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1. Preface
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Controls
1.3. Special Moves
1.4. Game Physics and Structure
2. Walkthrough
2.1. Story
2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.3. Part 2: "Old Friends" 1, 2
2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2.5. Cleanup 1, 2, 3
2.6. Ending(s)
3. Archives
3.1. Powerups 1, 2
3.2. Easter Egg
3.3. 1% Challenge
3.4. Speed Runs (with and without 100%)
3.5. Bosses 1, 2
3.6. FAQ
3.7. Version History
3.8. Legal Stuff

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Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Phediuk

2. Walkthrough

2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown " (2)

Main Deck

To Sector 5, quick!

Sector 5, ARC(tic)

Into the Navigation room...


STORYLINE: Sector 5 has been annihilated by the creature BSL researchers knew as 'Nightmare.' It is normally not this destructive, so we can safely assume it's now an X host...we have to kill it right away!

Once your briefing's finished, head into the first vertical shaft and go through the bottom right. Go through the right door in here. Wow, look at all the damage that's been done in here...Space Jump to the top of the room. Open the door on the top left, but don't go in. Instead, run all the way to the right and kill the blue enemies, and when you reach the right wall, run back to the left and as soon as the speed boost starts, duck to hold the boost, then do a Shinespark through the open door on the left. You'll crash through a wall of Speed Booster blocks, allowing you to grab the ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (8/32, 26) in here. Go back to the big room and drop all the way down, then go through the door on the bottom right. In this big room, go through the top right door (it's been destroyed, so just walk through the hole instead.) In the one-screen room, lay a Power Bomb and jump up through the hole you create. Go through the door on the right. Run through the 5-3 airlock.

Sector 3, PYR(o)

Simply lay a Power Bomb in the airlock, grab the ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (9/32, 28) and go back to Sector 5.

Sector 5, ARC(tic)

Go through the door on the left of the airlock, and once you enter the previous room, lay a Power Bomb and jump up through the hole in the right side of the ceiling that appears. Shoot the lamp to open the gate, kill the Pirates, and shoot through some blocks in the left side of the bridge above you. Jump up and kill the Pirate, then shoot through some more blocks in the right side of the ceiling, jump up, and shoot the lamp. Drop back down, jump up through the left side of the ceiling, hit the lamp, and lay a Power Bomb. Roll through and grab the ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (10/32, 30.) Now, drop back down to the bottom and go into the bottom right exit. Go through the top right door of the Data Room. Proceed to the far right door in this corridor, but know that the enemies on the ceiling can only be killed with three Missile shots. Once you reach the vertical shaft, shoot the blocks in the center of the room to break them away, then drop through the Crumble Blocks all the way to the bottom of the shaft. Kill the Pirate, then freeze the fish and use them as platforms to climb back up the shaft. Shoot the block directly parallel on the left wall to the hole in the right wall with a Missile, then roll through to the left once you break it open. In this room, jump up onto the platform and hold Left. Every time you fall through a Crumble Block, press A to get back up, keep going to the left, drop through another Crumble Block, and once you get up, jump through a false block two spaces to the right of the left wall. Now, do what you did on the lower level, jus this time keep holding right and eventually you'll reach the ***ENERGY TANK*** (13/20) in the room. Go back to the vertical shaft and through the bottom right door. In this next room, kill the Pirates and go through the top left door. In the shaft, proceed to the top right door and go through. Kill the enemies on the ceiling with Missiles, then shoot at the blocks in their place. Jump up to the next level and go through the wrecked door to the left. Lay a Power Bomb in here to cleanse the room of enemies, and more importantly, reveal a ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (11/32, 32) that you can collect. Go back out the wrecked door and through the top right of the previous room to save, then lay a Power Bomb just outside of the Save Room door. Roll through the secret passage, and jump up (in ball form) through a false wall near the top left door (and near the end of the passage) and lay a bomb at the end of the tunnel. You'll reveal another ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (12/32, 34.) Now you can go through the top left door to access a Recharge room. Go back into the large room and through the middle right door. Continue to the top of this room and destroy the Boss Door. Go through, and in the next room, jump up against the wall next to the Morph Ball tunnel and lay a bomb, and you'll open up a secret tunnel that drops down to the ***ENERGY TANK*** (14/20) in the room. Now just roll to the left and drop down...


This is without a doubt the hardest battle in the game, but with 13 Energy Tanks, you shouldn't have any problems beating this guy.

When the battle begins, Nightmare will simply shoot easily-jumped lasers at you. It will move in synch with Samus, so jump up to make Nightmare go up, then shoot charged shots up at the orb on its bottom. Once you hit it with a charged shot, run back to the left and repeat the process.

After only a few hits, Nightmare will activate its orb, which has the ability to manipulate gravity. Now it'll seem like you're underwater due to the way Samus moves. The orb will automatically repel any Missiles you fire at it, so hold the L button and shoot charged shots diagonally at the orb. The lasers that Nightmare shoots are still pretty easy to evade. After about eight shots or so, Nightmare looks like it's finished, but it's not, so don't be fooled...

You'll know you've moved on to Nightmare's third phase when it backs off to the right of the room and the gravity returns to normal. Its orb will be destroyed and its faceplate will be blown off. As soon as this happens, grab onto the rungs on the left wall and rapidly fire Missiles into Nightmare's face as it slowly hovers towards you. Don't bother trying to get out of the way when Nightmare gets close, as the battle is much faster if you're 100% offensive and 0% defensive. Once Nightmare reaches the left wall, it'll fly around the room, trying to hit you. Don't mind if it hits you, as you have 13 Energy Tanks to waste. Once it goes back to the right side of the room and slowly hovers to the left again, jump onto the rungs and fire another volley into Nightmare's face. If you're fast enough, two volleys of Missiles SHOULD be enough to wipe him out, at which point you can break the shell of the Core-X with six more Missiles and recover the ***GRAVITY SUIT***. This suit looks MUCH better than that disgusting Varia Suit...


Before you go out of this room, open up the door to the left, then back up to the right end of the room. Break into a speed boost through the left door. You'll boost in the nick of time through some Speed Booster blocks. Go back to the Save Room near Nightmare's room and save. Now, from the Save Room, go out the left door, then the bottom left door of the big room, then the bottom right door of the shaft. Go to the bottom right corner of this room (it's fully submerged in water and has Space Pirates in it) and break into a speed boost into the far right door. Immediately after breaking through two walls of Speed Booster blocks, crouch to hold the boost. Now, do a Shinespark up between the two walls of blocks you broke through. Grab the ***POWER BOMB TANK*** (13/32, 36) sitting to the left. Walk a bit farther to the left and you'll drop through some Crumble Blocks. Once you land, break into a speed boost into Sector 4...

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