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I. About This Game/Walkthrough
II. How To Contact Me
III. Legal Information
IV. Version History
V. The Characters
VI. The Controls And The Basics
VII. Intro
VIII. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
IX. Boss Guide
X. Weapons And Armors
XI. Items
XII. Accesories
XIII. Cards 1, 2
XIV. Magic And Abilities 1, 2, 3
XV. Secrets And Tips
XVI. Credits
XVII. About The Author

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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

I. About this Game/Walkthrough

This game is the best RPG for Gameboy Advance! Lunar Legend actually resembles the PS version of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete! Trust me, this game will hook you for hours and hours! The battle system is nice except for the lack of battles! Unlike any other Lunar series, you will encounter monsters randomly! Anyway, it's still a great game so, I give this game a fabulous 10 out of 10! :)

Now, about this walkthrough, for the first two bosses, I'm so sorry cause I don't have the chance to list what kind of items they give! And, one more thing is, the items you'll get from the bosses from my list are actually random. Take example the fight egainst the pirates. You could end up getting Pirate 2 card instead of getting Pirate 1 card you know. But anyway, I only list down what I get from them! :) That's all!

II. How to Contact Me

Easy! Just Email me At [email protected]! You can ask me any question related to this game but please, no bad and foul languages or my dad will scold me if he finds out...... And that's not a good thing to do :( Regardless, you might want to visit the board so that I can easily communicate with you!

III. Legal Information

Copyright 2002

This FAQ can only be used for these sites:

This FAQ can't be copied or published for the sake of money in any way. (Keep this in mind). You can however, print this out and read it or show it to your friends but please do not sell it or claim it's YOUR work instead of mine! Ask my permission first in order to use this FAQ. In order to know how to contact me, see the "How To Contact Me" section. Again, do not steal my precious work! Hope you understand and enjoy my FAQ! ^ ^

  GBA Lunar Legend

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GBA Lunar Legend

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