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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (5)


HP : 750 to 800 HP.
EXP : 250 EXP.
Money : 300 S.
Items : Rin-Rin Card

This boss is no push-over. The main strategy is to use Vigor(Alex) and PowerSong for Ramus. If you still haven't learn Vigor, stick to the PowerSong. Anyway, once you have powerup all characters except Luna, use TranquilSong all the turn. If you've run out of MP, use Mental Gum you've got on the way! For Alex, keep using Sword Dance and Ramus attack physically every turn! Luna's special ability (Goddess Song)will help you a big deal!

After you have beat the creature, the owner gives the store to Ramus! You will then head back to the store. After you're out of sight, Royce appears and said something....very fishy indeed!

You'll be back in the store. By the way, if you check your money, it has been added a superb 20 000 Silver! Cool! :) But still, I don't think you should waste them! :) Anyway, Nall will ask you to go and see Mel and tell him about the adventure and how you have gotten the Diamond back!

Now, exit the shop and go to Mel's mansion. Oh yeah, you might want to heal at the Althena's statue first! ^ ^ After you have talked to Mel,(he said that you'll need to go to the Magic Guild) go and find Nash at the evil-looking tent again! When you get there, Nash will not be there! Weird....Talk to Royce and she will said that Nash is looking for you. Now, go back to the Jewelry store and Nall will spot him with Ramus. Talk to him and he offers you to go to the Magic Guild! What a coincidence! Anyway, he asks the party to move right away. But then, Ramus said something about not going with you! There, I told you not to waste money on Ramus! Anyway, you will say your goodbye and now, outside you go! :) Now, simply, go outside of the town by using the north door! You'll be in the World Map again but this time, it's a different one! ^ ^

Chapter 4 : ~ The Myth, Underground Vane ~

|World Map|

Move Nall to the Spring Of Transmission!

Spring of Transmission

Simple! Just walk south to the star portal! Nash will asks you whether you're ready or not. If you are, take the firt choice and he'll drag you to the portal. Obviously enough, the portal won't work but instead, it takes you to the Sub-Vane! Now, prepare, there are battles there!


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.14, Luna Lv.14, Nash Lv.9.
Enemies : Toadstool, BattleFly, IceDog, GunFoot, EvilMist (Boss).
Items : 500S X 3, Heal Ring, Gentle Hat.

Okay, from your point, just go northwest and touch the glimmering crystal. You'll then be on the next screen. Go south, and then try going east. You will come to a halt when Nash said that he feels some sort of strange powers. Luna will also have a bad feeling about it. Regardless, go east and Nash will spot something. It's a giant Althena's statue! Nash will say something about underground Vane to you. Now, heal yourself, (since thre's an Althena's statue here, you might want to train yourself a bit first! :) There's an enemy here called IceDog (similar to Shiro and Chiro Mogrels if you have played LSSSC) that gives you hundreds of experience points! At this stage of the game, it's a LOT of exp! Train until you think it's enough and now go back to the statue and heal! Now, go north of the statue and open the treasure chest for a 500S!

Now, go back to the statue and go west a bit, south then east all the way and touch another crystal. You'll should be in the new screen now. Now, go west and north all the way and touch another crystal there. Now, go south and east a bit and take the north path for a Lapis Lazuli. Equip it on anybody you like. Now, go south back and this time, take the east path. Now go north and you should be able to see the next crystal. But don't touch it yet! Instead, go west, north and east to find another crystal! Touch it and you should be on a screen with a chest nearby. open it for another 500 Silver! Now touch the crystal back. Backtrack to the crystal you saw before and touch it. From here, the path are straight forward. You should be able to figure it out! :)

After a while, you should be on a scren with many paths! Now, listen carefully if you don't want to get lost! Okay, first of all, from the crystal, go north and there should be a fork. Take the west path for a short cut. Or if you prefer the long way, take the west path. Both paths end at the same place anyway! ^ ^ Anyway, go north and west and open the chest for a Heal Ring! Woohoo! I equipped it on Nash but it's up to you really! ^ ^

Anyway, now, go south and follow the path until you come to another fork. Take the west path first and follow the path and go north. Take the chest for a 500 Silver. Now backtrack to the fork and heal yourself! When you're ready, go south and you'll meet something strange.....To make things worst, the thing wants your power and Luna feels sick about it! :P Anyway, Alex asks Luna to hide while he and Nash deals with the monster! What? No Luna??? I just hope you bring lots of healing items ready! Anyway, you'll enter a boss battle! ^ ^


HP : 1400 to 1500 HP.
EXP : 380 EXP.
Money : 0 S.
Items : EvilMist Card.

Okay, again, use Vigor and Sword Dance combo. Nash should do the healing when necessary and use Thor Rain if can. Otherwise, Nash should use Riot all the turn! EvilMist can be nasty as she can hit both of you hard at the same time! She even has high HP so, you'll need to pull all of your skills to beat her! If you're levels are high, it shouldn't be too much of a problem! After a while, you should be able to defeat her!!! ^ ^

After you have won, Alex will kick Luna for not helping! Jsut kidding! :P Alex will say that there should be a place to rest somewhere... Anyway, open the chest for a Gentle Hat and equip it on Nash. Now, go and touch the crystal nearby and you should be back to the Althena's Statue. Use the statue to heal and backtrack to the portal (It shouldn't take you long) and Nash will say something about Luna. Suspicious...... Anyway, try the portal this time and it should work perfectly! :)

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