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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (11)

Damon's Spire

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 21, Nash Lv. 20, Mia Lv. 21, Jessica Lv.21, Kyle Lv. 21.
Enemies : Gigant, Battle Bat, Homunc, Kyklops.
Items : Mental Gum X 3, Eyeglasses, GetScope, Sorcery Robe, Brave Bandana, Ice Pendant.

First of all, here's a map of the first floor if you're confused! I worked really hard on this one! ^ ^

##############################   S.P : Starting Points.
#        #O  C     O#O       #   O O : Orbs. 
#        D          D        #   D   : Door.  
#        #O        O#O       #   C   : Chest. 
####DD########DD#######DD#####   DD  : Double Door. 
#        #O        O#O      C#   DF  : Door for the next floor.
#        D          D        #
#        #O        O#O       # 
####DD####   O O    ####DD####
#C       #O        O#O O  O  #     
#   DF   D          D        #
#        #O        O#O       #
         #   O O    #
         #   S.P    #
         #          #

From where you are, step on the two red orbs on the ground. Damon's voice will then appear asking you what's the magic word! Well, lucky you cause it's on the memo Kyle gave you before! Damon then will open the door north of you. Now, go through the door and step on the orb east of you. Now, go north and step on all the red orbs you can find, finally leading you to a chest containing a Mental Gum. From here, go east and step on the orbs to open the door. In this room, go south and step on the orbs again. You'll be in a room with a chest. Open it for an Eyeglasses.

Now, go south all the way and exit through the west door. From here, simply go west, and open the chest for another Mental Gum! Now, examine the double door near you and Damon will ask you a question again. You'll be given a choice whether to let Nash or Mia to answer the question cause it's related to the Goddess thingy. :) I let Mia answer the question of course cause I like her! ^ ^ Anyway, she got the right answer and the door will be opened. Here's a tip. You might want to go back to the World Map and heal yourself at the statue. The door will not be reseted! Cool huh! Anyway, enter the door to the next floor.

No, if you think there's a map too for the second floor, no, there's none in this FAQ! Sorry! I'm too tired to create another one! :P Oh yeah, the when I said starting point, I refer to this place. (The one with the stairs to the first floor! ^ ^) Anyway, from here, go east and step on the orbs. Enter the room and step on the orbs in it. Backtrack to the starting point and this time, take the north path. Follow the path all the way and through the double door you've just opened by stepping on the previous orbs! :)

Now, in this room, step on the orbs at the east side, and go to the next room. Open the chest for a valuable GetScope! I equipped it on Kyle! ^ ^ Here, bactrack to the starting point, through the east door you can't access before. In this room, go north and step on all the orbs there. Now, take the chest for another Mental Gum. Now, go north, and to the next room. Here, examine the door you'll be asked another question from Damon. Here, I choose Nash to answer the question and he got it right so Damon opened the door for me! ^ ^ Now, before you enter, again, you might want to bactrack to the World Map and heal at the Spring! ^ ^ Otherwise, enter the door and you'll be on the next floor! ^ ^

Okay, this is your starting point! ^ ^ From here, go south and open the chest for a Sorcery Robe! Now, go west and step on the northern orbs. Now, go west and open the chest for a Brave Bandana! Equip it on Nash right away! ^ ^ Now, from here, go north to the next room, and step on the orbs. Now, go south, and then east to the previous room. Go through the north door and examine the double door and again, for the last time that is, Damon will ask you to leave your least useful party member as a hostage. Choose the second option which is not to leave even one of your party member and the door will be opened! Now, you don't need to go back all the way and heal as we're almost there! ^ ^ now, enter the door and you'll be on the next floor! ^ ^

This is your starting point! ^ ^ From here, go west and open the chest for a Cat Ears. I equipped it on Jessica as it would look nice on her! :P Anyway, from here, go south, stepping the orbs on the way. Now, bactrack to your starting point in this floor, and go east, opening the chest for an Ice Pendant. I equipped it on Kyle as he has the lowest Magic Endurance stats! Anyway, go south and step on the orbs. In this room go west and step on the western orbs so that you can access the next room anytime! :) Now, don't leave this room! Talk to the man near you and he will ask you to scram! He then notices Jessica as a priestess and ask Jessica to cast a healing spell on him! What a jerk! Jessica then asks you whether to heal him or not. Choose to kick him and he'll give you a million Silver! Joking! :P Choose to heal him and it turns out to be that the man is Damon's assistant! He were asked to do that on purpose and let anybody who helped him pass! ^ ^ Now, enter the door, and..... Presto! The next floor! ^ ^

Okay, again, here's your starting point! ^ ^ Now, go all the way north to the next room while stepping on the orbs on the way! Now, go west and step on the orbs but don't go to the next room as there's nothing there! Instead, go back to the starting point and go through the west door! Now, here's the final test! He'll give you a riddle! I just love riddles! ^ ^ Mia will then said something about sound and boy, isn't she a genius or what! ^ ^ Anyway, Alex will then play his ocarina and the door will be opened! Yay! Finally! You'll get to meet Damon! Phew! So, what are you waiting for? Enter the door!!!

Now, from here, go west, east, southeast, north, and west and finally go southwest and step on the orbs! Joking again! Just talk to the old man there! Guess you don't want to hear the word 'orbs' again! Now Damon will ask you to read all the books (optional) and he'll finally give you a book called 'Thieves Heart'. He asks you to bring this back to Reza! Finally you can go back to Reza! ^ ^ Now, since you don't have the dragonWings, you'll need to go all the way back! Well, it's really a good thing as you can gain some levels! When you're back on the first floor, exit and you'll be back on the World Map! Yay!!! ^ ^

|World Map|

Now, move Nall back to Reza!!! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 24, Nash Lv. 24, Mia Lv. 24, Jessica Lv.24, Kyle Lv. 24.

Now, heal at the statue first and head straight to the restaurant! Talk to the man there and he'll give you the Thieve ID! This item lets you get your stolen item back and open the red chests!!! If you've read my earlier version, I use a question mark when it comes to red chests! But, there's no more now as I have unlocked all of them!!! :) Enjoy!^ ^ Anyway, head to the Thieves Bazaar and talk to the man nearest to you! He'll give you the DragonWings back and an additional Mental Gum! How nice. Here, you can buy some new armors if you like to! ^ ^ Now, head back and you'll see Royce taking away a child called Lilly! Her grandpa saw what happen and decided to help you by talking to someone who's familiar to the Red Dragon! Head back to the Thives Bazaar and talk to the man at the far left side. He'll give you Shira Noteprint! Now, if you talk to the man who stole your DragonWings again, he'll sell you some water based weapon! I suggest you buy at least two of them as the Red Dragon Cave is full of fire-typed monsters!

Now, you can either warp all the way back to(using the DragonWings of course) and open all the red chests you missed which is just what I did! They contain some really good item so you should probably do that too! Getting Mental drops, Magic Ring and Earthquake Hammer from the red chests are strongly recommended! :) Otherwise, to the World Map!^ ^

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