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Lunar Legend FAQ/Walkthrough

By Squirtle15

XIII. Cards (2)

Enemy cards: These cards are very frustrating and needs a lot of patience especially when you forgot to level up. Some cards are obtainable easily but some cards aren't. However, you can get these cards easily when you have the item "Card Hunter" from the old hag's house or the item "Card Hunter S" from the Protector cave. You just equip it from a character and fight the monster you want to get the card. Please note that some areas may not be accessible anymore later in game.

No. 60 Burgdog- defeat Burgdog (Weird woods)
No. 61 Deathcap- defeat Deathcap (Weird woods)
No. 62 Pirate 1- defeat Pirate 1 (Hispaniola)
No. 63 Pirate 2- defeat Pirate 2 (Hispaniola)
No. 64 Flytrap- defeat Flytrap (Weird woods)
No. 65 Ammonite- defeat Ammonite (Sewer- Meribia)
No. 66 Fatsnake- defeat Fatsnake (Sewer- Meribia)
No. 67 KillFish- defeat Killfish (Sewer- Meribia)
No. 68 Wisp- defeat Wisp (Sewer- Meribia)
No. 69 Todstool- defeat Todstool (Subvane)
No. 70 Gunfoot- defeat Gunfoot (Subvane)
No. 71 Icedog- defeat Icedog (Subvane)
No. 72 Batlefly- defeat Batlefly (Subvane)
No. 73 Dethmoth- defeat Dethmoth (Nanza mountain)
No. 74 Wildboar- defeat Wildboar (Nanza mountain)
No. 75 Earthel- defeat Earthel (Nanza mountain)
No. 76 Antlion- defeat Antlion (Nanza mountain)
No. 77 Pudgyboa- defeat Pudgyboa (Lann Island)
No. 78 The deep- defeat The deep (Lann Island)
No. 79 Cyclops- defeat Cyclops (Lann Island)
No. 80 Piranha- defeat Piranha (Lann Island)
No. 81 C. Mirror- defeat C. Mirror (Crystal Tower)
No. 82 Meteor- defeat Meteor (Crystal Tower)
No. 83 C. knight- defeat C. knight (Crystal Tower)
No. 84 Flymet- defeat Flymet (Crystal Tower)
No. 85 Rook- defeat Rook (Meribia- during invasion)
No. 86 Gargoyle- defeat Gargoyle (Meribia- during invasion)
No. 87 Necroman- defeat Necroman (Meribia- during invasion)
No. 88 Darklord- defeat Darklord (Meribia- during invasion)
No. 89 Battlebat- defeat Battlebat (Damon spire)
No. 90 Homunc- defeat Homunc (Damon spire)
No. 91 Kyklops- defeat Kyklops (Damon spire)
No. 92 Gigant- defeat Gigant (Damon spire)
No. 93 Flufball- defeat Flufball (Iluk field)
No. 94 Puffball- defeat Puffball (Iluk field)
No. 95 Maneater- defeat Maneater (Iluk field)
No. 96 Devilfly- defeat Devilfly (Iluk field)
No. 97 Blob- defeat Blob (Red dragon cave)
No. 98 Burner- defeat Burner (Red dragon cave)
No. 99 Firel- defeat Firel (Red dragon cave)
No. 100 Scorpion- defeat Scorpion (Red dragon cave)
No. 101 Mindblow- defeat Mindblow (Lyton cave)
No. 102 Sparkeye- defeat Spark eye (Lyton cave)
No. 103 Giga ant- defeat Giga ant (Lyton cave)
No. 104 Merlance- defeat Merlance (Blue dragon shrine)
No. 105 Spikerat- defeat Spike rat (Blue dragon shrine)
No. 106 Waterel- defeat Waterel (Blue dragon shrine)
No. 107 Slime- defeat Slime (Blue dragon shrine)
No. 108 Dryad- defeat Dryad (Tamur pass)
No. 109 Icepump- defeat Ice pump (Tamur pass)
No. 110 Swarmer- defeat Swarmer (Tamur pass)
No. 111 Shrieker- defeat Shrieker (Tamur pass)
No. 112 IronMan- defeat IronMan (Tamur pass)
No. 113 Sorcerer- defeat Sorcerer (Tamur pass)
No. 114 Zane- win the battle with Zane (Tamur pass)
No. 115 Magichat- defeat Magichat (Myght tower)
No. 116 Spector- defeat Spector (Myght Tower)
No. 117 Mechstar- defeat Mechstar (Myght Tower)
No. 118 M. Mirror- defeat M. Mirror (Myght Tower)
No. 119 Shroom- defeat Shroom (Forest of Illusion)
No. 120 Ambush- defeat Ambush (Forest of Illusion)
No. 121 Yeti- defeat Yeti (Forest of Illusion)
No. 122 Inceptor- defeat Inceptor (Forest of Illusion)
No. 123 Torment- defeat Torment (Black dragon Fort)
No. 124 Coronast- defeat Coronast (Black dragon Fort)
No. 125 Chaos- defeat Chaos (Black dragon Fort)
No. 126 Goth- defeat Goth (Black dragon Fort)
No. 127 Piper- win the battle with Piper (Cystal Tower)
No. 128 Zotto- win the battle with Zotto (Nanza)
No. 129 Mechtank- defeat Mechtank (Talon mine)
No. 130 Stalker- defeat Stalker (Talon mine)
No. 131 Sergeant- defeat Sergeant (Talon mine)
No. 132 Roc biter- defeat Roc biter (Talon mine)
No. 133 Driller- defeat Driller (Ruid)
No. 134 Wyndham- defeat Wyndham (Ruid)
No. 135 Baiken- defeat Baiken (Ruid)
No. 136 D. Mirror- defeat D. Mirror (Ruid)
No. 137 Ur Golem- defeat Ur Golem (Grindery lower floor)
No. 138 Plankton- defeat Plankton (Grindery lower floor)
No. 139 Disarmer- defeat Disarmer (Grindery lower floor)
No. 140 Elemage- defeat Elemage (Grindery lower floor)
No. 141 Arrofish - defeat Arrofish (Grindery upper floor, Meribia- secret sewer)
No. 142 Killfang- defeat Killfang (Grindery upper floor, Meribia- secret sewer)
No. 143 Archmage- defeat Archmage (Grindery upper floor, Meribia- secret sewer)
No. 144 Bomangel- defeat Bomangel (Grindery upper floor, Meribia- secret sewer)
No. 145 Gigadeth- defeat Gigadeth (Althena City)
No. 146 Pikuni- defeat Pikuni (Althena City)
No. 147 Gudeth- defeat Gudeth (Althena City)
No. 148 Rig Horn- defeat Rig Horn (Goddess Tower)
No. 149 Crusher- defeat Crusher (Goddess Tower)
No. 150 Asmodeus- defeat Amadeus (Goddess Tower)
No. 151 Bomdevil- defeat Bomdevil (Goddess Tower)
No. 152 Hellslug- defeat Hellslug (Meryod woods)
No. 153 No brainer- defeat No brainer (Meryod woods)
No. 154 Gorgon- defeat Gorgon (Meryod woods)
No. 155 Badbazz- defeat Bad buzz (Meryod woods)
No. 156 Ampshire- defeat Ampshire (Forbidden forest, Protector cave)
No. 157 Hot foot- defeat Hot foot (Forbidden forest, Protector cave)
No. 158 Vor Boar- defeat Vor Boar (Forbidden forest, Protector cave)
No. 159 Nautilus- defeat Nautilus (Forbidden forest, Protector cave)

Boss Cards: These cards are automatically obtained except card no. 174. Please note that you have only one chance of getting them through the entire game. Some cards are obtained easily but some aren't.

No. 160 Captain- win the battle with Captain.
No. 161 Rin-rin- win the battle with Rin- rin.
No. 162 Mel- win the battle with Mel.
No. 163 Evil mist- win the battle with Evil mist.
No. 164 Frogzard- win the battle with Frogzard.
No. 165 Grandoom- win the battle with Grandoom.
No. 166 Bronzdog- win the battle with Bronzdog.
No. 167 Tempest- win the battle with Tempest.
No. 168 Rubeus- win the battle with Rubeus.
No. 169 Taben- win the battle with Taben.
No. 170 M Emperor- win the battle with M Emperor.
No. 171 Royce- win the battle with Royce.
No. 172 Xenobia- win the battle with Xenobia.
No. 173 Ghaleon- win the battle with Ghaleon.
No. 174 Guardian- win the battle with Guardian (Protector cave- secret)

(Note: When you finished the quest in Black dragon fort, talk to the bartender in Reza to unlock a secret place in the world map) No. 175 Blaclamp- win the battle with Blaclamp.

That's all I guess! Thanks Blackmon!!! ^ ^

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