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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

-------------Count of the Earth--------------
I suggest that you use the Knight Frame for this. The Count will try to use swords against you, just use a Spread Shot to fire the swords at him. When he turns into bats just stay in the skylight and you can't be hurt. He'll then summon up some spiky rocks to hurt you. When he rushes at you, stay in the skylight and he will get hurt. Repeat the process until he's dead.

Lita will appear, and there will be a long discussion. Soon you'll have to take the coffin out. Drag the coffin four doors back, until you come to the room with the lever, leave the coffin on the elevator and press the lever so it goes down. Go one room right.

Kill the Bok's, continue through the rooms until you get to the room with the lever, push the lever, then go three rooms back and you should see the coffin there. Take the coffin all the way back (the puzzles should have already been done, and some Bok's may appear. If you get lost, just use my walkthrough backwards to find out where to go). When you get back to the room just before the courtyard, take the south exit, and move the crate there four times, then move left or right once and go through the door. Go through the next door to come outside, follow the path to the Pile Driver.

It's the same as last time, but only this time there's four Generator's instead of just 2, this makes it harder, but trying recharging the Generator's in a clock-wise fashion, that way they don't get drained so easily, and another addition is that the enemy can now still attack you! (If you didn't know already, you can walk through the beams without getting injured).

The Seal will now break, and you can get 5 Rotten Nuts from the chest. Exit south and go to the bridge on the right.

--------Solar Tree
-Items Found: Solar Nut, Solar Leaf, Blueeshroom
-Boss: -
A very long conversation between you, Lita and Otenko. She will tell you about the Solar Tree and about mixing fruits into the Solar Trees Roots. She'll then make you plant something, and she'll give you a Solar Leaf, talk to her again and she'll give you a Blueshroom. Exit north.

To Learn more about the mixtures of the Solar Tree check out section 7.4

--------Hill of Departure
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -
When you enter Sabata will strike you down, and you will get in a long conversation with him.

There will be another splint end. This walkthrough will cover all of the Undead paths before doing the Immortal paths, if you wish to skip the Undead paths I suggest that you use Ctrl+F and type in the selected area name.

=================================== --------Noname Fortress =================================== -Items Found: See-All Nut (2x), Life Fruiit, Banana, Silver Coin
-Boss: Treasure Chest Bok's
When you enter go left, Otenko will tell you about Dark Loans, go into dark Loans, and then go out, Sabata will appear then disappear and leave a Dark Card behind. Go up the stairs, watch out for pitfalls, so exit left.

In this room is a hidden Undead, you can see them by their footprints, go down the stairs and get the See-All Nut, exit left. Go up the stairs, you can go down and left to find a Life Fruit, but I don't recommend it. So, go north, kill the three Bok's while climbing up to the door in the north.

Trap! To win you have to open all the treasure chests without being found. Here's the solution:
1. Get the one right next to you, then go up against the wall on the block to the left of the opened chest.
2. Wait until the Bok goes past you, open the chest
3. Turn right, open the chest
4. Go north, open the chest
5. Go west, open the chest
6. Go west, open the chest
7. Go south, open the chest
8. Wait until the Bok moves away, open the chest
9. Go up against the wall where the last chest was, then wait for the Bok to go by and open the chest.

Open the chests that appear and then go through the door on the right. Go down all the stairs, go down the stairs back to the room where you got the See-All Nut, go up the stairs, go right, and open the blue door.

Go down the stairs, take the door on the left then open the left chest for a Silver Coin, the right-most chest for a See-All Nut, and don't open the middle chest because it's a mimic. Go back, and exit.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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