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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (7)

Nanza's Barrier

My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 18, Luna Lv. 18, Nash Lv. 17.
Items : Soft Knuckles, Rainbow Seed (Red Chest).

Talk to the guard there and he'll let you pass cause he doesn't want any trouble with the Magic Guild! Now that you're in, heal at the Althena's Statue. Now enter the dor nearby and go down the stairs. Now, go south, east at the junction and north again and open the chest for a Soft Knuckles. Now backtrack and go south and remember the red chest's location! :)

Now, go outside and back to the statue. from here, go up the stairs near you and go all the way west and use the stairs there to go down. Talk to the man there and Nash will provoke him just like the first guard. Sadly, it doesn't work and he insist you get a permission from his boss, Kyle first. He said that Kyle should be in his room downstairs. Now go back to the statue and enter the door again and go downstairs.

Now, go to the room where you found the Soft Knuckles again and talk to Kyle there. He will ask what do you want from him and you'll explain everything. He'll then give you permission to get through the western gate. Now go outside and back to the western gate and the guard will let you pass and you'll be in Nanza again! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 18, Luna Lv. 18, Nash Lv. 17.
Enemies : Ant Lion.
Items : Mental Gum.

Okay, from here, just follow the path and open the treasure chest for a Mental Gum. Now, follow the path again and you should be on the World Map again! ^ ^

Chapter 7 : ~ The Fake DragonMaster and Jessica ~

|World Map|

Now, move Nall to Lann! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 18, Luna Lv. 18, Nash Lv. 17.
Items : Mental Drop (Red Chest).

First of all, if you're injured, heal at the statue. Otherwise, go and explore the town! ^ ^ Now, go down the stairs and go west, pass the house and go north and remember the location of the red chest. Now head to the item shop ad stock up some healing items with you! ^ ^ Oh yeah, I also bought a new pan for Luna! :) Now, exit the shop and enter the house you passed before and enter it. You'll hear a voice. It's a girl, talking to the villagers while standing on a table! Anyway, she'll ask for your help to slay the fake DragonMaster and introduces herself as Jessica! ^ ^ Choose the first choice if you're ready and she'll say that the fake dragonmaster is on Lann Island and you should go to the harbor to borrow some boats! Now, exit the house! ^ ^

Now, go south and to the harbor. Talk to the man near the baot twice and he'll lend you the boat. Choose the first choice if you're ready when Jessica asks you and you'll be sailing to Lann Island! ^ ^

Lann Island

My Party's Level : Alex. Lv. 18, Luna Lv. 18, Nash Lv. 17.
Enemies : Pudgy Boar, The Deep, Piranha, Cyclops.
Items : Monsters (Chest) X 6, Fresh Ring, 100 S, 600 S X 3.

Upon entering, you should see a man near you. he's peddler Mack. You can buy stuff from him. You better have 5 or more Angel Tears with you right now! ^ ^ Anyway, after you have done with your shopping, go east and then north and open the chest for a surprise monster attack! You can skip this if you want to but I suggest you fight these monsters for EXP and cards! ^ ^ Now, go north and open the chest for another monster attack! From here, go east and south a bit for a 100 Silver! Now, backtrack to the first chest that contain mosters in it. From here, go south, west and open the chest for another monster ambush. Now, go north and open the chest for a Fresh Ring! I equipped it on Jessica cause she got the lowest resistance status. Now, move west and open the chest for another monsters fight! From here, follow the path and cross the bridge.

You should be on the next screen now. From here, follow the path and open the chest for a 600 Silver. Now, go east and south, open the chest and fight monsters again! Duh! From here, go all the way east and open the chest for another 600 Silver. Now bactrack to the second chest in the area and take the north path. Follow the path and open the chest for another 600 Silver. Now, follow the path north a bit and go east and open the chest for another moster fight! I know you're getting mad but calm down please! As I did say before, you could just skip this part if you want to! ^ ^ Anyway, bactrack west, and take the north path. Nall will then spot a tent! It's the fake DragonMaster. Nall then asks him about the dragon. He got the first two right but the last two, will make you laugh for sure! He said two of the four dragons are the Salmon Pink Dragon and the Sparkly Colored Dragon! ^ ^ Anyway, he'll then call his dragon! Get ready, it's another boss fight! ^ ^


HP : 2000 to 2300 HP.
EXP : 600 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : FrogZard Card.

Okay, again, use vigor and Sword Dance combo for maximum damage. I used Thor Rain with Nash and Luna used PowerSong to powerup Jessica. Nash should use Riot if he can't afford Thor Rain yet. Don't heal with Jessica! Just use Luna to heal! FrogZard main attack is using it's tongue and hit you hard with it but it only attacks a sigle person so, it shouldn't be hard winning this battle asides from his high HP! But, he can still stomp all of your party at once so, be careful and heal when necessary! ^ ^

After you've won, the fake dragonmaster regrets what he has done and apologize. You'll then be back to Lann Village. Suddenly, Phacia shows up and tells you the rumor about the Magic Emperor. She'll then leave you.Well, for one thing, Jessica didn't even know about Phacia. She was shocked to know that Phacia is the High Priestess! Now, this is REALLY suspicious! If you have played LSSSC, you should know what's going on here! ^ ^ Anyway, now that you're in Lann Village, Jessica leaves you and you better heal yourself now at the statue! Now, go all the way back to Vane!

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