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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Suffering House
-Items Found: Vortex Frame, Speed Nut (2xx), Silver Coin, Bombs (2x)
-Boss: Bok's
Go to the right of the room and go to the next screen. Hit the Solar Lamp to see a lot of Vanibok's in the room, get to the room in the north to find the Vortex Solar Gun Frame, exit this room, then go into the room in the west of the Vanibok room.

In the bottom left side of the room is a chest containing a Speed Nut, next to the chest tap on the wall to get the Bok's attention, run to the north eastern part of the room then go up the stairs and get the key from the chest, exit the room, exit the next room, use the key on the blue door here.

Kill the spiders but watch out for the disappearing blocks, go down the stairs, then get the Speed Nut and the Silver Coin, then go through the door.

Hit the Solar Lamp, then follow the path to the box, move the box once to the left, and three down, go through the door to get a key. Go back one room then up the stairs, open the door. Go down the stairs into the Undead room.

Trap! Defeat all enemies without being found. There's only three of them, but you may get caught a few times. I suggest that you hide in the little corner behind the first stairs you see, stay on the wall, then when the Bok's come close kill them. If a Bok gets suspicious just move up a little bit then when it turns away kill it. When you win you will get 2 extra bombs for your weapon. You can now exit.

--------Stench Forest
-Items Found: Green Apple, Silver Coin, RRed Apple, Solar Nut, Green Apple, Change Grenade, Bomb, Flash, Triple Battery
-Boss: Sword
Play at night for best results here.

Follow the path then get the Green Apple from the chest, watch out for the birds, go to the right and push the block down into the ditch, go back. go to the next screen. Move the rock into the rock over the block then next to the chest, go back around and walk over to the chest to get the Triple Solar Gun Battery, go back and and go south to the next screen.

Kill all the spiders and then go to the south exit, get the Silver Coin and go back. IF you go left or right here is a list of items you can get, both rooms finish back at an Undead room.

Left Room: Change Solar Gun Grenade, Bomb, Flash
Right Room: find a Red Apple, Solar Nut and a Green Apple

Trap! Defeat the sword. Same as usual. Use the Fencer Frame to kill it faster. You should get a Redshroom when your done. You can leave now.

--------Ruined Cemetery
-Items Found: Red Apple (3x), Solar Nut ((4x), Speed Nut, Knife Frame, Bomb (2x), Solar Leaf, Flash, Change, Banana,
Go to the next screen. Get the Red Apple from the chest, then go to the next screen. You can get a Solar Nut (2x), Red Apple and a Speed Nut, go on the stairs and follow the path down to the next room.

There's some Bok's down here so kill them, open the chests for a Knife Solar Gun Frame and a Silver Coin, go back. Now exit to the north-eastern exit.

Here's a list of the items here: Red Apple, Bomb (2x), Solar Leaf, Flash, Change, Banana and a Solar Nut, be careful because one of the chests is a mimic. When your done go to the stairs in the north-eastern area of the screen.

Trap! Defeat all enemies without being found. Basically the same as the others. Stay up against the walls and then use the new Knife Frame to kill them from afar without being noticed. You should get a Solar Nut for winning. You can go out now; the exit is in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

--------Firetop Mountain
-Items Found: See-All Nut (6x), Banana (44x), Empty Gourd, Solar Nut (3x), Green Apple (3x), Red Apple (3x), Flame Nut (2x), Scan Grenade, Flash, Speed Nut (2x), Bomb Grenade (3x), Silver Coin, Change Grenade, Solar Leaf (2x), Life Fruit, Rising Sun grenades, Flame Lens
-Boss: Muspell The Iron Giant
Head up for the Pile Driver to be summoned, continue to the next screen. Enter the cave and get the See-All Nut from the chest, go right to get a Banana, go back then head north.

Otenko will tell you about Burnbok's. Kill the Bok then head north to get a Empty Gourd, go back then head through the door on the right.

Go up the steps, the push the box once to the right, go back down the steps. Follow the path killing the Bok then go up the stairs. Push the first box either to the north or south, then push the next box twice to the left, push the third box once up, and push the last box to the right, go up the stairs.

There's a chest containing a See-All Nut to the right of the entrance, go up the steps the kill the Bok, then follow the path down the stairs. Go around the walls then push the box down four times into the hole, exit this area.

Climb the steps (you can get a See-All Nut from here), push the bok into the hole so it's easier for later. Then enter the higher cave entrance, get the Banana from the chest, then push the box into the hole, go back out and enter the other entrance. Go up the steps and push the box into the ditch, you can go up the stairs for a Solar Nut, then go back into the other entrance and cross the new path into the next room.

Otenko will tell you about the Mega Rock Floor, you can ignore it for now and follow the path to the door. In the next room is a Solar Station, you may recharge if needed then continue to the next room. Go up the steps and into the next room. Get the See-All Nut from the chest. (Optional) Use the See-All Nut to find a Speed Nut. You should get the rest of the items in here. When you're done, go to the Lava Flow Control room in the north.

Follow the path then push the box down into the crevice, continue to exit north. Get close to the fire bursts then wait for it to go down and run across, repeat this until you get to the Control Panel, push the control Panel so that the lava rises. Go back two rooms then exit south. Otenko will tell you about the Lava, then exit the cave. Follow the path then push the box into the hole, then go up the stairs, open the chest for a Green Apple, then enter the cave.

Follow the path and Otenko will tell you about the Golem, ignore it for now and go to the north to find a Flame Nut and a See-All Nut in the chests, then exit north.

Go up north to find a Scan Solar Gun Grenade item, continue follow the path while killing the Bok's, there's another Flame Nut and mimic next to it, continue following the path then exit.

If you look to your left, you can see Sabata standing there, ignore him and go south, ignore the first door and the second door, go through all the other rooms for all of the items, there's also a few Bok's and when you get close to the Immortal area Sabata will talk to you - nothing important, here's a list of items from the rooms: Flash grenades, Red Apple, See-All Nut, Speed Nut, now you can go to the second room.

Climb the steps for a Bomb Grenade, and a Silver Coin, then push the box down into the hole, go down the steps, then push the bok to the right of you into the hole. Now go around to the third one to the north of you, push that one down once, then right once, and up into the hole. Go back and move the last box over the top of that box then into the next ditch, go down the stairs, then push the box that was just pushed into the ditch twice to the right. Move the box in the previous ditch three times to the west, then six north. Now go up the stairs, cross the box, then move the northern most box down onto the floor, go back down to it then push it into the crevice, go back to the other box and push it three north and six west, go up the stairs.

Follow the path until you get to the switch, push the switch, go back to the box puzzle room, go to the left of the room into the next screen, push the bok into the hole then leave this room back into the main room. You need to push the lever in this room to raise the lava up and then go to the room to the left.

Get on the moving block, then get off when it stops, go around the next block (the chest contains some Change grenades), get off the platform when it stops. There's a Solar Nut in the left corner then leave in the south. Get up the stairs to the next room, push the box down, then go near the yellow sign and push the lever, now go all the way back to the main room then go into the last door to the left.

Take the left path, then get on the moving platform, when it stops get on the other platform, (you can also get a Banana and a Life Fruit from going on some platforms), get off it when it stops and get on the other one, when it stops you can leave via the door.

Kill the Burnbok then get the Speed Nut from the chest, the second chest is a mimic, continue following the path to find a Solar Leaf in the chest, go to the right door and turn the switch on, then return to the main room and get to the Immortal after saving.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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