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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (16)

Black Dragon/Rubeus

HP : 5500 to 5600 HP
EXP : 25 000 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Rubeus Card.

Okay, use the old tactic again. Vigor + Sword Dance and Heat Up + Slash. Nash should use Thor Bolt. If you still haven't learn Thor Bolt then, you're in BIG trouble! Anyway, Tempest should do Normal attack rather than his skills. His skills should only be used towards the end. Heal with your lightest hitter and in my case, Nash. Oh yeah, if you check Alex's skills, Quarker, Amelian, Cyanic and Rubean has been added to the skills table! ^ ^ Nice! Anyway, Black Dragon can either creates Aqua Tower or Flame Tower! The flame one do more damage so get the Healing Drops ready! ^ ^ I use almost 6 Healing Drop in this battle! :) Oh yeah, watch out for his high HP too! After a while, you should get a hang of him so don't worry! ^ ^

Upon winning, Ghaleon will flee with Luna and use the Black Dragon's body to go back to the Frontier. I'm dissapointed cause the game won't warp you back to the entrance and there's no Jessica to do an Escape Ave! Oh well...... Anyway, exit this room and you might want to go out of this dungeon the manual way. :) Anyway, when you're at the end of the dungeon, go outside and you'll be at the Village of Pao again! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 38, Nash Lv. 37, Kyle Lv. 37,Tempest Lv.38.
Items : Master Sword (Tempest).

Here, heal at the statue first and head straight to Tempest's Hut! There, you'll get to see Fresca nad the other girls getting ready to go and help you but they're too late alright! >:) Anyway, Laike will then come in and ask you to go back to Myght's Place! ^ ^ Now, before leaving, talk to Tempest first and he'll give you the Master Sword! Woo hoo! Equip it right away! ^ ^ Now you can either do some side quests or head straight to Myght's Room with the DragonWings to go to the Frontier. I suggest you do the Side quests first as it will benefit you a lot! Now, if you want to do the side quests, read the mini section I have created below. If you don't want to even bother with the side quests, skip the mini section and search using the Ctrl + F button and write there Myght's Room and you'll find it eventually! :)

~ The Forbidden Forest ~

Use the DragonWings to warp back to Lyton and head out to the World Map. Here, move Nall to the Forbidden Forests! ^ ^

Forbidden Forests

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 38, Nash Lv. 37, Mia Lv. 35, Jessica Lv.35, Kyle Lv. 37.
Enemies : Hot Foot, Vor Boar, Ampshire.
Items : Ruby Tiara (Red Chest), Flame Ring (Red Chest), 10 000 S.

Here's a tip. The enemies here are not really hard but they have LOTS of HP. When I said lots, I do mean LOTS of HP! :) If you're at my level, you should be able to run smoothly. If you're having difficulty running away, train up a bit first or use Rubean, the Black Dragon's ability! Don't bother killing them as they give you only a little experience points! If you follow these tips, you should be able to reach the second spring in no time! :)

From your starting point, head east, north and west for a red chest containing a Ruby Bracelet. Now, from here, go east a bit, south and east again all the way and then try going north. Here, open the chest for a 10 000 Silver!!! ^ ^ From here, go south, west a bit and south all the way again until you come to a red chest containing a Flame Ring. Now, north a bit and go all the way east and you'll see the second spring in this game! ^ ^

Spring 2

Items : Magical Hat (Red Chest), Phoenix Claw (Red Chest).

Here, talk to the man there and if you have a decent number of cards, you'll get to trade rare cards with him! I'm not so sure about this so please note me if I'm wrong! ^ ^ Anyway, open the two red chests for a Magical Hat and a Phoenix Claw! ^ ^ Congratulations, you have completed the first Side Quest! ^ ^ Now, it's time to move on to Side Quest number two! ^ ^

~ The Devil's Tear ~

Use the DragonWings to go to Lann! ^ ^


Items : Devil's Tear.

Here, go and talk to the elder and he'll ask you to celebrate with him as you have become a Dragonmaster. Say to celebrate it and the old man will feed you with the main course, fish! ^ ^ Talk to the elder again and he will say that he found something in the fish! It's the Devil's Tear! He'll then give it to you as a prize! :) Congratulations, you have completed Side quest number 2!!! ^ ^

Chapter 14 : ~ The Land Of Death, The Frontier ~

Myght's Room

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 38, Nash Lv. 37, Mia Lv. 35, Jessica Lv.35, Kyle Lv. 37.

Here, talk to Myght and you'll spend the night in his room! ^ ^

The next day........

You'll wake up and Laike will be just beside you! Talk to him and now, go to the lower left part of the room and talk to Mia twice. Now, go to the upper right part of the room, and talk to Jessica twice. Now, talk to Laike and Myght will be coming for you from the roof! ^ ^ On the roof, Nash will reveal his true identity! Guess what! He's the Jerk Emperor! Kidding! :P It turns out to be that Nash is actually Ghaleon's spy! I know he's such a good for nothing brat! Well, he's not really that bad actually.... You'll see why later! Anyway, Nash will destroy the engine with his lightning magic and flee with Royce! Wow, Mia was shocked for sure! Now that the engine is broken, you'll need to find another one! Duh! Nall then suggest you take the engine from the balloon Shira created! Now, when you regain control back, use the DragonWings to warp back to Reza! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 38, Mia Lv. 35, Jessica Lv.35, Kyle Lv. 37.

Here, head to the Thieves Bazaar and talk to the man at the eastern side. He'll only give you the engine if you give him 30 000 Silver!!! Boy, he's so unreasonable! Fret not because if you talk to Lily's Father first, he'll talk to the guy so that he will give you a special treatment! You can now get the engine for free!!! ^ ^ Thanks to Hedge_Hog for such great info! ^ ^ Now, when you get the engine, use the DragonWings to go back to Myght's room!

Myght's Room

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 38, Mia Lv. 35, Jessica Lv.35, Kyle Lv. 37.

Here, talk to Myght and from there on, talk to Mia twice and Jessica twice again. Myght will then call you to get ready. It's a good thing Nash isn't here or he'll ruin the engine again for sure! You'll then get to see a scene where Jessica steers that thing to go to the Frontier! :) Eventually, the Airship will go berserk and you'll fall at Talon Mine! ^

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