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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

-------------Muspell the Iron Giant--------------
Muspell will try to attack you by hitting you, summoning falling rocks, rolling around and splitting himself up into smaller versions of himself, these can all deal allot of damage. Muspell can be hard to kill with just a normal frame, so equip some grenades and fire them all at him, this will do more damage then just a normal shot or spread. Unlike other bosses Muspell is immune to light so the skylight won't have any effect against him. If you run out of grenades just use your shot and spread for a while. You can also stand on the edge then when Muspell comes at you just move to the side so he falls into the lava. This time Muspells techniques are a bit better then before as they are more powerful.

Another Strategy contributed by JP: I noticed a trick to fighting Muspell, the Iron Golem in the volcano, and thought I'd pass it along. He can be beaten in almost no time if you knock him into the lava - it takes just two pushes to wipe him out. The trick is to stand right at the edge of the battle platform and get him to roll straight at you from a decent distance, then step aside at the last moment. He'll build up too much momentum to stop properly and revert to human form, teetering precariously at the edge of the platform. Shoot him from behind while he's off-balance and he'll plunge into the lava, taking off about half his life. It's much, much more effective than trying to wear him down with the gun.

When finished the Fire area will be destroyed, go out to the main room then choose another area.

Land Tower: Ignore the password then go up the steps and through the door. There's a Solar Lamp in the corner of the room, then go up the elevator to find the Circle Key, go back a room then head down the south stairs and go through the door.

Hit the Solar Lamp, kill the bats and go through the door. Go right and push the box into the hole, go to the left and through the door.

Hit the Lamp and go to the next door. Push the first lever, the floor will now rise, go out the doors. Follow the path to the next door. Hit the Solar Lamp, stun the Bok's so they stand on the switchs, open the chests for Bearnut (3x), Speed Nut (3x), Banana (4x), then go through the door and back to the lever room. Now push the second lever up.

Ignore the chest (it's a mimic) then hit the Solar Lamp and go north to the next room. Go left, hit the Solar Lamp, kill the Bok, go through the east door. Pull the 3 lever then go back, enter the south door and open all the chests for some items, then go back two rooms and choose 2, 3 and 4, then go back, south and follow the path. Hit the Solar Lamp then up the stairs.

Make your way through the room killing the enemies and collecting items. Choose the left door. Hit the Solar Lamp. Move the northern most box (from now on it will be known as Box #1) south twice, then move the box to the right of it (Box #2) east once, then south twice, go around and push the third one (Box #3) north once, push Box #1 north twice, then go through the door.

Push the box north once onto the switch then go right and get the Solar Nut from the chest, then move the next box into the hole, shoot the Solar Lamp and get the two Bombs from the chest, then go up the stairs on the right.

Hit the Solar Lamp then go through the north door, open the chest for two Flash grenades, then go out and south one door. Remember your passcode? Input it on the floor. The password doesn't work, press Select then check the time and input that. The gate will open so go through it.

There's a Solar Station to the right of you. In the top north room is a Banana. In the east door push the box into the hole. Then go up the stairs. There's a hidden Endurant and Speed Nut, open the other chests for various items then go up the stairs.

-------------Count of the Earth--------------
I suggest that you use the Knight Frame (or something better eg. Phalanx) for this. The Count will try to use swords against you, just use a Spread Shot to fire the swords at him. When he turns into bats just stay in the skylight and you can't be hurt. He'll then summon up some spiky rocks to hurt you. When he rushes at you, stay in the skylight and he will get hurt. Repeat the process until he's dead.

Wind Tower: Get on the platform then get on the next one. Open the chest for a Solar Nut, then get on the second platform that comes by. Open the chest for a red Apple then go up the stairs.

Go to the right to find a Speed Nut then go through the door on the left. Open the chest for a Banana then go up the stairs. Open the chest for three Scan Grenades, go through the door, down the stairs and through the next door.

Make your way down, ignore the Cockatrice then go up the elevators then go across to the next screen. Open the chest for a Solar Nut. Go south. Switch the first Solar Mirror then get the Cockatrice to fire a shot at the mirror, it'll reflect and hit the statue. Follow the path south then destroy the Solar Mirror, get the Cockatrice to fire a shot again. Go right and destroy it. Go right furthermore and switch the mirror around get the cockatrice to fire at it. Go south and make it hit it. Then go up the stairs and through the door.

Push the lever. Kill the Cockatrice's then allow the shot to reflect off all the mirrors, follow the path to get some items then go back and go left then follow the path to the next screen.

Follow the path all the way and open the chests for two Solar Nuts, then fire a shot at the Solar Lamp so the gate lifts, go down and follow the path. Aim so you can hit all the other Solar Lamps. Now go up the stairs.

Go left and through the door. Another puzzle, the answer is: 6 = 5 + 2 / 8 Then go through the door. In the bottom part of the room is a Solar Nut, then destroy the first mirror and fire at the lamp to hit it, then go through the door.

Get one of the Cockatrice's to fire a shot at the mirror's so they hit the statue and open the door, go through the door. Move the block for easy access, the open the chests for a See-All Nut and a Green Apple, then save and go up the stairs to your right.

-------------Banshee the Deathbringer--------------
Also known as Carmilla the Lady Vampire. She will summon some Solar Mirrors, you have to flip these so her attack deflects back at her. Soon she'll make the Cockatrice fire at you and she'll also fire at you, just dodge them all by standing in the middle of the blasts. After that you'll see a Shadow, just keep running from east to west so she doesn't hit you with her tail, you can fire at the tip of her tail to hurt her. If you get too close to her she'll swipe at you. She will also summon rd Cockatrice to fight you - just kill them. Then she will repeat. This is a long battle but if you dodge everything you should be alright.

Water Tower: Go to the next room (doesn't matter which door you take). Collect the items and kill the Bok's then make your way to the north of the room. Go to the far left and open the chest for a Redshroom (beneath the ice on the left side is six bomb grenades), the use the Redshroom and go through the vent. Kill the tentacles then use another Redshroom (which can be found in the chest) and go through the vent. Collect the items then go up the stairs. Slide across to the ice block then move it north and then east, you can now exit the room. South is a Red Apple then slide across, you'll have to melt the northern block to be able to get into the next room. South is a Solar Station and north is the way to go. You can get some items from the chest, then go north up the stairs.

Make your way to the stairs in the north while collecting the items and killing the enemies. Push the lever then go back down. The gates will be open so go around them then slide north.

Follow the path then go down the stairs. Slide across onto the switch, if you didn't kill the mimic chest then you can use that to go north, otherwise you'll have to get the Boks' attention, so go near the stairs and tap on the wall, get it's attention onto the switch then stun it go north through the door. Make your way to the next screen.

Go to the screen on the left (there's a Solar Nut to the right). You can either push the [Loser] switch and have it done for you, or get a better result and do it your self:
1. Push the western block (#1) north then east then south against the wall.
2. Push the eastern block (#2) west so it goes up against that wall.
3. Push the center block (#3) east then north
4. Push the west-most block (#2) south then east
5. Push the northern most block (#3) west, then south and then east
6. Push the middle block north (#2)
7. Push the eastern block (#1) west to finish, go up the steps. Go north and then enter the Immortal room.

-------------Garmr the Lifefreezing Silveer Wolf------------
- Garmr will try to blow ice on you, then pounce at you, howl a blizzard, blast howl and become transparent to heal. First of all, make sure you have the Flame Lens equipped. When he attempts to pounce at you, you should use a speed nut or something to dodge it. When he howl's a blizzard you can't do anything. When he does a blast howl, he'll be very tired and open for attack. When he tries to freeze you, just run to his side or behind him and fire at him. You can also damage him heavily by pushing a ice block against him. He can now also summon spiky ice at you, which can hurt. Repeat the process a few times to kill him. You should have a lot of Solar Nuts at hand.

The final block will be destroyed, so go up the stairs and to the next room. Go up the stairs right next to you and get the Quint Solar Gun Battery. Now you need to take the southern stairs, you'll have to fight a Kraken, but when beaten you'll get plenty of items and a Life Fruit. When your done go up the stairs.

Below is the answer for this floors puzzle then go upstairs and enter it.
Red = all colors that contains red
Blue = all colors that contains blue
Yellow = all colors that contains yellow

R  B
R  B   P = Purple
PP    R = Red
   P   B = Blue

Red = 5
Blue = 3

Then go up the stairs and enter the number to the colors. Go up the stairs. And here's the solution:

G  P   Y = Yellow
G  P   G = Green
BB    P = Purple
R  G   B = Black
R  G   R = Red
Red = 2
Blue = 4
Yellow = 5
Then go up the stairs. Take the left door for a Gold Apple, then go through the right door, kill the enemies and go south. Then go up the stairs. Make sure you have some sunlight on your meter otherwise you can't pass. Go left all the way for a Silver Coin, then go north and up the stairs. Follow the path to the next room. the doors will close and Sabata will be there.
  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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