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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (20)

Goddess Tower

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 49, Nash Lv. 45, Mia Lv. 48, Jessica Lv.48, Kyle Lv. 49.
Enemies : Bomb Devil, Rig Horn, Crusher, Asmodeus,
Items : Crystal Sword, Angel Bracelet, Goddess Wristband, Holy Robe, Nall Card, Spirit Guard, Mental Drop X 2,

Here, you must push the buttons in correct order. There's an entrance just north of you but it is sealed with some sort of magic. Remember the dragons? You have meet the White Dragon first, followed by the Red Dragon, the Blue Dragon and lastly, the Blck Dragon. So, simply push the white button fist, then the red one, the blue one and lastly, the black one. Now, the seal that guards the door will be broken so, what are you waiting for? Enter the entrance and use the stairs there. From here onwards, you'll find yourself finding lots of teleporting orbs in four different colors. Again, if you keep the White - Red - Blue - Black pattern you should be okay. :)

Eventually, you'll come to a room with the teleporting orbs far from each other. Simply take the White one first for a Crystal Sword. Equip it on Kyle. Now, remember this as I will not say repeat this everytime! Before leaving any orbs, make sure you step on the small orb near the chest. Now, go back and use the Red orb this time. Here, you'll find a chest containing an Angel Bracelet. Now, go back and this time, take the Blue orb. Here, you'll find a chest containing a Goddess Wristband. Equip it on Jessica. Now, go back and this time, use the Black Orb and open the chest there for a Holy Robe. Equip it on Nash. Now, by this time, a stair near the White Orb should appear and simply go up and you should be on a new screen! ^ ^

From here, try going either west or east and then all the way north and steps the three orbs in order. Now, backtrack and enter the north entrance. Here, maneuver yourself through the stone wall path and open tghe chest for a Nall Card! Now, step on the Black Orb and a path will be revealed just north of you. Enter and you'll be on a new screen again!

From here, try going east or west if you prefer and use the entrance there. Here, the path is straight forward so just follow it until you come to a chest containing a Spirit Guard. Now, enter the entrance just east of you. Now, from here, head west and north all the way until you see a chest. Open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now use the entrance just north of you. On the next screen, go west a bit and use the entrance there. Now, on your next screen, head north and all the way east, ignoring all the south paths. Now, open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, take the second south path from your right and follow the path all the way and enter the entrance there. You should then be on the next screen. Here, go directly north, ignoring the east and west path and enter the entrance there.

Finally, you'll meet Xenobia! Phew! After some chatting, Xenobia will trap you in her psycho maze! Every party members will meet his or her doubles that encourage them to stop fighting Ghaleon. Luckily, Althena's words drive into all party members and the maze is broken! Well, not COMPLETELY broken cause Alex is still in there! Hmm.... He sure can't resist the evil! Bu then, Alex escapes too and guess what? Xenobia becomes very mad and it's time for another Boss Battle!!! ^ ^


HP : 9000 to 9100 HP.
EXP : 55 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Mental Drop, Xenobia Card.

Alex should use Vigor and Sword Dance again and Heat Up and Slash for Kyle during the battle. Kyle should use Shiner when he can and Mia, powering up all party members defence with IceShell! Nash should stick to Thor Bolt and Jessica, heal when necessary! Xenobia has two nasty attacks! The first one is a huge beam that do MAJOR damage to all of your party members! The other one is what I called the Dark Orb which damages one of your party members for some good damage if not equipped properly! Xenobia is somewhat weak to physical attack and oh yeah, Mia should cast Fireball constantly after finishing doing IceShell on all party members.

Upon winning, Xenobia will dissolve just like Royce and you'll regain control back. Now, before you fight Ghaleon, make sure you're fully prepared cause Ghaleon is twice stronger than Xenobia! Oh yeah, just in case you want to know, here's my equipments for all party members! It's really up to you whether to follow it or not so, enjoy! ^ ^

Alex - Level 51.
Weapon : Althena's Sword.
Armor : Dragon Armor.
Shield : Dragon Shield.
Helm : Dragon Helm .
Access 1 : Spirit Guard. *
Access 2 : Dragon Ring.

Nash - Level 48.
Weapon : Dragoon Wand.
Robe : Holy Robe.
Wrist : Angel Bracelet.
HeadGear : Goddess Bandana.
Access 1 : Aura. *
Access 2 : Boost Coil. *

Mia - Level 50.
Weapon : Magic Cane.
Robe : Goddess Robe.
Wrist : Angel Wristband.
HeadGear : Dream Ribbon.
Access 1 : Magic Ring. *
Access 2 : Barrier Ring.

Jessica - Level 50.
Weapon : Holy Hammer.
Robe : Salvation Dress.
Wrist : Goddess Wristband.
HeadGear : Holy Tiara.
Access 1 : Tri-Ring.
Access 2 : Spirit Guard. *

Kyle - Level 51.
Weapon : Crystal Sword.
Armor : Dark Armor.
Shield : Dark Shield.
Helm : Dark Mask.
Access 1 : Topaz.
Access 2 : Barrier Ring.*

The star means that equipping the item on that character is really recommended or major.

Now, you might want to use the load trick first to heal and then enter the entrance just north of you. On the next screen, follow the path all the way and when you're fully prepared, enter the door for your Final Battle!!!!! ^ ^ In the next room, you'll get to see a scene where Luna, or rather, Goddess Althena trapped in a beam of light while writhing in pain! After some more chat, Ghaleon will challenge zou to a battle and guess what? It's your final one!!!

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