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4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6.2 Item Exchange
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7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Small Cave
-Items Found: Red Apple, Empty Gourd, Sillver Coin, Axel Frame, Green Apple
-Boss: Bats
Go up the steps and into the next room. There's two Bok's and a Red Apple on the right side of the room, go to the right and get the Red Apple, stay there until the Bok's turn away then kill them both, then go through the north exit for a Empty Gourd, go back out and go through the west exit. There's another two Bok's in this room, kill the one in front of you, then go over the platform and kill the other, exit through the east doorway. Follow the path to the next room.

There's a skylight in this room. Go through the left doorway. Go into the large wall, and tap on it to make the Boks run back, then go around to the back of it then turn right, follow the path, kill the Bok then go through the south exit (the north one has another Bok), get the Blue Key, then go back, and take the north exit and kill the Bok, then go back around to the room with the skylight.

Now take the right doorway. Get into the small crevice and tap, the Boks will come after you, when they are close jump out and kill them. Go to the left for a Silver Coin and then follow the path up. Kill the two Bok's on guard then go right.

Follow the path to the next screen and open the chest for the Axel Solar Gun Frame. Now go all the way back to the skylight room. Follow the path, then kill the last Bok, open the chest for a Solar Nut and then go through the door on the right using the Blue Key.

It's a trap! Make sure you have the Axel Frame equipped, when the Bats start coming for you, hold down the B button to kill them all. If you run low on sunlight, there's a skylight in the room. Otenko will then make a Warp Magic Square, so now you don't have to go through all that to go back. A Green Apple should appear in a chest, so get it. Then exit.

--------Empty Passage
-Items Found: - -Boss: - There's nothing here so just exit north.

--------Gate of the Dead
-Items Found: Life Fruit, Red Apple (3x),, Silver Coin, Star 1 Lens
-Boss: Sword
Go up the steps and into the next room. Go up against the large box in front of you, but don't tap, wait for the Bok's to run into each other then kill them both at the same time, then go up to the next room.

Take the right stairs, then go left behind the Bok and then kill it. Go up the stairs behind you, then wait for the other two Bok's to run into each other, kill them both. Go to the room on the right, and open the chest for a Life Fruit, go back into the previous room.

Go down the stairs for a Red Apple, then go to the west doorway, move the crate back and open the chest for a Blue Key, go back, then go up north into the next screen, open the chest for a Silver Coin, go back.

Go back around, and through the last doorway in the upper area of the room. Get in the middle of the large wall area, and tap, all the Bok's should come to you, kill the two on your right first, then kill the other one. Exit through the bottom left doorway, get the Red Apple, then go back, go through the north doorway now.

Another trap. Defeat the sword to disarm. I suggest that you use the Knight Frame for this battle. The Sword will try stab you and then make smaller more annoying swords. Use the Spread Shot on it to hurt it. Use the skylight to recharge, and repeat until it dies.

When it's defeated you will get a Red Apple and a Star 1 Solar Lens. Now you can exit.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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