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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (4)

Chapter 3 : ~ The Legendary Hell Mel ~


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.11, Luna Lv.11, Nash Lv.11, Ramus Lv.11.
Items : Bunny Suit (red chest), 2000 S(red chest), 2000S (Red Chest), Angel Tear, 3000 S (Red Chest), Mental Drop (Red Chest), Heal Drop (Red Chest), Master Book. *

Upon entering, Ramus will say that he wants to find a shop that can afford to buy the Dragon Diamond you got from Quark! He too leaves you and you're now alone with Luna and Nall. Luna asks you to go to Mel's house, one of the greatest four heroes! Alex agreed but first, explore the town! Woohoo! :)

First of all, go to the weapon shop and buy a Broad Sword for Alex! :) Now, go to the Item shop and buy some healing items if you want to. I strongly recommend buying some Holy Waters with you! :) Don't buy a new pan for Luna! Now, go outside and you could buy a new armor for Alex. Save some money though! :)

Now, go west to the Black Rose street! :) There's another weapon and armor shop here! Now, if you follow my advice of not buying Luna a new pan, you should be able to afford a Robe here! It gives her great defence! :) Anyway, now go to the weird evil-looking tent just near you. Inside, you will meet Nash and his friend, Royce! She is a fortune teller and she sure gives Nall a fright! Now, talk to Royce twice and talk to Nall twice too! :) Exit and you could try the building north of you. There's a girl in a bunny suit who will sell you cards! I can't resist the temptation so I bought bought one! ^ ^

Anyway, now that you have seen Nash, it's time to see Mel! :) Exit Black Rose Street and into the main street. head to the building just north of you,(possibly the biggest building) with a guard there telling you it's Mel's resident! :) The guard says that all people can visit Mel. So, enter the mansion and talk to the old man east of you. He will say that Mel is in his office.

Mel will introduce himself and said that he will rip your head if you do something nasty! :) Anyway, he asks you why you're here and you'll explain everything. And then, he'll challenge you! Another boss battle!


HP : ?
EXP : None.
Money : None.
Items : None.

Sorry, you can actually win this battle! Just use sword attack or the Flash Cut ability if you have it to kill him and keep on healing! Again, thanks to [email protected] for this great info! ^ ^

Upon losing OR winning :P, Mel ask you to look around. Now exit the mansion and head straight to Althena's statue and heal! :) Now go to the Jewelry shop just southwest of you. Enter the shop and talk to Ramus. He's trying to negotiate with the owner. Ramus then asks your help. Finally, the owner decided to pay 20k for the diamond. Don't agree yet! Just choose the option that lets you refuse the offer about 10 times until the owner throw in the Master Book along with it! ^ ^.(Thanks to Squall Leonhart for this great info!!!) Anyway, it turns out to be that it was a rip-off! The owner actually runs away with your diamond! The assistant then ask you to talk to Mel. Do so and Mel will tell you what to do. Return to the Jewelry shop and talk to the assistant again. She will tell you that the rooms actually is connected to a sewer and the owner always run there when needed. She'll move out of the way so you can go in! :)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv.11, Luna Lv.11, Ramus Lv.11.
Enemies : Wisp, FatSnake, Ammonite, Killfish, Rin-Rin (Boss).
Items : Mental Gum X 3, Heal Gum, Antidote X 2, 500 S X 2.

First of all, go all the way south and take the Mental Gum. Use the stairs and you'll be in the next room. Go north and pull the switch. The bridge will fall down now. Cross it and take the Antidote. Now, exit this room.

From here, go northeast and pull the switch. Don't cross the bridge yet. Now, go west a bit and north all the way to find a Heal Gum. Now, cross the bridge and take the Mental Gum. Now go all the way north and open the chest for an Antidote. Now go south and take the east path a the junction. Follow the path and open the chest for a Mental Gum. Now go north and follow the path. When you come to a junction, take the east path and go south and open the chest for a mere 500 Silver. Now take the stairs down.

From here, go east and open the chest for another 500 Silver. Now go south and follow the path all the way until you come to another junction. Take the west path and pull the switch. Now backtrack and this time, follow the path again and you'll meet the owner of the Jewelry Shop! You will try to catch him but he called his 'pet'! It's time for another boss battle!

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