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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (15)


HP : 500 to 600.
EXP : 0 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Tempest Card.

Oh my, god! This battle is even easier than the mid-boss battle! Just have Alex use Vigor and use Sword Dance twice and he should be dead!^ ^ Just don't worry about healing cause if you have decent equipments and levels, he can't even damage you! And, as a matter of fact, he even has little HP! Happy killing him! :)

After winning, Tempest admits his lost and gives Alex the Dragon Pendant. He then leaves with Fresca without a word. Nall suddenly spot something familiar on the pendant... Hey, it has the carved of a dragon! That means, they must knew something about the Black Dragon so now, you'll have to catch up with them! You'll then regain control of yourself and hey, the DragonWings are working again! The spell Laike put has finally broke! Now, go north and outside to the World Map! ^ ^

|World Map|

Here, move Nall to Forest Of Illusion! ^ ^

Forest Of Illusion

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 34, Nash Lv. 34, Mia Lv. 34, Jessica Lv.34, Kyle Lv. 34.
Enemies : Ambush, Shroom, Inceptor, Yeti.
Items : Heal Drop, Mental Drop, Spike Shield, Holy Tiara, Ice Dog's Tail, Sonic Claw.

From your starting point, head south a bit and head west as soon as you can. Now, go north and open the chest for a Heal Drop. From here, go south all the way and open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, backtrack to the starting point and start going south all the way and take note of this large area. Now, take the east path you see and open the chest for a Spike Shield. Equip it on Kyle right away! ^ ^ From here, go east and follow the path for a chest containing a Holy Tiara. Equip it on Jessica. From here, head north and follow the path for an Ice Dog's Tail.

Now, backtrack to the large area before and try going north. Jessica will suggest you rest here a while and look up for the exit in the morning. You'll then get to see a scene where everybody are asleep except Jessica. She then remembers the day where she and Kyle promised to be sea mates! ^ ^ You'll then get to see Mia's sleeping bag! *Coff* Oh yeah, you'll also get to see the beautiful Blue Moon! ^ ^ Anyway, Alex will then have a dream about Luna! He'll also notice someone near the party. It turns out ot be that they're Tempest's friends! They'll show you the exit at the first sight of the pendant that Tempest gave to you before! ^ ^ Now, when you regain control, don't exit yet but instead, go south a bit and all the way west for a chest containing a Sonic Claw. If you have the Holy Hammer equipped, don't bother equippping it on Jessica as the Holy Hammer is much more powerful! ^ ^ If you don't, then equip it right away! ^ ^ From here, go all the way east and then north and open the chest for a Star Bracelet. Equip it on Nash. Now, backtrack and use the first south path you see and you'll be at the village of Pao! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 35, Nash Lv. 35, Mia Lv. 35, Jessica Lv.35, Kyle Lv. 35.
Items : None.

Here, move east and heal at the statue there. Now, let's explore the town! ^ ^ From here, enter the hut nearest to you and talk to the old man there and he'll say something about a curse put on Pao. Now, go south all the way and enter the hut there. Talk to Tempest and suddenly, you'll hear a song. Nall said that voice is somewhat familiar..... Anyway, the girls in the hut will fall one by one. You know what this mean don't you? ......... No Mia and Jessica!!! This is bad..... I hope you're ready for this! Fresca then returns and tell Tempest about the evil singer's hideout. It's in the Black Dragon Fortress! Tempest then hurries out and go to the Black Dragon Fortress alone. Fresca then uses her emaining energy to ask you to help Tempest. Now, exit and enter the hut you have entered before. Talk to the old man again and this time, he will tell you to go to the Black Dragon Fortress and help Tempest just like Fresca. Duh! He'll then tell you to go east and you'll be on the path to the Fortress. Now, go outside, east and enter the cave there! Now, talk to the man there and he'll let you pass! You'll then finally be in the fortress!!!

Black Dragon Fortress

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 35, Nash Lv. 35, Kyle Lv. 35.
Enemies : Torment, Coronast, Goth, Chaos Lord, Rubeus/Black Dragon (Boss).
Items : Mental Drop, Fabulous Suit, Battle Sword, Gentle Glove, Mental Drop, Tourmaline, Topaz, Angel Ring, Wind Orb, Battle Armor, Dragon Bandana, Judge Stone,

From your starting point go through the first door and on the next room, use the western door and open the chest for a Mental Drop. Now, backtrack, and this time go through the northern door. You'll reach a frok eventually. Take the east path as the west path leads to nowhere. Now, follow the path here and don't enter the door yet. Instead, go south a bit, east and north an open the chest for a Fabulous Suit. Now, enter the door you passed before and you should be in a whole new room!

From here, just open the chest nearby for a Battle Sword. If you have the Dark Sword equipped, don't even bother with this sword. :) Anyway, now, go south and before you can open the chest nearby, Alex will move north automatically and you'll meet Tempest there. He'll then join your party! ^ ^ Now, backtrack and open the chest before for a Gentle Glove. If you have the Star Bracelet equipped, don't bother this one! Now, head west, follow the path north, passing the entrance for a chest containing a Mental Drop. Now, use the entrance you have passed before and follow the path all the way until you come to a chest containing a Tourmaline. Now follow the path west all the way and use the stairs for the next floor.

From your starting point here, go south and through the entrance. From here, go west and through the entrances for a chest containing a Topaz. From here, go east and south for a screen with the stairs to the next floor and a chest. Open the chest first for an Angel Ring. Now, use the stairs to go to the next floor! :)

Here, go south and open the chest for a Wind Orb. Now, go west, and enter the first entrance you see. Here, you'll get to hear the Black Dragon voices. He tells you that the evil singer has take control of his body and it's up to you to destroy the body. He'll then give you the Black Dragon Armor! Equip it right away! ^ ^ Anyway, from here, go north and take the eastern entrance first and open the chest for a Battle Armor. Don't even bother of equipping this one..... Anyway, now, go all the way west and enter the entrance there. Open the chest for a Dragon Bandana. Now, use the entrance there! ^ ^

Here's a room with no path at all! Simply go east a bit and open the chest for a Judge Stone. Now, use the path and you'll get to see a scene with the Magic Emperor. It turns out ot be that the evil singer is Luna!!! Oh my, and of course, she has been brain washed! Luna then realize what she has been doing and try to escape but the Magic Emperor knocks her out again! The Magic Emperor then commands the Black Dragon to attack!!! It's time, for another Boss Battle!!! ^ ^

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