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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (8)

Chapter 8 : ~ Head Of The Magic Guild, Lemia Ausa??? ~

|World map|

Move Nall to Spring Of Transmission.

Spring Of Transmission

Use the Portal and you'll be back in Vane! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 19, Luna Lv. 18, Nash Lv. 18.
Items : Althena's Orb.

Now, head straight to the Magic Guild and try to enter the Main Hall. Nash will ask you to report the news to Ghaleon first. Now, head east and use the stairs. Talk to Ghaleon's assistant there and he tells you that Ghaleon should be in the Main Hall. Now, exit the room, go to the Main Hall and talk to the Ghaleon. Nash will tell him all about what had just happened and then Ghaleon tells you that Lemia wants to meet you. Lemia then arrives and accuse you of being a traitor and toss you to the dungeon! Hey, what's up with her anyway! Anyway, Mia (Yay!) and Nall will come to save you from the dungeon.

Lemia will then give you Althena's Orb. Suddenly, the woman on the next cage shouted something about the Vile Tribe. Lemia then decided to let her go. it seems that she has an evil mask on which locks people's memory! How Eviiiiil! Anyway, the woman said something about Star Chamber which is exactly where you'll need to go next! ^ ^ Mia tells you to go to the room next to the Main Hall! Do so and by the time you reach there, Nash will stop you! Well, actually, he wants to join you cause he wants to help Mia. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Nash has a feelings towards Mia! ^ ^ Anyway, when you're prepared, enter the Crystal Tower!!!!!! :)

Crystal Tower

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 19, Nash Lv. 18, Mia Lv. 19.
Enemies : Crystal Mirror, Crystal knight, Fly Metal, Meteor crystal,
Items : Boost Coil, 1000 S, Mental Gum, 1500 S, Angel Ring.

Upon entering, the power of the crystal tower reacts with your presence. Mia tells you that you cannot brings weapon here unless if you're a Dragonmaster. Now, in order to move through, you must take off your weapons! Nooo!!! Oh well.... Anyway, proceed and enter the door.

From here, open the chest for a Boost Coil. Equip it on Nash as it improves thunder magic! ^ ^ Anyway, the path from here is really straight forward. You should not lost your way and follow the path all the way. Anyway, after a while, you should come to a screen with two entrances and a chest. open the chest first for a 1000 Silver! Now, enter the right door first and open the chest for a Mental Gum. Now backtrack and enter the left door this time.

From here, go south and east and enter the door. You should again come to a screen with two entrances. Use the left entrance first and follow the path for an Angel Ring. Now, backtrack and use the right entrance this time. From here, go south and pass the entrance for a 1500 Silver. Now, use the entrance you passed before and you'll be on a new screen. Follow the path and you will get to see Luna and the others! Now, move north and yo'll finally find Luna! Luna was forced to sing a song or otherwise, you will be killed. So, that's what happened! Anyway, Mia will use the Althena's orb to reveal her true mother! Well, nothing happens to her mother actually but the mask of the woman you helped has broken! It happens to be that the woman is Mia's real mother! And, the other one is a fake! :) The three of them (Phacia, Royce and the fake Lemia) then reveals their true identity! They will then flee and left you with their 'toys'. It's another mid-boss fight! ^ ^

Piper X 3

Well, the basic strategy here is to try kill em' all at the same time. just use Mia's Blizzard magic and Nash's Riot magic to kill quickly. Alex should use Flash Cut too! Alex's Sword Dance will just do a little damage so don't bother! If Mia's Special Skill (Mist Veil) gauge is full, use it instantly! This battle will be a bit longer than usual but it's not that hard! ^ ^

After you have won, you'll be bck to Vane. Ghaleon wants you to meet the dragons especially Quark. Ghaleon asks you to assist him in finding the White Dragon. He also asks Nall and Mia to look over Lemia and wants you to wait for him in Meribia. Now, first of all, heal at the statue and use the portal back to the Spring Of Transimission!

Spring Of Transmission

Now, go outside and to the World Map!!! ^ ^

Chapter 9 : ~ The Magic Emperor ~

|World Map|

Move Nall to Meribia! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 19, Luna Lv. 18.

Now, move straight to Mel's Mansion and talk to him. Mel will tell you how strong the Magic Emperor is as he can even block Lemia's magical power! Standing next to him is a familiar one..... Hey, it's Jessica! She'll act like she never met you before and asks Nall to shut up! Mel then asks you to stay here for a day as the boat is still not ready. Now, Jessica will explain everything and she'll sk you what happened at Vane. You'll explain to her and you'll rest for the next day! ^ ^

Now, exit the room and talk to Mel. He will say that Ghaleon is waiting for you at the harbor. Exit the mansion and head east for the Harbor. You'll meet Ghaleon there and you'll automatically sail to Saith! While sailing, Ghaleon asks Alex the same question Quark asked him before. So, he does know a bit about dragons..... Anyway, you'll be back in Saith!

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