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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Sol City
-Items Found: Heal Fruit, Green Apple (3xx), Speed Nut (11x), Empty Gourd, Redshroom (7x), Tiptoe Nut (8x), Solar Nut (4x), Silver Coin, Bomb grenade (16x), Banana (8x), Earth Lens, Red Appple (4x), See-All Nut, Scan grenades (4x), Quad Battery, Fast Carrot, Flash grenades (7x), Life Fruit, Gold Apple,
Go the next room, Otenko will tell you about falling off and dieing, keep it in mind then go to the right and continue following the path. If you use a See-All Nut you can get a heal Fruit on the third platform, to the left of it is a Green Apple and Speed Nut. To the right is an Empty Gourd, Redshroom, Tiptoe Toe. Continue through the right path to get to the next room.

Get the Speed Nut from the chest then continue. In the back of this room is a Solar Nut, in the middle room is a Solar Station, continue right to get a Redhshroom. Use the Redshroom to shrink and then go through the vent, then go up to the next room.

To all you cheaters out there, if you use a redshroom you'll only glow orange, turn off the cheats to shrink.

Go to the left and shrink through the vent, follow the path to find a Redshroom (3x), Bomb and a Banana, shrink into the vent in the bottom corner of the room. Now move the block into the hole, then pull the lever for a elevator. You can now go right to find a room with Solar Mirrors and a Cockatrice kill the Cockatrice then go to the rooms in the north to find a Speed Nut and a Redshroom, go back then go up the elevator.

Follow the path to get a Tiptoe Nut then go to the next screen. You'll meet Sabata. You will engage in a battle with Sabata, just fire a few times at him and he'll counter-attack, he'll soon hit Otenko then Otenko will disappear. Go north then go to the right screen.

Follow the path and go through the vents, get the Scan grenades and Red Apple from the chests, now go back and go into the first building (There's a Silver Coin in the chest under the tree branch). Another simple math's puzzle, the answer is: 6 x 2 / 4 = 2 You'll get a lot of Green Apples (I don't know how many), then go back and into the left building to find some Bomb grenades (2x), then go to the left screen.

Trap! Kill the Cockatrices, they're not hard but can be very annoying, you'll get five Speed Nuts, Tiptoe Nuts and Bananas, exit to the north to get into another trap battle, this time it's Golems, you'll get the Earth Lens, exit north. Get on the platforms to get a Green Apple, Solar Nut, Red Apple (2x), you should eventually come to the building (if you come to the north one ignore it and make your way back then take the south one).

Follow the path while killing the Golem's to find a See-All Nut, Speed Nut, Bomb (5x) and a Banana, then go up the stairs near the start of the room.

There's some Cockatrice's and a Green Apple in this room, when you get past the Solar Mirrors be careful of the floor it collapses beneath you, there's also Bomb (2x), Redshroom, Scan grenades (4x) and the Quad Solar Gun battery. Leave through the north door then go up the elevator.

Go south then use the Earth Lens and a Spread on it, now do it to all the plants to find a Fast Carrot, then go to the door on the far right, make the plant grow then get the four Flash grenades from the chest, then go through the door in the north, make your way to the steps and go up.

Southern Cockatrice: Go south to get a Speed Nut then go north and Otenko will tell you about the Cockatrice statues, go over onto the steps and get the Life Fruit from the chest, then go down and head south. Stay on the extreme right side of the path so you won't get hit then move the block once north into the hole then move the other block north so it hits the Cockatrice, then the doors will open, go through the north one.

Northern Cockatrice: Basically, start where you can see the Female statue. Then start rearranging the Sun Mirrors, every one along the wall will need to be flipped once (except for one in the middle of the eastern wall, which must be destroyed).

Eastern Cockatrice: This one's pretty easy; like the Northern one, just re-arrange the mirrors. There aren't that many and they are close together, which simplifies matters. BTW, the male statue's beams can petrify the Cockatrice enemies here.

Western Cockatrice: Four Male statues, and what seems like tons of mirrors within a decent-sized area. Again, you best bet will be to backtrack; you will have to break a Mirror. It's quite easy if you backtrack. Then the elevator will come down, so get on it.

Open all the chests to get five Bomb grenades, Red Apple (2x) and a Solar Nut, then go north into the building. Nice imperial style room, walk up to the door to hear a conversation, Sabata will see you and allow you to go in, but Otenko goes in to check it, but sadly he's gone, but with his last once of strength he summons the Pile Driver.

-------------Banshee the Deathbrigner--------------
Also known as Carmilla the Lady Vampire.
She will summon some Solar Mirrors, you have to flip these so her attack deflects back at her. Soon she'll make the Cockatrice fire at you and she'll also fire at you, just dodge them all by standing in the middle of the blasts. After that you'll see a Shadow, just keep running from east to west so she doesn't hit you with her tail, you can fire at the tip of her tail to hurt her. If you get too close to her she'll swipe at you. She will also summon rd Cockatrice to fight you - just kill them. Then she will repeat. This is a long battle but if you dodge everything you should be alright.

When your done take her coffin outside, then go down the elevator. Go out of the elevator room, then go up onto the steps north then take the elevator to the steps go down all the way, exit through the door.

Make your way around this area to the southwestern door, take the platform across, get on the next elevator down. Take the next platform that comes, then take the south platform. Follow the path and keep taking the south exit until you come to the Pile Driver, then put her on it and get in.

Just like any other purification, but she can only attack with her glowing electric balls, she should soon be dead. When your done Sabata will appear and tell you about the Immortals and the Dark Castle, he'll then leave. You should also leave, go south.

Enter the building then take the elevator down. Take the door south, shrink yourself through the vent, get to the south door, and now exit. Make your way around the paths to the entrance; use the warp to come back down.

--------Skyview Plaza
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing here anymore. The seal is gone so cross the bridge to the next map.
--------Taboo Hill
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing here except to go through the remaining four Undead levels.

--------House of Darkness
-Items Found: Red Apple (4x), Solar Nut ((4x), Bomb grenades (4x), Silver Coin, Change Grenade (3x), Speed Nut, Empty Gourd, Redshroom
Go up the steps and through the door. Get the Red Apple to the right of you, then go down and take the left door. Go around to the eastern-corner to get a Red Apple and then enter the door next to you.

Move the block on top of the block to the west once, then move the furthest right box twice to the west, then move the southern box north twice then east once, move the box that's on the platform over the other two, then go up the steps and through the two doors.

Kill the two Bok's then get the Triangle Key from the chest, go back three rooms then go up those long steps. Kill the two Bok's then use the Key on the door. Use a See-All Nut to get two Solar Nuts, then kill the Bok and go down the stairs, and then take the door on the left.

Move the southern block (the southern one on the platform you're standing on) once to the east into the ditch, the push the one on the right north once, go around and push the bottom box once to the north, then move the third one (the one on the second platform) west once, then go around it and push it east four times, then once west and north twice, get the Key from the chest. Go back a room then use the key on the door.

In the corner is a Solar Nut, then go up the elevator and get the Red Apple, four Bomb Grenades and another Silver Coin. Go down the elevator and through the door. Go through the door straight ahead of you.

Go up the steps, kill all the Bok's, then stand in the bottom middle part of the encircled spot, you should fall down. Get the Life Fruit from the chest then move the stone block once east. Then get the Red Apple, Solar Nut and the Change grenade (3x), one of the chests is a mimic and go up the steps.

Go through the door in the northeast. Go through the next door. Go up the left steps to get a Speed Nut go to the far right for a Empty Gourd, then go into the Undead room.

Trap! Defeat the armor. It's the same as usual, except now he can charge at you. You'll get a Redshroom for defeating him. You should just use an Empty Gourd to leave or go all the way back to the second room then go through the door in the north.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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