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1. Preface
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Controls
1.3. Special Moves
1.4. Game Physics and Structure
2. Walkthrough
2.1. Story
2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.3. Part 2: "Old Friends" 1, 2
2.4. Part 3: "The Showdown" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2.5. Cleanup 1, 2, 3
2.6. Ending(s)
3. Archives
3.1. Powerups 1, 2
3.2. Easter Egg
3.3. 1% Challenge
3.4. Speed Runs (with and without 100%)
3.5. Bosses 1, 2
3.6. FAQ
3.7. Version History
3.8. Legal Stuff

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Metroid Fusion FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Phediuk

2. Walkthrough

2.2. Part 1: "The Investigation" (6)

"The Blue X"

STORYLINE: So, we just need to get to the Data Room at the bottom of the map. But there's a catch: blue X have escaped Sector 5 and have come here; touch one and you'll take 75+ damage!

There's your standard Save and Recharge rooms here, as usual. Now, once you reach the first main room, continue to the bottom right. Drop to the bottom in the next room, in front of the purple pillar. Go into ball form, jump up and lay a bomb between the two 'rocks' on the wall. A secret passage will open up. Roll through and grab the ***MISSILE TANK*** (25/48, 135.) Now, go back to the large room and continue to the bottom right. Do the same thing that you did on the left side of the room; jump up in ball form and bomb between the two 'rocks', then roll through. In this room, jump in ball form against the right wall and lay a bomb two spaces from the top of the room. A passage will open up. Now, roll through and lay another bomb at the end of the passage and drop down to collect the ***ENERGY TANK*** (7/20.)Now get out of here and back into the large room, and go through the top right door. In the next room, you'll encounter your first blue X. Use your beam to stun it, then run to the door. In the next room (a vertical shaft), ignore the doors on either side and continue to the bottom right. Go through the door, obviously. In this next room, there are three large breakable blocks. The bottom one has a blue X under it, so shoot the middle or top ones, or both. Drop down, and as you do, rapidly tap B and hug the left wall. You should grab onto a ledge instantly after your beam breaks it open. If you miss the ledge, take the long way around, but make sure to avoid the two blue X waiting for you. Whatever the case, you have to take the bottom left door out of here. In the next room, break into a speed boost (if you keep running, the blue X won't get you.) You'll break through a wall of Speed Booster blocks on the left side of the room. Now drop down, and go through the bottom right door and a room filled with enemies (easily killed) to save your game. Then continue through the bottom left door of the room. In the next shaft, grab the ***ENERGY TANK*** (8/20) sitting out in the open, then bomb the space right behind where the tank was. A secret passage will be revealed. Continue to the bottom right door. In this corridor, morph into a ball and lay a bomb against the right wall. A block will break away, allowing you to drop down into the narrow passage. Roll all the way to the left side of the room and...THE SA-X WILL APPEAR! OH NO! Although, seriously, avoiding it is as easy as pie: just stay in that corner until the music, footsteps and heartbeat all fade. Then go out the bottom left door. This room appears to be a dead end, but a single shot to the bottom block of the left wall will break it open. Continue through to the vertical shaft, where you can go through the left door to save your game. I suggest you do so. Now, there are plenty of breakable blocks in this shaft, but many of them just conceal blue X. Shoot down at the block that's two blocks away from the left wall, then drop down, crouch, and shoot at the block to the left. It'll break away. Now, go into ball from and roll through the bottom left wall (no bombs necessary.) In this room, kill all the enemies, then go into ball form in the tunnel at the top of the room. Go to the left side of that tunnel and lay a bomb. A block will clear away. Go to where that block was and lay another bomb. Grab the ***MISSILE TANK*** (26/48, 140) that appears. Roll back into the vertical shaft. Go through the bottom right door, but try to avoid revealing any blue X. Now, in this room, just continue to the right, where the Data Room entrance is, and you'll spot...a Boss Door!? Weird...destroy it with one Missile or two charged shots, then go through and download...AUUUGH, what's that on the switch!? SHOOT IT! It'll run away...CHASE IT INTO THE NEXT ROOM! As soon as you jump onto the rightmost platform in the room, a miniboss battle will begin...


All Mega-X is a gigantic Core-X, with several smaller X surrounding it. Use charged shots to easily dispatch of this monster, as it is completely impervious to Missiles. This is pathetically easy; just keep blasting it with charged shots. Eventually, it'll change into a regular Core-X, who's shell you can break with six Missiles. Collect the ***VARIA SUIT*** it leaves behind, and then watch the funky cutscene in which your suit turns to a...mustard yellow...color, then go out the door to the right.


Once you enter the vertical shaft, go through the right door. You'll encounter some blue X in this shaft; luckily, they can no longer hurt you. In fact, they will actually HEAL SAMUS FOR 30 ENERGY! NICE! Go through the right door to save your game, then continue to the top left door of the shaft. Now, you can see the tank here, but it's a trap. As soon as you step in front of it, you'll fall through some crumble blocks. To grab the ***MISSILE TANK*** (27/48, 145) jump from a few blocks away and land into it. As you fall, MAKE SURE TO HUG THE LEFT WALL. You'll grab onto a ledge. Roll in and shoot the middle of the ceiling with your beam to reveal yet another ***MISSILE TANK*** (28/48, 150.) Then go to the previous vertical shaft and go through the top right door. Go up this shaft into the top left door. In the next room, roll up into a ball into the narrow passage and drop down through the Crumble Block; then, go up the middle passage of this room and shoot the thin wall of blocks to your right. They'll break away, allowing you to jump to the rungs. Get up and out of here. In the vertical shaft, go into the first door on the left that you see. There's literally a cloud of blue X in here; so this is naturally a good place to heal yourself. Now, go back to the shaft and through the first door on the right (you haven't gone through it yet.) Make your way through this room by shooting the false blocks with your beam, then continue through the right door. Go and grab the Missile Tank! What the-A FAKE!? Destroy it with a Missile! Now, morph into a ball and bomb the right wall. Ah hah, a hidden passage! Roll through and grab the ***MISSILE TANK*** (29/48, 155.) Now you can head straight back to the Navigation room.

Upon your arrival, Adam will inform you that your next goal is to find a way to damage the SA-X. Unfortunately, the only possibility, using the Plasma Beam, will not be finished by HQ for a considerable amount of time. You also can't freeze it with an Ice Beam due to the Metroid DNA in Samus' suit. Therefore, we're going to go grab some freeze-tipped MISSILES instead. Aww, do we have to part with our Super Missiles so soon? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Now, go up the elevator.

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