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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

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- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
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7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Crumbling Mine
-Items Found: Solar Nut, Lance Frame
Go to the next room. There's two Bok's in here, hide behind the walls, then quickly run past them both when they're not looking and you could kill them. Go to the next rooom.

Go around the block when the Bok is opposite to you, run to the other one and tap on the wall, trap the Bok's in the small crevice and kill them, go up the steps and exit to the north.

Trap! You have to defeat all the mummies, there's four mummies, all you can really do is to trick them so they step over the switch and burn. Repeat this a few times until they're all dead. You should get a Solar Nut and a Blue Key for your efforts, exit the room.

Go down abit to find a Blue door, use the key on it. Exit the area.

Getting the Lance Frame; contributed by: [email protected]

The Lance Frame is just an upgrade to the spear with an Attack of A and a Stun of B making it the most powerful weapon for the fire and ice dungeons. It is found in the Crumbling Mine only during the day at the end of the first ghoul infested room. By the time you get there it is too late so go to the next room and come back. You will notice in a cutoff section where there is a Bok walking toward a floor switch with a skylight and a glowing yellow tile. The skylight will kill him so block your sensor so it can walk past, but the tile is now a pit that he'll fall into because the floor n eeds sun to be there. So after he is past the skylight let the sun back onto your sensor so it can cross. Once he hits the switch go around the corner and you'll see the chest with the Lance Frame.

--------Young Grass Path/Severe Cold Hilll
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing here.

--------Stairs of Trial
-Items Found: Red Apple, Life Fruit, Solaar Nut, Silver Coin, Flash Frame, Speed Nut, Solar Leaf, Green Apple
-Boss: Bok's
Go south to the next room. Hit the Solar Lamp in the corner of the room, you can get the Red Apple from the chest, then move the northern most box once to the left, then move the southern box one left and one down (into the hole). Move the remaining box two right, one down, one left, one down, and four left into the hole, get the Life Fruit from the chest, exit east.

Go behind the Bok, then run to the wall, hit the Solar Lamp, tap on that wall, go to the block, tap on it, then go to the switch and tap on the wall there, go behind the blocks near the door and wait for the Bok to get on the switch, leave this room.

Hit the Solar Lamp. Move the box closest to the Otenko Panel one down, move the other box one to the right, move the previous box one right then one down, then two right. Move the third box (the one near the stairs two north, now move the last box onto the floor (one right), then move it up twice, go to the stairs and cross the boxes through to the door. Hit the Solar Lamp to the right of you, you can use a see-all nut if you like (if you still have one), go down the stairs killing the spiders with the Spear Frame (to spiders it's a one-hit-kill), get the Solar Nut from the chest, go up the stairs and get the Silver Coin in the chest. If you're using the See-All Nut, you can get the Flash Solar Gun Grenade from the bottom right corner of the room. You can now leave the room from the northern door.

There's three Bok's in this room you should kill them with the Spear Frame, then collect the Speed Nut from the chest and leave in the northwest door.

In the northeastern part of the room is a Solar Leaf. Get on one of the stairs and then wait for the Bok to be in line with you and the switch, shoot the Bok so it crashes onto the switch, run out to the door.

Trap! Defeat all enemies without being found. An easy way to get rid of some of the Bok's is to stay in the corner where you enter, and when the Bok's come into the dead end vertically south of you, you can shoot them with the Spear Frame, repeat this until most are dead. If there's still a few around, step on the alarm to make them come, when they turn around shoot at them to kill them. You should get a Green Apple when your done. You can now exit.

--------Frostbiten Path/Field of Silence
-Items Found:


  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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