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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (21)


HP : 8100 to 8200 HP.
EXP : 0 EXP.
Money : 0 Silver.
Items : Ghaleon Card.

Because this is the final battle, spend your items like crazy here! Again, Alex should stick with Vigor and Sword Dance and Kyle should stick with Heat Up and Slash! Mia should use Mist Veil here! While she's invincible, have her use IceShell on all your party members and then, keep using fireball! Nash should use Thor Rain all the turn and Jessica might want to use Grace Ave to assist your party even more. She should then spend her time healing rather than attacking. Ghaleon can attack twice so be careful! His attacks are just the same as before except that now, he can charge one of your party members to do massive damage. He can even drain your life! Eventually, there will come to a time where you'll need to use Cyanic instead of Sword Dance! Again, use a Mental Gum trick when using this! ^ ^ If Ghaleon uses his magic attack twice, you should definitely use Cyanic! Throughout the battle, I use Alex most of the time to heal instead of attacking! Oh yeah, another thing that surprises me is that Ghaleon actually has even fewer HP than Xenobia!!! I guess that's because he can attack twice. But, in LSSSC, Ghaleon has superb HP and he still can attack twice! That's probably because the creator of this game wants it to be easier on the GBA! Nice! ^ ^ Oh my, what am I talking here! Anyway, here's a simpler version of the Mental Gum trick!

Alex - Cyanic.
Mia - Fireball and etc.
Nash - Thor Bolt and etc.
Jessica - Mental Gum on Alex.
Kyle - Slash and etc.

As you can see, only Nash, Mia and Kyle attacks while your party keeps going to full HP every round! In other words, you're invincible!!! Throughout the battle again, I didn't even use my Mental Drop! Cool, huh! :) Anyway, this technique maybe slow but it keeps you invicible just like Mia's Mist Veil! ^ ^ Eventually, you'll beat Ghaleon!

Upon winning, you'll get to see a scene about Dyne and Althena again and Ghaleon will fall to the ground! Yes! Now, you will regain control back so now, SAVE YOUR GAME!!! Remember to do this!If you have played LSSSC, you should know what's coming next. Now, try passing Ghaleon and go north and you'll get to watch a scene where Luna attack Alex with lightning just before he can reach her! Ghaleon will then stand again and it's time for another boss battle! Kidding! :P Anyway, Ghaleon will say someting about the Goddess Althena and then he dissolved just like the others from the Vile Tribe. This time, you can expect him to be gone for good in THIS game! ^ ^


Anyway, from this point, you won't be able to control your character anymore, not until the very ending! Alex will try to save Luna just like Dyne did and as soon as Luna leave the portal of light, the fortress explodes and the other party members decided to escape because it's too dangerous. The other party members safely return to the shore except Alex and Luna. Suddenly, Alex and Luna, engulfed in shining light, appears from above and the girls hug each other!

* Note that you can read this next paragraph and so on cause it contains no spoiler or maybe a little which will still keep the ending more likely enjoyable!!! ^ ^

Before you even notice, you'll then be in Meribia. Here, all of your party members will leave you because they've got their own things to do except for Luna. Luna then aks Alex to look for Ramus. Now, head to Ramus's Shop and talk to him. He'll give you a Lunar GC, another cool picture for your gallery! ^ ^ Now, head to Mel's Mansion and you'll meet Kyle and Jessica. I won't spoil it much further! Now, go to the Black Rose Street and again, I won't spoil this too! From this point, try going to the Meribia's main gate and you'll meet Phacia there. Another thing I will not spoil! ^ ^ Now, after you've finished, go to the harbor and talk to Laike. Choose yes and you'll get to see the REAL ending and the credits too! ^ ^ Enjoy the ending!!! :)

Congratulations, you have beaten Lunar Legend!!!!!


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GBA Lunar Legend

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