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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

VIII. Walkthrough (10)


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 20, Nash Lv. 19, Mia Lv. 19, Jessica Lv.19, Kyle Lv. 20.
Items : Mental Drop (Red Chest), Flame Hammer (Red Chest), Heal Drop.

From here, just follow the south path and go north when you can and east all the way and open the chest for a Heal Drop! Now go north all the way and remember the location of the two red chests! Now, backtrack to the south path and go south all the way and you'll be on the World Map again!!!

Chapter 10 : ~ The Thievery Village, Reza! ~

|World Map|

Move Nall to Reza! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 20, Nash Lv. 19, Mia Lv. 20, Jessica Lv.19, Kyle Lv. 20.
Items: Dragon Feather, 10 000S(Red Chest),2000S(Red Chest), Empty (Red Chest), Mental Drop, Angel Tear, Heal Drop.

Upon entering, a guy will bump into you and then 'disappear'! What I meant is run. ^ ^' Anyway, Kyle will notice something wrong! The DragonWings is gone! The man must have stole them! Oh yeah, Kyle then explained that Reza is the Town Of Thieves! Well, he is too late for that all right! Anyway, heal at the statue and enter the house just left of you.

In there, there's a red chest just up the staircase near you. Remember it and enter the door near the staircase. Follow the path, into the basement and open the chest for a Dragon Feather! ^ ^ Now, follow the path again and you'll see another red chest eventually. Up the stairs, there's another red chest! Wow, this town is full of red chests! I think you could guess what this means right? I won't spoil it to you! ^ ^ Anyway, exit the house and this time, enter the armor and weapon and buy some new armors and weapons for your party! ^ ^ Now exit, and go west. You should be able to see a Blue Chest! So, how the heck are you going to get there? Easy! just go south a bit and walk through! There's actually a path there but blocked by the house! Open the chest for a Mental Drop!

Now enter the house north of you for another red chest! :) Exit and this time, enter the building just north of you which is the restaurant! ^ ^ Now, Nall will spot 'Uncle' Laike and what are you waiting for? Talk to him! Now, after you've finished talking, talk to the man near him and he will tell that your goods can only be returned if you're a member of the Thieves Guild. In order to join, you must first go to Meryod! It's pretty far from here..... Anyway, exit and, to the World Map! ^ ^

|World Map|

Move Nall to Meryod Woods! Oh yeah, you can also go to the Spring here! Skip the next paragraph if you want to go straight to the woods! ^ ^


Items : Aquamarine (Red Chest), Dream Knuckles (Red Chest).

Here, talk to the man there and he'll introduce himself as a card trader and the brother of Peddler Mack! He will trade you cards! He has some rare cards wit him so you might want to trade with him here when you've got the chance to! ^ ^ He'll trade a Xenobia card for a Gorgon card, Phacia for a HellSlug card, and Royce for a NoBrainer card! At this point, I don't think you have this card yet so, don't worry and to the woods you go! ^ ^

Meryod Woods

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 20, Nash Lv. 19, Mia Lv. 20, Jessica Lv.19, Kyle Lv. 20.
Enemies : Gorgon, Bad Buzz, Hell Slug, NoBrainer.
Items : 2000 S X 2, Lucky Bandana, Scarab Wing, Femme Tiara.

Hey, this place look like the Weird Woods! Anyway, from your starting point, go east first, follow the path and open the chest for a 2000 Silver. Now, go north, and follow the path all the way and open the chest for a Lucky Bandana! Equip it on Nash and backtrack all the way to the starting point. Now, go west and open the chest for a Scarab Wing. Equip it on anyone you like but I suggest you equip it on Kyle.

Now, from here, go west all the way and open the chest for another 2000 Silver! From here, go north, and east. Now, go north a bit and open the blocked chest for a Femme Tiara. Equip it on Mia right away! ^ ^ From here, simply go north and, guess! You'll be back to the World Map! ^ ^

|World Map|

Move Nall to Meryod! Note that now you have passed the woods, you cannot access the Spring and Reza anymore! Guess you'll have to wait to trade the cards later! ^ ^


My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 21, Nash Lv. 20, Mia Lv. 21, Jessica Lv.21, Kyle Lv. 21.
Items : Damon's Memo (Kyle).

Upon entering, Kyle will ask you to search for the test maker. He'll then leave you saying that he has his own idea. You'll regain control back so, heal at the statue first! Now, explore the town!!! ^ ^

First of all, go south, follow the bridge and enter the boat. Talk to the man there, and he will say that the maker of the test has been hanging in the restaurant for a while now. Now, exit and go back to the statue. Now, take the bridge near the statue and go to the item shop and buy some new items. Now, exit, go north and into the restaurant. You'll find Kyle there, drunk again! Anyway, he'll give you Damon's Memo. You'll now need to go to Damon's Spire, south of Meryod Woods! Now, exit and to the World Map again! ^ ^

|World Map|

Move Nall to Weird Woods again! :)

Weird Woods

My Party's Level : Alex Lv. 21, Nash Lv. 20, Mia Lv. 21, Jessica Lv.21, Kyle Lv. 21.

Bactrack all the way and go outside, and to the World Map. :)

|World Map|

Now, you can access Damon's Spire! Move Nall to the spire now! ^ ^ Oh yeah, you might want to trade the cards first just like I did! ^ ^

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