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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

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3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
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7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Remaining Tower
-Items Found: Bomb, Change Grenade, Silveer Coin, Bomb (2x), Crusader Frame
-Boss: Armor
On the right in the chest is a Bomb grenade. You now have a choice either leave this place now or fight the Undead. If you want to leave take the stairs on the right and follow the path. If you want to fight, read on.

Take the longer stairs then enter the door on top. Move the rocks so they're not in the way, get on the elevator then go down and up the stairs.

Kill the Bok's then get the Change grenade from the chest and then go up stairs. There's four red mummies in this corridor, use the Spear Frame to make them burn up, then run, exit to the north.

Watch out for falling spiky sphere's, exit south then kill the Bok and get the key from the chest, go back and exit to the right, follow the long path.

There's a hidden Silver Coin in the room next to the Undead room. Then enter the undead room when your done.

Trap! Defeat Armor, not hard, but can be very annoying. He will summon falling spiky spheres, attack with his sword and do a spin attack. Just keep attacking him to win, he shall soon be dead. You should get Bomb (2x) and another key. You can either leave now or use the key. To leave just go back all the way.

To use the key, go back about five doors, then use the key on the blue door in the south-western corner. Follow the path then go down the elevator to come to a chest containing the Crusader Solar Gun Frame. You can now leave.

--------Wasteland of Chaos
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing to do here but to go through the Undead levels.

--------Valley of Ice
-Items Found: Tornado Frame, Ice Nut (2x)), Redshroom -Boss:
Go right into the next room. Push the block that's directly in line with the Otenko Panel to the right, then push the other block north and then east, go up the steps and to the next room.

There are three Burnbok's in this room, kill them all with the Ice Lens, then go to the room behind it to find the Triangle key. Go back to the main room now.

This time go left. Move the south block north until it hits the wall, then move it left all the way, get on the steps and behind the other block, push the block north, then get down and melt the previous block, get up onto the steps then push the block onto the ground, continue to the next room.

Tap on one of the walls so that the Burnbok walks away; go into the room behind it. Melt the ice so you can get the Tornado Solar Gun Frame, go back to the main room now. Go up the steps and enter the door.

Go down the stairs to find an Ice Nut, the right chest is a mimic; exit this room from the south. Make your way around to the next room. There's a ice Nut in the chest in the northern part of the room, just slide down to the southeastern corner to exit.

Go south then push the block to the west, then go north and push the block once to the east and south, then melt the block that's to the north (in the corner), move the remaining block south again, then east and then north, exit through the door.

Trap! To win, defeat all enemies, use the Spear Frame to light the mummies on fire, and just keep firing at the tentacles. A very easy battle. You'll get a Redhsroom and a Square key. Go all the way back to the main room now. Open the last blue door and exit.

--------Scar of the Land
-Items Found: Red Apple, Flame Nut (2x), Speed Nut, Empty Gourd, Solar Nut, Silver Coin, Dagger Frame, Banana,
-Boss: Armor
Follow the path to the next room. The left chest contains a Red Apple; the other chest is a mimic, go through the south door. Kill the Bok then get the Flame Nut from the chest, continue to the next room.

There's a few Bok's, a Flame Nut, Speed Nut, Empty Gourd and a Solar Nut in here, just follow the path to the next room.

Use the Frost Lens on the fires then get the Silver Coin and Dagger Solar Gun Frame, then go to the next screen.

A simple puzzle. The four switches on the floor near you represent your Directional Pad (D-Pad). Step on the south switch twice, then the east switch three times and once north, go through the door.

Trap! Defeat armor. Once again this is the same battle as previously, but this time he's red, got a giant hammer and a large shield. Use the Frost Lens and the Dagger Frame to kill him quicker; he'll use the shield to block so just wait until it lowers its shield. You can also destroy his shield and hammer to make it easier. You'll receive a Banana and a Triangle Key.

Go back to the starting room, use the key on the blue door. There's four mummies in this room, just use the Spear Frame to make them burn up, leave to the next room.

The objective in this room is to make all of the switches turn red, this isn't very hard, all you have to do is go around in a circular fashion until they're all red. You can now exit this area.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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