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4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Forgotten Tomb
-Items Found: Flash grenade, Solar Nut (33x), Solar Leaf, Bomb grenade, Red Apple (4x), Silver Coin, Life Fruit, Swordsman Frame, Empty Gourd, Change grenade, Banana, Speed Nut
make your way to the next screen. Go through the north-western door to find a Flash Solar Gun Grenade, go back then go to the south-eastern door. There's a Solar Nut in the southern corner of the room, then go up the steps and follow the path to find a Solar Leaf, continue following the paths to find a Bomb grenade, Red Apple and a Solar Nut, then make your way to the south exit (the blue mark on the map).

Go down the steps then kill the Burnbok's to get a Silver Coin, Life Fruit and a Swordsman Solar Gun Frame, go back to the previous area then exit north, continue north to the next screen.

Go over the left steps to get a Red Apple, then take the stairs on the right, follow the paths to get a Empty Gourd, Change grenade, Banana, Speed Nut, Solar Nut and a Red Apple. When your done go to the north-west side of the screen and enter the Undead room.

Trap! Defeat the armor. Same as before. use the Dagger Frame or the Swordsman Frame to make it easier. You'll get a Red Apple for defeating it.

You can now leave. Go back to the second room then take the north-east exit.

--------Delusion Forest
-Items Found: Red Apple (3x)
-Boss: -
When you enter Otenko will tell you about your shadow, ignore what he says then just go north. Go north again, then read the journal (yhis will guide you if you get lost, you can just start again). Since the shadow is random, all I can tell you is the fact that your shadow is always pointing to the west. The directions from the journal entry is: east four times and north twice, keeping mind that the shadow is always facing to the west.

When you find the Solflower, you'll get three Red Apples. You should exit now, go back to the four directional area (the second screen), and then go east and south (don't use the shadow this time).

-Items Found: Life Fruit, Red Apple, Speeed Nut, Silver Coin, Scan Grenade, Javalin Frame
-Boss: Axe
To find the Abyss, just go left of the Delusion Forest into the grassy area.

Go up the steps then take the left room. If you use a See-All Nut, you'll find a blue path, if you follow it you will fall and die so make sure you have six blocks of sunlight to find a Life Fruit, anyway, kill the mummy and go to the next room.

Another puzzle. Push the block in front of you (northern block) down into the hole to make a path, follow the path then push the other block once east, then push the previous block south once and east twice. Push the other block over it and into the hole to make a path. Go to the next room to find a Triangle Key. Go back to the first room now.

Now go to the room on the right. Go behind the block in front of you, then tap on the wall, all the Bok's should go all at once in the same path, when they get in the corner, you can either kill them all or run to the back of the room to find a Red Apple, then go up the steps, kill the Bok's, then go through the northern door.

There's another blue path in this room, if you have six blocks of sun then go across the path find a Speed Nut and a Silver Coin then go to the next room. There's three Bok's in this room, there's a power station in the room on the left and you can use that and then go to the room in the north.

Push the block in front of you once north, then push it south twice. Push the other block east once, south once, west twice then south once onto the switch. Pus the other block once north then west onto the switch, go through the door. Get the Square Key from the chest then go back three rooms, use the key on the door.

Trap! Defeat the Axe. Use the Crusader Frame to defeat it easily. You'll get a Scan grenade for defeating it. There's also blue pathways in this room, but they don't go anywhere. Go to the room behind it to find the Javalin Solar Gun Frame. You can now leave the cave.

--------Northwind Passage/Intersection off Fate
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing to do here except to go north.
--------Skyview Plaza
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

When you enter Otenko will summon a Warp Magic Circle, so enter it.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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