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1. Preface
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Controls
1.3. Special Moves
1.4. Game Physics and Structure
2. Walkthrough
2.1. Story
2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.3. Part 2: "Old Friends" 1, 2
2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2.5. Cleanup 1, 2, 3
2.6. Ending(s)
3. Archives
3.1. Powerups 1, 2
3.2. Easter Egg
3.3. 1% Challenge
3.4. Speed Runs (with and without 100%)
3.5. Bosses 1, 2
3.6. FAQ
3.7. Version History
3.8. Legal Stuff

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Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Phediuk

1. Preface

1.3. Special Moves

Pseudo Screw Attack:

After acquiring the Charge Beam, you can do this move. Fully charge up a shot, then spin jump into an enemy. You'll do an amount of damage to it equivalent to the power of the charged shot. If you could normally kill the enemy with the charged shot, you'll spin right through it. Samus will take damage if she could not normally kill the enemy with a single charged shot. After hitting the enemy, you'll lose the charge. This move is helpful during speed runs.

Wall Jump:

If you watch the demo at the title screen long enough, it'll show you this move. Super Metroid vets will remember this; jump at a wall, and as soon as you hit it, press in the opposite direction and press A, and Samus will kick off of it. It's possible to link together Wall Jumps if you do it up a narrow passage. Unfortunately, it's not possible to Wall Jump up one wall, as you could in Super Metroid, making this move next to useless.


After acquiring the Speed Booster, you can perform this somewhat cool move. Run until the boost activates, then press down on the D-pad. Samus will crouch and hold the Speed Boost. Now, if you stand still and press A (before the boost deactivates after a few seconds), Samus will lightly jump into the air, at which time you must immediately press in one of five directions: right, up- right, up, up-left, or left. Samus will zoom across the screen at an alarming rate in the specified direction, allowing you to access some pretty nifty secret passages. To make the move even more complex, if you Shinespark into a sloped area, Samus will break into a Speed Boost, thus allowing you to duck, get another 5 seconds of boost, and perform another Shinespark. This move is never required in the main game, but you will need it to access some tanks if you want 100%. It's also required to get that bloody secret message (see 'Easter Egg' in the Archives.)

Well, that's pretty much it for special moves, unless I missed something painfully obvious.

1.4. Game Physics and Structure

Metroid Fusion is a somewhat linear game, and is thus divided up into several 'levels', which I will refer to as 'Missions.' Every time you go to a Navigation Room and talk to Adam, Samus' ship's computer, he will give you a new objective. After completing this objective, you will have completed the mission (there are a few exceptions to this.)

So by my count, there are seventeen missions in the game. After completing a mission, you will have to backtrack to a Navigation room to get a new one. However, many times the route you came through the last time will be blocked off, forcing you to find another way back. I will refer to these as 'Intermissions.'

The game, along with being divided into missions, is also divided into seven areas. These are...

Main Deck
Sector 1, SR(-388)X
Sector 2, TRO(pical)
Sector 3, PYR(o)
Sector 4, AQ(u)A
Sector 5, ARC(tic)
Sector 6, NOC(turnal)

I added in the parts in brackets, because that's what they stand, as you can see, you have your traditional 'hub', rocky, jungle, fire, water, ice, and dark areas. Pretty generic, if you ask me. Luckily, the areas don't rely on area-specific gimmicks a whole lot.

That's pretty much all there is to the game layout. Now, without any further adieu, onto the walkthrough!

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