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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (2)

Chapter 2 : ~ The White Dragon Shrine ~

|World Map|

Move the cursor, or rather Nall, to the Weird Woods! Just press the left directional button! :) Oh yeah, unlike any other lunar series, you can't walk on the world map!

Weird Woods

My Party's Level : Alex Lv.1, Luna Lv.1, Ramus Lv.1, Nash Lv.1. Enemies : Flytrap, Burg dog, Deathcap.
Items : Heal Gum X 4, Antidote X 5, Earthquake (Red Chest), Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond.(Shrine)

First of all, enter the house near you and talk to Alex's father. Nash will introduce himself up and exit the house back. Go west, and when you come up to the road sign, go north. You'll be on the next screen. Go north and Nash will start complaining again. Just go east after that and south to get a chest containing a Heal Gum. Oh yeah, since you will encounter enemies randomly, you might want to level up a bit at least to lv.5 before moving on!

Anyway, backtrack to the route before and instead of going east, go all the way north to find a chest containing an Antidote. Backtrack again and this time, go west and you'll find a bridge. Just before crossing it, go north and open the chest for a Heal Gum. Then, go south back and take the other north path for an Antidote. Then, go east and read the slate and open the nearby chest for a Heal Gum! Now, go across the bridge earlier and Nash will ask you to rest here. While Alex and Ramus are gathering firewoods, the two (Nash and Nall) argued again! Anyway, you will automatically rest and gain your health back! Go north a bit and get a Heal Gum from the chest. Backtrack and go all the way west and read the slate. Nall and Ramus will tell you how creepy that thing is!

Now, go east a bit, north and west at a junction for an Antidote. Now go east, little bit north and east for another Antidote. Go north and all the way east and read another slate. Backtrack to the previous junction and take the west path. Go south a little and walk through the trees for another Antidote(Duh!)Okay, now take the west path and search the stone wall. Luna will said that it resembles Althena! Now, examine the stone wll again and Ramus will said that it looks like a door. He even said that maybe there's some clues on the slates you read before!

Backtrack and read all of the slates before and return to the solid wall. You will then need to arrange them in order. Choose the third option first, followed by the first one and lastly, the second choice. Alex will then explain a little bit about it and Nash starts to brag again! Well, anyway, the slates mean that you will need to sing the Harvest festival song in order to get through! So, Luna starts singing and Alex starts playing his ocarina. The wall suddenly dissapears and a new path awaits you! :)

Upon entering the new area, Nash will complain about how a Shrine could look like a ruin. Well, it does look like a ruin. Alex then said that they should start searching for clues. Now, your party will split. So, talk to everyone and search the edge of the pool. You will then notice tablets that resemble the slates you saw before at the bottom of the pool. Alex will then call the party and ask Nash to read the tablet. Nash said that he could't read it but then Luna suddenly translates the words and read it to the party. Luna didn't know how she did that actually. Anyway, in order to access the shrine, you must first call the White Dragon's real name. Choose the second option which is 'Quark' and path will be revealed!

Now, take the path and Alex will said something about the coldness in the shrine. Move on and you will meet Quark, the White Dragon. He will ask your party to introduce themselves. So, one by one introduce themselves to Quark but, when it comes to Luna, Quark feels kinda weird...... Strange huh! Anyway, Alex will mention something to Quark about wanting to be a Dragonmaster too. Quark will then brings both Nash and Alex inside their hearts! Well, for one thing, I think the answers you pick does not effect the trial at all so don't worry! After you're finished, you will aquire the Dragon Ring and Dragon Diamond! Cool huh! Quark will also reveals that the diamond is actually, his....well....'drop'. :P Anyway, you will be at the Weird Woods back. I think you should now your way by now. :) Okay now, head back to the World Map!

|World Map|

Simple! This time, move Nall to Burg!


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.9, Luna Lv.9, Ramus Lv.9, Nash Lv.9.

Well, here we are again! :) I won't list the itmes again so please check the previous one! :) Anyway, your party will say how tired they are and ask you to lead them to the Goddess statue. Do so and Nash will say how busy he is and leave your party... Meanwhile, Ramus said that he wants to find a good price for the new aquired Dragon diamond! Luna then asks you to go back home to have some good rest.

Now go back to your house and Luna will said something about practicing for the festival! Boy, she never forgets about the festival! Anyway, you will rest and the game will bring you to two days later! :) Alex and Luna is performing for the festival! You get to hear Luna's beautiful voice again! Cool! After they have done performing, a women tells Luna how great her song is and ask her and Alex to perform again. Alex then suddenly leave Luna without saying a word. Now you'll have to find him! You'll get control of Luna! :)

Now, try going to the spring and you will hear Alex's ocarina music coming from the grave. So, head to Dyne's monument and you will see Alex playing the ocarina alone. You will then see a romantic scene between Alex and Luna! I will not spoil it! :P Anyway, Luna advice him somehow and said she will always pray for him! How sweet! ^ ^

The next day......

Alex will say goodbye to Luna. Luna seems reluctant to let Alex go but Alex has made his mind. So, he leaves Luna alone. Luna's mother then come in and tells Luna to follow Alex on his adventure. Luna hesitated at first but then she has flashback of the romantic scene she had had before! :) So, she follows her heart and try catching up with Alex.

You will the get to control Alex again. Go west and Ramus will greet you and explain everything about the Dragon diamond. It turns out to be that the diamond can't be sold here so they must get to Meribia. in order to get to Meribis, they must take a boat from Saith. So, got south and you'll be on a path to Saith! :)

Go south and Luna will run to you saying that she wants to come with you on your journey! But, suddenly, 4 Burgdog appears and attack you! Luckily, a mysterious guy passes by and said something about goofing off in the forest. He will then join you in your first boss battle! Yay! ^ ^

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