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8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

-------------Muspell the Iron Giant--------------

Muspell will try to attack you by hitting you, summoning falling rocks, rolling around and splitting himself up into smaller versions of himself, these can all deal allot of damage. Muspell can be hard to kill with just a normal frame, so equip some grenades and fire them all at him, this will do more damage then just a normal shot or spread. Unlike other bosses Muspell is immune to light so the skylight won't have any effect against him. If you run out of grenades just use your shot and spread for a while.

Another Strategy contributed by JP:
I noticed a trick to fighting Muspell, the Iron Golem in the volcano, and thought I'd pass it along. He can be beaten in almost no time if you knock him into the lava - it takes just two pushes to wipe him out. The trick is to stand right at the edge of the battle platform and get him to roll straight at you from a decent distance, then step aside at the last moment. He'll build up too much momentum to stop properly and revert to human form, teetering precariously at the edge of the platform. Shoot him from behind while he's off-balance and he'll plunge into the lava, taking off about half his life. It's much, much more effective than trying to wear him down with the gun.

Another tactic to beat Muspell; contributed by: [email protected] Since he is the age old charge-at-you-in-a-straight-line-without-brakes type of boss like Rhino in the Spiderman game the best tactic is to make him charge into something dangerous... like... um I don't know...lava. Run to the bottom most corner of the area when he starts to charge at you there he will sometimes uncurl and maybe wobble his arms take this opportunity to shoot him into the lava he will lose a quarter of his life bar every time he falls for it then jump into the center and start again. I used the lance since it was my strongest gun but now I'm thinking of the Beatmania since even though it lacks power it is great for pushing.

Leave the coffin there and go north to find a bounty to find: Rising Sun grenades, Banana, Solar Nut, Bomb (3x), Red Apple, Solar Leaf. You can just keep the coffin on the elevator and push the lever, go around to the northeastern exit and make your way down back to that floor of the elevator. Grab the coffin and leave to the east, you will be outside, the path is quite easy just keep climbing down, with the boxes in place it's really easy. Take the coffin out onto the Pile Driver ad purify it, it's the same as before, except different attacks and the fact that he can temporarily stun some of the Generators so they don't work. When you defeat him you will get the Flame Solar Gun Lens.

-Items Found: Ice Nut (8x), Banana (5x), Bomb (18x), Red Apple (3x), Speed Nut (8x), See-All Nut (2x), Green Apple (10x), Solar Nut (4x), Flash (8x), Scan (5x), Solar Leaf (2x), Silver Coin, Frost Lens
-Boss: Garmr the Lifefreezing Silver Wolff

Get the Ice Nut from the chest, then go up to meet Sabata. You'll now have a choice of which way to go, both ways are covered:

Left: Get the Banana from the chest then go to the next screen. Go behind the steps to find a Ice Nut and get a Bomb (2x) from the other chest, continue to the next screen, then into the cave and go through the only door.

This is the hardest puzzle in the game, this is the best I can explain it: 1 + 1 = 2 Just move the 2 Block up once, right once, and up once again. You will get two Red Apples from the chest, go back then through the new door.

Go to the first room on the right to find another bounty: Speed Nut, Banana, See-All Nut, Solar Nut, Green Apple, Ice Nut, Bomb (2x) and a mimic. Leave the room then go to the next room above it.

Another math's puzzle, the answer this time is 16=16, don't use the + sign. Three Banana's will appear, then leave to the room on the left.

2 x 3 = 6 is the answer. Four Speed nuts this time. Leave then exit through the door on the left. Climb up the steps then go into the cave.

A slippery floor. If you've ever played the Zelda series you'll instantly recognize this puzzle, unfortunately you can move around while sliding which makes it easy, there's an Ice Nut in the south and a Solar Nut in the north, just exit in the north now.

Go up the stairs to find a Speed Nut and three more bombs. Go down all the stairs and leave to the north. There's a See-All nut to the left and a Green Apple to the right, the cave contains a Speed Nut, then leave to the north. Get the Bomb (2x) from the chest then enter the cave.

Go down then push the box twice to the south; the chest there contains a Flash (3x) grenade. Enter the cave to summon up the Pile Driver, Sabata will appear then disappear, follow the path, which Sabata disappeared in.

Grab the Empty Gourd and Life Fruit from the chest, and then leave to the north. Make your way around to the southeastern area and get the Ice Nut and Green Apple from the chests, then go back to the previous screen. Make your way to the door in the southwestern part of the room.

Another ice puzzle-esque room, get the Scan (5x) grenades, there's a Solar Nut in the north part of the room, a Green Apple in the center of the room along with a Solar Nut and a Green Apple. There's a Ice Nut in the eastern screen, then go back and exit west.

Follow the path, then push the box onto the switch, go back two rooms then enter the door on the eastern side. The path going south takes you to Bomb (6x) grenades, then follow the north path, the chests on the ice contain:
Green Apple (5x), Speed Nut, Ice Nut, Solar Leaf. There's a Solar Station in the bottom-right hand corner of the room, exit to the north.

Go around and push the box into the hole. Go into the room with the immortal.

-------------Garmr the Lifefreezing Silveer Wolf-------------
Garmr will try to blow ice on you, then pounce at you, howl a blizzard, blast howl and become transparent to heal. First of all, make sure you have the Flame Lens equipped. When he attempts to pounce at you, you should use a speed nut or something to dodge it. When he howl's a lizzard you can't do anything. When he does a blast howl, he'll be very tired and open for attack. When he tries to freeze you, just run to his side or behind him and fire at him. Repeat the process a few times to kill him. You should have a lot of Solar Nuts at hand.

No items right now. So just carry the coffin to the previous screen. Take it down the steps then put it on the elevator to go down, exit through the south door, then exit south again, follow the linear path back to the Pile Driver.

But before you can put it on, it'll freeze the Pile Driver. You now have to go all the way back to the starting area. It's quite easy, but it's easier just taking it from the right path.

Since you can't go through the left way, you can only go right, you might be able to go the left way if you went right at the start, either way it's pretty linear to get back, but I'll still explain the way I did it.

Go out side by moving the box a few times, then get the Ice Nut from the chest, and exit south. Get the Bomb (3x) grenades, and continue through the path collecting the various items. At one point you will probably fall down a hole from the top of the plateau, just move the coffin onto the sunlight barrier then you can collect the items, take the coffin then go into one of the over holes, then exit and keep going south to the new Pile Driver.

Just like an other purification, but Garmr can still breathe ice at you and freeze up a Generator. His ice breath can very annoying though. When you win you get the Frost Solar Gun Lens. You should now leave and make your way to Sealed Hill.

--------Sealed Hill
-Items Found:

Here Otenko will tell you about Sol City and Delusion Forest, so go north.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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