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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

2. Game Basics


Move in the direction pressed.

-------------A Button:
Charge Up.

-------------B Button:
Fire a shot from the Gun De Sol. Hold B to fire spread shots*

*This is only for certain weapons.

-------------L Button:
Use Item.

-------------R Button

-------------Start/Pause Button:
Pause and Displays menu.

Bring up an in-game menu.


-------------Game Start
Start the game.

Play mini-games on two levels.

Play against friends, trade items or use emblems. For more information on Multiplayer go to the Multiplayer section
(Section 6).

- Time Setting
Change the in-game clock.

- Solar Sensor Setting
This will tell you if your solar sensor is OK.

- Basics
A short tutorial on various aspects in the game.

- Explanation
This will tell you a short explanation of various aspects in the game.

Brings up a menu, you can choose to do a few things here.

- Save
Save your current game.

- Sleep
Go into Sleep mode. This mode allows you to save battery power. To get out of Sleep mode press Select + L + R.

- Options
Here you can change the button functions, text speed and the marker.

- Cancel
Allows you to resume your current game.

-------------Select Screen
Press either L or R to cycle through the menus.

- Item
Choose, use, throw away or sort your item inventory.

- Weapon
Shows the Gun De Sol, you can change it's characteristics here. For more about the Gun De Sol go to section 7.3.

- Map
Shows a map of the area.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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