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I. About This Game/Walkthrough
II. How To Contact Me
III. Legal Information
IV. Version History
V. The Characters
VI. The Controls And The Basics
VII. Intro
VIII. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
IX. Boss Guide
X. Weapons And Armors
XI. Items
XII. Accesories
XIII. Cards 1, 2
XIV. Magic And Abilities 1, 2, 3
XV. Secrets And Tips
XVI. Credits
XVII. About The Author

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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

IV. Version History

Version : 1.4
Created : 12/3/2003
Info : Happy New Year everybody! Guess what? The Items section is finished! Now, I'll concentrate on Weapons and Armors section! ^ ^ Also, the Cards section is finally up! Oh yeah, I have added more strategy for the fight with Grandoom! Thanks to Ruben Van Ophuizen for such great info!!! ^ ^

I have also added the new Accesories section which is still not up, sorry! Just wait till I finish doing the Weapons and Armors section okay? ^ ^ By the way, the Magic And Abilities section is finally finished completely!!! Thanks you guys for contributing lots of info to me! ^ ^

Also, I have missed an item called Armour Ring I think at Hispaniola. Thanks to Daniel Artus for pointing me this!^ ^ And, in addition, I have added one more secret! This time, superb credits goes to Quinton! Thanks! I guess that's all! Please wait for more update! ^ ^

Version : 1.3
Created : 12/28/2002
Info : The Walkthrough is finally completed!!! Yay! Now that the walkthrough is finished, I'll spend my time doing the items section from now on. You can expect to see the items section to be finished or rather, have items in it on my next update! I'm so happy that the walkthrough is finished!

Oh yeah, I have corrected and add something in the abilities section! Check it out! Thanks to Volandum for this! ^ ^ Oh yeah, I have also corrected my walkthrough about the engine replacement. It turns out to be that you do not need to pay 30k Silver to buy the engine if you talk to Lily's father first! For this great info, credits will be given to Hedge_hog! Thank you for these info guys! ^ ^

Also, nowadays, I have noticed something else. It's been bothering me all the time! It's the email I have received. I must ask you to NOT, sending me emails that are over 50kb as it will flood my account unless it's really important! People also like pretending they're one of my contributers ex. Blackmon. Someone send me an email with his name with a virus attachment! It's a good thing I scanned it first! Please I ask you not to do that or I'll block your email right away! That's all about it! Thanks! ^ ^

One more thing is, the Cards section will be up soon. For that section, full credits will be given to Blackmon as he's the one who created it not me and generously, he would like to contribute it to me! Thank you Blackmon, you're the greatest! ^ ^ I think that's all for this update as I'm going to start working on the items section right now so, bye!!! ^ ^

Version : 1.2
Created : 12/25/2002
Info : Wow, I have add lots of abilities in their respective section! Also have add more walkthrough! Sorry, but the items and the armors sections are still not up! I'm still having difficulties with the abilities and stuff so I assume you know I'm a bit busy lately. Anyway, please wait for more updates! ^ ^

Another thing is, check out the secret section! I have added some new, rather interesting secrets! Check it out! Lastly, I have also added some info about the second Spring in this game and, if you have read my earlier version before, I marked the red chests with a question mark but there's none of them now! Enjoy! ^ ^

Version : 1.1
Created : 12/22/2002
Info : Major correction! You CAN actually win the battle with Mel! Sorry guys! ^ ^ Thanks to [email protected] for this great info! ^ ^ Oh yeah, I also add some more things and more abilities on their respective sections. Oh yeah, weapon and armors section still is not up, sorry! ^ ^

One more thing, I have missed an item called 'Master Book' in Meribia! Nooooo! *Sniff* Anyway, thanks for the great info Squall Leonhart! ^ ^ Oh yeah, credits will also be given to zhe chen for giving me info on dragons! :) Thanks for supporting me guys! I'll do my best! ^ ^

Version : 1.0
Created : 12/19/2002
Info : Covers almost all parts of the game! Just to let you know, I'm so happy cause I finally got to play this game! ^ ^ I'm just starting it so, any contributions would be most helpful! :)

  GBA Lunar Legend

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GBA Lunar Legend

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