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4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6.2 Item Exchange
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8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Road of Farewell
-Items Found:
- -Boss: -
This is a split path; you may take whichever one you want. Both paths have been done on this walkthrough, you can just choose whichever one you want and use it. I would recommend going through the Catacomb for much better equipment.

--------Ancient Forest
-Items Found: Red Apple (3x), Solar Nut ((4x), Empty Gourd, Spear Frame
-Boss: Clay Golem (4x)

Go north into the next screen, Otenko will tell you about the Clay Golem's, so go into the left crevice and tap on the wall, quickly run to the bottom right corner, and the Golem's will crash into each other leaving them to be stunned, so run past them. Go into the right path for a Red Apple, then go back and go north for a Solar Nut. Go left and down into the small hole for a Empty Gourd, wait until the Clay Golem passes, then head out to the west exit.

Quickly run past all the Clay Golem's and exit to the east exit, get the Spear Solar Gun Frame, then go back and exit to the west.

In this room, the main objective is to make the two Golem's crash into each other, to do this, go up the far left path getting the attention of both, they should start rolling at you, and crash, if they don't crash, go into the open area below to make them crash. Get past the stone for a Red Apple, then leave go north for a Solar Nut, go up the rock and exit.

Here, you can either dodge or make the Golem's crash into each other (you could also kill them, but that takes too long). Leave through the west exit for another Solar nut, then go back and exit north.

Climb the rock, then go near the Golem on guard, use your spread shot on him to kill him, go up the rock to get a Solar Nut, then exit. In the next screen you can just dodge all of the Golem's, it's not very hard.

In the following screen, yet again will be a trap. There's about 4-6 Golem's here, just try to make them crash into each other, and kill off any remaining Golem's. When you're done you can get another red apple.

-Items Found: Empty Gourd, Solar Nut 92x)), Red Apple (2x), Beatmania Frame, Green Apple
Go to the next screen. Otenko will tell you about Mummies, but ignore him. Go right, kill the mummy, and go north while killing another mummy, open the chest for a Empty Gourd, proceed and kill the mummy, go to the next room.

Go up the stairs, kill the mummy, and open the chest for a Solar Nut. Go right, kill the mummy, recharge on the skylight, continue north, kill the mummy, then go left, ignore the steps for now, kill the mummy behind them then open the chest for a Red Apple, go up the stairs and to the next room.

In this room, you can go left to find a Solar Station. Go up the steps and lure the mummy to come near you, when it's near step on the switch to drop a bomb to kill it. Go left, and up the stairs, open the chest for the Beatmania Solar Gun Frame. Go back, and climb the steps, kill the mummy up here, recharge at the skylight then enter the room north of you.

Here bombs will be falling down onto you, all you can do is to dodge them, follow the path, on the left in a chest is a Red Apple, continue following the path. There's a mummy ahead, use a combination of the falling bombs and Spread Shots to kill it. Upon following the path, you'll see more mummies, so just repeat the same process, you can also find another Solar Nut.

In this room is just one mummy, kill it then continue. Trap! To win defeat 4 mummies. Pretty easy, just use the same method as before. You'll also get a Green Apple, so exit now.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

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