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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

8. FAQ

--------8. FAQ---------------
If you have any questions e-mail me (The link is at the bottom and follow The guidelines)

1. I don't understand your guide, what do I do!?
A: Sometimes I might have gone a little bit further, just try to go on withthe game, if you still don't know what to do, e-mail me and I'll revise the section(s).

The following questions are from the Boktai official website.

1. Can you not play Boktai at night?
A: Although "Boktai" requires sunlight, you can play at night and in other situations when there is no sunlight. However, you must have sunlight when using the "Pile Driver" to purify the enemy boss. When there is no sunlight, you cannot activate the "Pile Driver" and purify the enemy boss.

2. Is the solar sensor a solar battery?
A: The solar sensor does not serve as a solar battery that changes sunlight to electricity.

3. It seems that 1 to 4 players can play the game. What can you do?
A: Normally, 1 person plays the game. With the link cable, you can have 2 to 4 people enjoy the "link battle." Also, you can engage in "item exchange" and "emblem resonance."

4. Is there a software reset feature?
A: Yes there is. Press the A Button, B Button, SELECT, and START simultaneously.

5. Do you have to input the region accurately? What if where I live is not among the list of regions?
A: The list consists of a lot of regions, so hopefully you can find somewhere that is close to where you live. If the region and time is not entered accurately, the time of sunrise and sunset and intensity of sunlight depending on the latitude, longitude, and season will not be reflected in the game properly. This could subtract from enjoying the "live feel" of this game.

9. Disclaimer

--------9. Guide Discllaimer---------------

--------Sites that are allowed-----

Sites that are allowed to use my guide are:

This FAQ may not be referenced or altered without permission from myself. This FAQ is an exclusive to the above website(s) and may not be hosted elsewhere. Alteration of this Copyright is punishable under Title 17 Chapter 5 Section 506(d) of US Copyright Law for a fine of up to $2,500.


I don't mind if this guide is posted somewhere. But please include the copyright, and read the warning in the previous section.

Copyright (c) 2003 Oscar C. -

Or The HTML version (make sure you get rid of the asterisk's *)

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Copyright (c) 2003 Oscar C. <*/a*>

--------E-Mailing Me--------------

-No Spam/flaming/pathetic hacking attemptts
-Must not be answered in the Guide alreaddy (Make sure you look carefully)
-Make sure it's about this game. I have eenough Spam as it is.
-Using proper grammar and spelling might enhance your chances of being
-Comments/Criticism/Something that shouldd/needs on the guide be changed are allowed.
-Strategies are allow to be sent
-I've made my own Boktai LLTP-style spritts if you want to use them, e-mail me

My E-mail: [email protected]


-Konami for making the game. for a lot of information. Boktai Board forum members for certain information [email protected] (sorry I don't know youur username) for a lot of information - it's marked in the area where it is.
-Jp for some input
-Jason Grave for some input
-Dylan Griffiths for some input
-Everyone for the help
-You for reading this

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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