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1. Preface
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Controls
1.3. Special Moves
1.4. Game Physics and Structure
2. Walkthrough
2.1. Story
2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.3. Part 2: "Old Friends" 1, 2
2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2.5. Cleanup 1, 2, 3
2.6. Ending(s)
3. Archives
3.1. Powerups 1, 2
3.2. Easter Egg
3.3. 1% Challenge
3.4. Speed Runs (with and without 100%)
3.5. Bosses 1, 2
3.6. FAQ
3.7. Version History
3.8. Legal Stuff

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Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Phediuk

3. Archives

3.6. F A Q

Q: How many missions are in the game?
A: Seventeen.

Q: Help! I'm stuck in a room in Sector 2! There's towers on either side of me that I can't get around! Am I screwed?
A: Nope. Lay a bomb two spaces to the left of the tower on the right, and a metal pillar will rise up. Use that to continue out of this room.

Q: Help! I'm stuck in Sector 4 after beating Nightmare! I released Level 4 locks, but now I can't get back through that wall of Speed Booster blocks! AUUUGH!
A: It IS possible to get through those Speed Booster blocks, but all you get for it is a cheesy secret message. Instead, just look at your map. Continue into the other grey areas on it.

Q: Where is the item required for the 1% Challenge?
A: It's in Sector 3, during Mission 5. It's in the room where you have to in morph ball form, bomb the upper block and make your way to the top right door. There is absolutely no way around the Missile Tank there.

Q: Okay, so I've beaten the game and want to try and get 100%. Whenever I enter the file that I beat the game with, it asks me if I want to Continue or Start Over! If I wanted to start over, wouldn't it be just as easy to select 'Delete a File'?
A: Actually, there are some pretty nifty benefits for selecting Start Over from a completed game.
1. After Mission 16, you're free to go ANYWHERE in the station, no locked hatches will block your path.
2. At any time, when looking at your map, you can also see your current play time, and your number of Energy, Missile, and Power Bomb Tanks.
3. Whenever you get all the Energy, Missile, or Power Bomb Tanks in an area and look at your map, a little Energy/Missile/Power Bomb icon will be at the top with a little check mark beside it. The best bonus, in my opinion.

Q: Where can I contact you?
A: My e-mail is [email protected] My AIM is PhediukTheBlaarg. Pick your poison.

Q: What IS the point of that conversation between Adam and the Federation guy?
A: I wish you could tell me. In all my times through the game, I still haven't figured out what the hell they're talking about.

Q: Why does the sound suck so much?
A: Because of the POS GBA speaker. Wear headphones, always.

Q: Why does the Headphone option in the menu make the game so quiet?
A: Because it's switching the sound from mono to stereo. When it's mono, the exact same sounds are pumped through both speakers. But with stereo, you have different sounds coming through the speakers, and for this reason, since you're hearing most sounds with only one ear, it effectively makes the game half as loud.

3.7. Version Historyv

Ver. 1.0
Completed every section that was originally planned.

3.8. Legal Stuff

Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright (c)2003 Cameron Fediuk

Feel free to use this walkthrough for personal use or on the Internet. However, if you wish to post this document for public view, I, Cameron Fediuk, must be given proper credit. Additionally, this document may not be altered, changed, or rewritten in any way. Otherwise, this walkthrough is free for use.

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