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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

V. The Characters

Note that for this section, it is NOT MY work! I take this from Exdeath's Lunar Silver Star Story Complete's FAQ and I have asked him about him and he gave me permission for this! :). Check his FAQ out, it's a great one! Anyway, BIG and MILLION of thanks go to him!!! ^ ^

The main characters are what shape the story of Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. Most of the characters are unique and carry certain aspects, and each main character has a lot of story.

Alex: Alex is the hero of Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. Alex was born and raised in the village of Burg. Every day, Alex pays tribute to his master, Dragonmaster Dyne, one of the four heroes. Alex sets out on the adventure in hopes of becoming a Dragonmaster, and to be liked by people, just like his hero did. Alex is a really good guy, and treats all of his friends with great respect.

Luna: Luna is Alex's secret girlfriend. Alex's parents took Luna in 15 years ago, and has been Alex's friend for those 15 years. She is the best known singer in the entire world. Luna's words influence Alex to do what's right. Luna is drawn to everything that Alex does, and Alex feels the same way about her.

Ramus: Ramsus is the son of the mayor of Burg. Ramus likes to go outside to search for the ultimate treasures of the world, but he is often scared of many things. Ramus' parents spoil him, and he eats a lot. Ramus has good intentions for a large adventure, and wants Alex to join in his quest to become filthy rich and very popular in the process. :)

Nash: Nash is a third-ranked magician in the magic guild of Vane. Nash studied under Ghaleon, one of the four heroes, who fought beside Dragonmaster Dyne. Nash is very pompous and cocky, and is always trying to take advatage of the situation. Nash has his eyes on Luna from early in the adventure, although Luna doesn't feel the same way about him. Nash really cares for Mia, although he is sometimes to shy to show his love for her.

Jessica: Jessica is the daughter of Master Hell Mel. Jessica is studying to become a priestess. Jessica's mother died when she was very young, and Hell Mel has taken care of her every since. Jessica does things that other girls don't do, and many of her peers look down on her because of this. Jessica is rather hard on Kyle, but inside, she really cares for him. Jessica is very expressive and talkative.

Mia: Mia is the daughter of Lemia. Mia is heiress to the throne of Vane's magic guild, and is studying the arts of attack magic. Mia might not be quite ready to inherit the magic guild yet. Mia is a very innocent girl, and shows kind feelings toward the entire group. Mia is a very cute and loving character.

Kyle: Kyle is a fantastic swordsman that guards the Nanza Barrier. Girls fall over Kyle left and right, and monsters fear his power. He has trained a mob of thieves to guard Nanza Barrier from the Vile Tribe that has been attacking it. Kyle likes to get drunk often, and is sometimes self-absorbed. Kyle really cares about Jessica, even though sometimes he doesn't like to admit or show it.

Tempest: Tempest founded the prairie tribe. Tempest lives to guard his wife, Fresca. Tempest is a great archer that is trying to protect the people of the prairie. Tempest joins your party for a short time in the adventure to help save his village.

Laike: Laike is an adventurer that is supposedly the strongest known man in the world. Laike runs into Alex a lot on his adventure. Laike helps Alex through on his journey on numerous instances. Laike will prove to be a mysterious character through the journey.

Ghaleon: Ghaleon is a great sage and powerful magician. Ghaleon is one of the four heroes, and fought beside the great Dragonmaster Dyne. After Dyne's death, Ghaleon didn't realize his values anymore, and became evil. Ghaleon wants to use the Goddess' powers to rule the world.

Nall: Nall is a baby dragon that looks like a cat. Alex keeps Nall as a pet, and is his closest friend. Nall has been kept by Alex since he was young, and Alex has taken good care of him.

*Supporting Characters:

Just like most other RPGs, there are many supporting characters in Lunar. Supporting characters are characters that don't play very much of a role in the main part of the game.

Althena: Althena is the Goddess of love. Althena exiled the Vile Tribe to the frontier 15 years before the adventure begins.

Damon: Damon is the keeper of knowledge in the Damon Spire. Damon gives the group various tests in Damon's Spire, a test to prove whether you are a worthy force or not.

Dragonmaster Dyne: Dragonmaster Dyne is considered the greatest of the four heroes. Alex takes after Dyne in every aspect. Dyne was killed when trying to fight the Black Dragon, who was insane while Dyne was fighting it.

Fresca: Tempest's wife. Fresca is a loving woman that loves Tempest very much, and does anything to help him.

Lemia: One of the original four heroes. Lemia is the premier magician at the magic guild in Vane. Lemia is the guildmaster here, and anything that Lemia says in Vane is accepted as law with the people.

Master Mel (Hell Mel): Master Mel is one of the four original heroes. He is an ex-pirate who is taking care of Jessica, his daughter. He is now the governer of Meribia. Mel is a very strong fighter that loves his daughter and does anything he can to help her.

Magic Emperor: The Magic Emperor is a mysterious force that no one knows about. The Magic Emperor is bent on destroying the world, and all life that it encompasses.

Myght: Myght is an inventor that lives in a desolate tower. Myght works on many different types of inventions and keeps to himself. Myght also has a hideous odor. :)

Taben: Taben is another inventor you'll meet in the game. Taben creates the world's most destructive contraption ever, the Grindery, and is forcing people of Talon to mine for him and aid in the destruction.

Phacia: Phacia is a fake priest who later is revealed as another member of the Vile Tribe. Phacia's intentions seem good later, but the group doesn't know whether to trust her.

Quark: Quark is the White Dragon. Quark is the last surviving member of the great Dragons. Quark's brothers were Black, Red, and Blue.

Royce: Royce is a fortune teller that is another member of the Vile Tribe. You encounter Royce and her mischievious monsters many times during the adventure.

Xenobia: Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe. Xenobia helps Ghaleon in all of his evil plots, and takes control of the Vile Tribe. This attractive beauty might be tough for Alex to handle!

Again, MILLION credits goes to Exdeath! Thank you!!!! ^ ^ You're the greatest! :)

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