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2. Game Basics

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3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6.2 Item Exchange
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8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Road of Reunion/Sunwishing Plaza
-Items Found:
Go north into Sunwishing Plaza. To the right is an Immortal's Dark Seal, you can't do anything about it yet, so go north.

--------Bloodrust Mansion
-Items Found: Empty Gourd, Double Batteryy, Banana (4x), Speed Nut (3x), Tiptoe Nut, Silver Coin, Life Fruit, Solar Nut (2x), Bomb grenades (5x), Red Apple (3x), Green Apple (3x), Redshroom, Rotten Nut (5x)
-Boss: Count of the Earth
Go north to summon the Pile Driver, Otenko will then notice the Luna Solar Gun Lens, you'll be given it and told about Moon Beauty, go north into the next screen then enter the mansion.

They'll be no light, and there isn't a Solar Lamp anywhere, so just go up the stairs and through the door. A simple box puzzle, just move the north-most box to the left and open the chest for a key. Go back to the previous room go down the stairs and open the door.

Hit the Solar Lamp with a Shot, then move the box up. Go east for a Empty Gourd, then go back and take the west door. Knock on the wall to make the Bok walk away, then go to the area he was guarding and go through the door.

There's a Solar Station in here. Go up the stairs and into the next room. Hit the Solar Lamp with a Shot, another simple box puzzle, move the box closest to the Otenko panel up twice, then move the box to the left of you left twice, then go behind the last box and push it four times to the right, and up once to put it onto the switch, go through the door.

Go right and open the chest for a Double Solar Gun Battery, equip it, then go through the exit to the north of you. Outside now, you can ignore the path to your left for now, so just go right.

Follow the path and you will come to a room filled with spiders, just ignore them and go up the stairs, follow the path and get onto the roof, get in the first doorway you see and get the banana in there, go back out, go right into another doorway and open the chest for a Speed Nut. Go left all the way and back into the mansion.

Go down the stairs back into the Spider room, stick to the right wall, and take the left-most door for a Solar Nut, go back and into the door to the right of you. Follow the path, kill the Bok and take the northern-most doorway, go west and get the Speed Nut, go back and down the stairs.

In the first room you go by is a Solar Station, go in there to recharge if you need it. Go past the second door for a Red Apple, then go through the second door.

A simple puzzle. Go into the switch then tap on the wall, the mummy will come to you, so run away from it making sure it doesn't see you, the mummy should go onto the switch then run into the next room before it releases. Follow the path, and you should come to a slit end in the next room, so go north.

This can be a confusing puzzle. Look at the path of the courtyard, it should say a number between 1-9, remember what that number is, then go into the door in the north. If the number is higher than four, you will have to add them up eg. 8 = 4 + 3 + 1. Then go into the next room.

Another number puzzle, but this time the answer is: 7, 9, 10, 1, 3, 5, 8 (Thanks to dweam on the forums for the answer). To the left of this room is a Silver Coin, then go back and go down the stairs. Follow the path, there's a Banana, Green Apple and a Speed Nut in here, as well as a Bok near the door. Go down the steps for a Redshroom, then follow the path and go up the stairs then into the next room.

Hit the Solar Lamp, then move the crate one north, go around up the steps and move the other crate down into the hole, go back around and move the crate three times north into the hole, exit through the door.

Ignore the left path and go right, the first door on the right has a Solar Station, the second door is the way to go.

Push the lever so the elevator goes up and then go right into the next room. The doors will shut so go over to the skylight and stay there, wait until the Bok is directly in line with you and the switch (the Bok would attack but the sunlight will serve as a barrier), when the Bok is line, shoot at it, it should move back and become stunned, shoot it again to move it over onto the switch, then run through the newly opened door.

There are Vanibok's in this room (aka Ghoul Ghost), stand in the skylight then tap against the wall to make the 4 Vanibok's die, the door in the north has a Solar Station, so go down to the east door.

Go right and open the chests for a Banana and a Green Apple, follow the path and push the lever. Go back two rooms, to find yourself in another puzzle. The trick is to get the two Bok's to stand on the switches, so go behind the first Bok and shoot onto the switch, then shoot the other one onto the other switch, run through the door (this may take a few tries - although my vague explanation should give you an idea of what to do).

Ignore the lever and go through the door. Get the Bomb Solar Gun Grenade, then move the southern box left once, move the eastern box right once, and move the last box left once, go up the stairs, cross the boxes and leave.

You should recharge in the skylight and save, then go through the door atop the stairs.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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