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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

XIV. Magic and Abilities (3)

Grace Ave

Cost : 12 MP
Learned : Lv. 25
Descrip : Grants Holy Power on a all allies for HP recovery every turn.
Type : Assist.
Info : All - Regains HP every turn.
Element : None.

Fear Ave

Cost : 6 MP
Learned : Lv. 24
Descrip : Release waves of fear that cause enemy to retreat.
Type : Banish.
Info : Single - Banishes.
Element : None.

Love Ave

Cost : 10 MP
Learned : Lv. 31
Descrip : Engulf a single ally with the Blessing Of Althena to recover all Hit Points
Type : Healing.
Info : Single - Heals.
Element : None.

Miracle Ave

Cost : 20 MP
Learned : Lv. 35
Descrip : Recovers lost souls of a single ally to revive him/her back.
Type : Healing.
Info : Single - Revives.
Element : None.


Similar to Alex, Kyle's skills focus on his physical strength instead of his magic power. Even though Kyle can't use magic, his strong abilities make up for his lack of intelligence. :) Trust me, you'll have a hard time without Kyle because he's the second heaviest hitter in your party. He even has an assist move but it's only for himself!^ ^ Oh yeah, one more thing is, his Special Skill does LOTS of damage to all enemies! Don't waste it! :)

Recommended Abilities : Heat Up, Slash.
Special Skill : Shiner - Slashes all enemies to do massive damage!

Abilities Table


Cost : 6 MP
Learned : Initial.
Descrip : Slashes a single enemy with strong force.
Type : Physical Attack.
Info : Single - Physical Damage.
Element : None.


Cost : 9 MP
Learned : Initial.
Descrip : Slashes a group of enemies heavily.
Type : Physical Attack.
Info : Group - Physical Damage.
Element : None.

Sonic Wave

Cost : 14 MP
Learned : Initial.
Descrip : Release intense waves that cut through the enemies!
Type : Physical Attack.
Info : Group - Physical Damage.
Element : None.

Heat Up

Cost : 8 MP.
Learned : Initial.
Descrip : Kyle engulf himself in battle spirit to increase his attack poer.
Type : Assist.
Info : Self - Attack ups greatly.
Element : None.

That's all right now! I'll add more soon! :)

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GBA Lunar Legend

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