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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (13)

Chapter 12 : ~ The Blue Dragon Shrine ~

|World Map|

Move Nall to Lyton! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 29, Nash Lv. 29, Mia Lv. 29, Jessica Lv.29, Kyle Lv. 29.
Items : None.

Upon entering, you'll hear HORRIBLEEEE music! Turn off the sound if you want too! Anyway, I suggest you buy some new armors here assuming you have enough money! ^ ^ Anyway, now enter the building north of the statue and talk to the old man there. He's the elder of this village. He will ask you to stop the horrible music by entering the shrine near here. Well, Nash decided not to help him but the villagers cannot summon the Blue Dragon with the weird music going on. So, you have no choice but to help the. Now, exit this house and go north east and enter the small hut there. Talk to the man there and he'll let you pass. You'll then be in Lyton Cave!

Lyton Cave

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 29, Nash Lv. 29, Mia Lv. 29, Jessica Lv.29, Kyle Lv. 29.
Enemies : Giga Ant, Spark Eye, Mind Blow.
Items : Mental Gum, Mind Robe, 5000 S.

From here, go north ad talk to the man there. It's peddler Mack again! Boy, he sure shows up everywhere! ^ ^ From here, just follow the path to the entrance! On the next screen, follow the path south and then go north and open the chest for a Mental Gum. Now, follow the path south and enter the entrance there. BE CAREFUL! There's a hole near the entrance! Make sure you didn't fall! On the next screen, go north and you'll fall eventually. I call this screen Point A. From here, go north, through the entrance and on the next screen, go south a bit and open the chest for a Mind Robe. Equip it on Nash. Now, return to Point A through the next entrance!

From here, go south all the way and open the chest for a 5000 Silver. Now, follow the path south, west and north for the next entrance. You should then be on the next screen. From here, follow the path south and again, be careful of those pesky holes! You should then be on the next screen. Oh yeah, if you ever fall down, simply enter the entrance you can find near you! ^ ^

On this screen, go north and west for the next entrance. Again and again, I must warn you about the holes here. Now, if you've successfully make it to the entrance, you should be on a lot bigger new screen. From here, go east, north, west and examine the place with the arrow. Kyle will put some rocks in it and the music will suddenly change as Nall said that the wind that comes through the holes must be causing it. Now, go outside using Jessica's Escape Ave ability and you'll be back to Lyton!


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 30, Nash Lv. 30, Mia Lv. 30, Jessica Lv.30, Kyle Lv. 30.

Now, here, heal first at the statue and then talk to the elder again. He will say that the Blue Dragon shrine lies at the spring and can only be summoned by the song of the two lovers. Now, exit the house, and go north all the way to the spring.

Here, Mia and Nash will sing but it won't work. Then comes Jessica's and Kyle's turn. Sadly enough, it still won't work. Then Alex try his luck. He'll play his ocarina and Luna feels the music and sing from far away...... The Blue Dragon Shrine then appears and you'll automatically be inside it! ^ ^

Blue Dragon Shrine

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 30, Nash Lv. 30, Mia Lv. 30, Jessica Lv.30, Kyle Lv. 30.
Enemies : Slime, Spike Rat, Merlance, Waterel.
Items : Angel Tear, Armor Glove, IceDog Tail, Gentle Coat, Angel Ring, Rainbow Bracelet.

Upon entering, you'll see peddler Mack again! ^ ^ The world sure is small! :) Stock up some healing items especially Mental Gums and use the pool near you. You'll then be in the shrine! ^ ^

Okay, from your starting point, go south first and use the pool there. From here, you should see a pool near you. If you want to, you can peek inside but it contains an unlimited number of enemies! ^ ^ Anyway, go west and north and open the chest for an Angel Tear. Now, use the pool directly south of you. Now, go all the way north, passing the pool for a treasure chest containing an Armor Glove. It's a weapon for Kyle but I suggest you leave Kyle equipments as they are. Anyway, now, use the pool you passed before and you'll be on the next screen.

From here, go east and use the middle pool and again, you'll be on your next screen. Here, pass the pool west of you and go all the way west until you see a treasure chest. Open the chest for an IceDog tail. Now, use the pool directly north of you.

Okay, here's your starting point for this screen. Here, follow the path east, north and west for a chest containing a Freeze Knuckles. Now, use the pool near you and you'll be in a screen with two chests! Open the chests for an Angel Ring and a Rainbow Bracelet. Now, backtrack all the way to the starting point and open the chest north of you for a Gentle Coat. Now, go west and open the chest for a Dragon Wristband. Equip it on Jessica and now, follow the path to the new entrance.

Here, you'll meet the Blue Dragon. He's with Phacia! Well, actually, Phacia is not really that evil...... I will not spoil it now! ^ ^ Anyway, Phacia then teleports away and you'll get the chance to speak with the Blue Dragon. Similar to the Red Dragon, the Blue Dragon too is only a spirit. He'll then give you the Blue Dragon Helmet! He'll transport you to the previous room. He'll even say that in order for you to meet the Black Dragon, you must go east. Mind you, equip the helm right away! ^ ^ Now, it's up to you. I suggest training up first in here as the enemies here, especially the slimes give decent experience points. When you're ready, use Jessica's Escape Ave ability and you'll meet Phacia on the way out. After a short conversation, she'll teleport again and out you go to the World Map! ^ ^

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