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I. About This Game/Walkthrough
II. How To Contact Me
III. Legal Information
IV. Version History
V. The Characters
VI. The Controls And The Basics
VII. Intro
VIII. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
IX. Boss Guide
X. Weapons And Armors
XI. Items
XII. Accesories
XIII. Cards 1, 2
XIV. Magic And Abilities 1, 2, 3
XV. Secrets And Tips
XVI. Credits
XVII. About The Author

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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

X. Weapons and Armors

Will come soon! :)

XI. Items

Yay! This section is finally up! I don't think this is complete but at least the section is up! ^ ^ Enjoy!

Note that I created the description so please don't email me about it! Another thing would be about the accesories. I will not list them in this Items section so please wait for the accesories section to appear! ^ ^

oItem               oCost               oDescrip              

Heal Gum             10   S              Magical healing gum -
                                          Heals 30 HP of a single ally
Heal Drop            200  S              Magical healing drop -
                                          Heals 150 HP of a single ally

Mental Gum           1000 S              Mind power healing gum -
                                          Heals 30 MP of a single ally  

Mental Drop          5000 S              Mind power healing drop -
                                          Heals all MP of a single ally

Para Cleanser        60   S              Cleanser that heals paralysis 
                                         status -   
                                          Cures paralysis status of a
                                          single ally

Angel's Tear         600  S              Angel's Tear that recovers 
                                         lost soul -  
                                           Revive a single ally with 1
                                           Hit Points. 

Antidote             20   S              Strong antidote that cures 
                                         most poisons -
                                          Heals poison status.

Holy Water           100  S              Water blessed by Althena with
                                         sufficient healing powers -
                                          Heals all bad status.

Dragon Feather       100  S              Feather from a dragon with
                                         teleporting powers -
                                          Warps party back to the 
                                          beginning of a dungeon. 

XII. Accessories

Will Come Soon!

XIII. Cards (1)

Again, for this section, lots of thanks goes to Blackmon! He's the one who did this and contributed the list to me! Thank you Blackmon! ^ ^

Card Guide

Card hunting was fun, but was very frustrating and needs a lot of patience. There are total of 175 cards in the game. Some cards are very difficult to get due to a very low appearance rate. Some are very rare cards that never show up again if you forget to take them. However, I don't know what will you get after getting them in full set. So, Happy Hunting ^-^

Character cards: Most of these cards are obtainable in the card shop in Meribia. However, some cards are only obtainable later in the game and when you defeated the final boss. It is better to obtain them after you defeated the final boss, but you need to bring a lot of money because they were randomly appeared.

No. 0 Alex 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 1 Alex 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 2 Alex 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 3 Alex 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 4 D. Alex 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 5 D. Alex 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 6 D. Alex 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 7 D. Alex 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 8 Luna 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 9 Luna 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 10 Luna 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 11 Luna 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 12 Nash 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 13 Nash 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 14 Nash 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 15 Hi-Nash- trade card no. 157 to a trader guy. There are two places where you can obtain this card. (Spring- deep in forbidden forest after the quest in Ruid.) (Meribia- near the ship dock after the quest in Grindery.)
No. 16 Mia 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 17 Mia 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 18 Mia 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 19 Mia 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 20 Jess 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 21 Jess 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 22 Jess 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 23 Jess 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 24 Kyle 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 25 Kyle 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 26 Kyle 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 27 Kyle 4- card shop (Meribia)
No. 28 Tempest- card shop (Meribia)
No. 29 Fresca- card shop (Meribia)
No. 30 Ramus 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 31 Ramus 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 32 Ghaleon 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 33 Ghaleon 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 34 Ghaleon 3- card shop (Meribia)
No. 35 MEmperor- card shop (Meribia)
No. 36 Laike 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 37 Laike 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 38 Nall 1- card shop (Meribia)
No. 39 Nall 2- card shop (Meribia)
No. 40 Mel- card shop (Meribia)
No. 41 Xenobia- trade card no. 154 to a trader guy (Spring- south of Meryod Woods)
No. 42 Phacia- trade card no. 152 to a trader guy (Spring- south of Meryod Woods)
No. 43 Royce- trade card no. 153 to a trader guy (Spring- south of Meryod Woods)
No. 44 Myght- card shop (Meribia)
No. 45 Taben- card shop (Meribia)
No. 46 ME Ghal.- trade card no. 158 to a trader guy (Meribia- near the ship dock after the quest in Grindery)
No. 47 Evil Alt.- trade card no. 159 to a trader guy (Meribia- near the ship dock after the quest in Grindery)
No. 48 4 Dyne- card shop (Meribia)
No. 49 4 Ghaleon- card shop (Meribia)
No. 50 4 Lemia- card shop (Meribia)
No. 51 4 Mel- card shop (Meribia)
No. 52 Althena- card shop (Meribia)
No. 53 Barrel- Get it from a chest (Protector cave- secret) (Note: After you finished the quest in the Black Dragon Fort, talk to the bartender in Reza to unlock a secret place in the world map)
No. 54 D. Grave- there is a secret sewer inside of some small houses near the ship dock. (Meribia- only obtainable after the quest in Grindery)

Dragon cards: These cards are very tricky to find except card no. 55. Please note that you have only one chance of getting them through the entire game. The first thing you need to do is to talk to the people in Saith (Do this when Ghaleon is in your party). Someone will tell you that there is an old house west of Saith. Exit Saith and you have now unlock a new place in your map (Old Hags house). If you couldn't get these cards, I think you need to finish the game once. Then start a new game because that's what I did.

No. 55 Nall- Get if from a chest (Goddess Tower)
No. 56 Quark- Only obtainable from an old lady in Old Hags house after Quark was captured or after Kyle joined your party. (Note: You need to get permission from the guy in Saith, who you've spoken to about the old house)
No. 57 Amelia- Get it from the old lady in Old Hags house, but only obtainable after the quest in Red Dragon cave.
No. 58 Cyan- Get it from the Old lady in Old Hags house, but only obtainable after the quest in Blue Dragon Shrine.
No. 59 Rubeus- Get it from the Old lady in Old Hags house, but only obtainable after the quest in Black Dragon Fort.

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