crow nest and you'll get to see the cool LUNAR LEGEND logo!!! :) Soon, you'll reach Meribia's pier!!! ^ ^

At the pier, Nash will said that he had other things to do at Black Rose street and ask you to come whenever you need him. He will leave and your party will enter the city Of Meribia!!!

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