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1. Preface
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Controls
1.3. Special Moves
1.4. Game Physics and Structure
2. Walkthrough
2.1. Story
2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.3. Part 2: "Old Friends" 1, 2
2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2.5. Cleanup 1, 2, 3
2.6. Ending(s)
3. Archives
3.1. Powerups 1, 2
3.2. Easter Egg
3.3. 1% Challenge
3.4. Speed Runs (with and without 100%)
3.5. Bosses 1, 2
3.6. FAQ
3.7. Version History
3.8. Legal Stuff

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Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Phediuk

2. Walkthrough

2.1. Story

Directly from the instruction booklet...


In cosmic year 20X5, a Galactic Federation exploration vessel discovered an unknown organism on SR388. The hovering creature was a Metroid, an entity that exhibited frightening parasitic, energy-absorbing properties.

Some time later, gifted bounty hunter Samus Aran was dispatched alone to engage the Zebesian Space Pirates who abducted the Metroid specimen for use as a weapon. On Zebes, Samus also encountered the biomechanical Mother Brain, leader of the Space Pirates, and dispatched her in a bitter fight. From then on, Metroids were viewed as a highly dangerous life form.

Eventually, Samus Aran was sent to SR388 to exterminate the last remaining Metroids-but only after an entire Federation platoon was wiped out in an earlier attempt.

At the end of her battle on SR388, one Metroid hatchling was born before Samus's eyes and it imprinted upon her as a mother figure. Samus took this larval Metroid, the last in the universe, to the Galactic Space Academy for observation and research.

This research revealed several possible applications of Metroid-based technology for the betterment of humanity. The unique energy-absorption properties of Metroids could be harnessed when they were artificially reproduced in captivity.

Just when it seemed as if peace might prevail in the galaxy, Space Pirates returned for the Metroid hatchling and took it back to Zebes.

Samus followed the Pirates back to Zebes and fought to exterminate their threat and save the last Metroid.

In the final battle with Mother Brain, the hatchling saved Samus, giving up its life in the process. Samus succeeded in defeating Mother Brain, but the universe lost the promise of using Metroids for the power of good."

And now, for the current storyline...


SR388. A vile planet, former home of the Metroids. After so many years, the remaining creatures on this planet still seemed to be trying to recreate a natural hierarchy, one without Metroids at the top.

Biologic Space Labs was hired by the Federation to observe this restructuring of the ecosystem. And because of my experience of SR388, the Federation governor for this sector hired me to provide field assistance on the planet. So, once again I found myself drawn to that forsaken rock.

The biological sample collection was going smoothly on the planet's surface when I came into contact with an organism I had never before encountered.

The organism was an undiscovered, unnamed parasitic life form, which the researchers later called "X." Thinking little of it at the time, I boarded a ship and set out for the next collection point. Suddenly I felt my entire body seize up, and I lost consciousness. The ship began to drift away from planetary orbit toward an asteroid belt.

Thankfully, an auto-escape pod jettisoned me from the craft before the ship was destroyed. The researchers in the newly-constructed research station orbiting SR388 sent a shuttle to recover the pod shortly thereafter. However, in my time since the infection, the X had multiplied rapidly in my body and had even infected my Power Suit.

My heart rate and blood pressure dropped rapidly as I fell into a deep coma. The Onboard Medic Simulation predicted only a 0.873% prognosis for survival. I was transported to Galactic Federation HQ for emergency medical treatment.

The fact that the Power Suit contained biological components and was also integrally connected to my body seemed to worsen the matter. The Federation surgeons were unable to remove the suit while I was unconscious. Their only choice was to cut and remove parts of the infected suit from my still-unconscious form; immediately after, they sent the suit parts to Biologic Space Labs research station for study.

Even with the parts removed, however, the X infection was spreading rapidly through my nervous system, and the researchers monitoring my deterioration knew of no cure...

Someone proposed a desperate treatment: create a vaccine from Metroid cells. Apparently the Federation had preserved a cell culture from the last Metroid. The scientists quickly prepared and administered the vaccine. The symptoms of the infection disappeared insantly, and all of the X parasites within me died in moments. I am still amazed by the serendipity of this result...

When I awoke, the scientists told me that the hatchling had saved me once again.

Almost immediately after I awoke, we received a distress call from from the research station.

"Emergency! Explosion of unknown origin in the Quarantine Bay!"

The screams from the com receiver were loud enough for me to hear even from the infirmary. I knew that something terrible was about to was already happening. I immediately boarded the ship the Federation had provided me and sent a reply message:

"Docking with Biologic Space Labs in 10 minutes. Prepare the landing bay!""

Remember, the above is NINTENDO'S story, not mine. Now we can finally get on with the walkthrough...

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