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1. Introduction
2. Game Basics

- Controls
- Menus
3. Characters
4. Notes
5. Walkthrough

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6. Multiplayer
6.2 Item Exchange
6.3 Link Battle
6.4 Emblem Resonance
7. Extras
7.2 Items
7.3 Gun Del Sol  1, 2
7.4 Solar Tree   1, 2
7.5 Emblem List
8. Boktai The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ
9. Guide Disclaimer

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Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Oscar C

5. Walkthrough

--------Deserted Arsenal
-Items Found: Fencer Frame, Red Apple, Soolar Nut, Speed Nut
-Boss: Sword
Go right, down the stairs, push the block south into the crevice, go down the stairs, and push the block four west, two north, then push it four down, two east into the crevice. Go down the stairs. Then go around to the back of the block and move it down south once, and twice west onto the switch. The gate will open, go into the new room then open the chest for the Fencer Solar Gun Frame, push the block so it joins up with the stairs, leave the room.

Go through the door in the east. Go down the stairs below you and open the chest for a Red Apple, go to the stairs to the right of you (dodging the Bok's), and go to the chest for a Solar Nut, go up a bit then down the stairs then leave the room.

Trap! To beat this one you have to defeat the sword. If you have the Fencer frame equipped this battle should be easy. The sword will try to run at you, easily dodge this then keep moving, it should jump up and land, use the Fencer Frame's spread shot continuously on it to kill it in a few seconds. You will get a Speed Nut for your victory, you can now exit.

--------Southwind Passage
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing here.

--------Death Cliff
-Items Found: Silver Coin, Red Apple (3x)), Solar Nut, Solar Leaf,
-Boss: Axe
Go north into the next screen. Climb the stairs when the Golem isn't looking and then run to the left and down those stairs, the chests contain a Silver Coin and a Red Apple. Go up the stairs, kill the golem and up the next few stairs, follow the path, kill the next two golems, open the chest for a Solar Nut, ignore the bank then enter the cave to the left of it.

Inside the cave turn right to find a chest containing a Red Apple, kill the three Bok's then open the chest for a Solar Leaf, then exit through the north door.

Trap! Defeat Axe, not very hard. If your using the Fencer Frame, you should just wait until the little Axe's are gone (or kill them), then attack the big Axe. The Axe will try to hammer you into the ground, he'll get stuck and that's a good opportunity to kill him. When you win you should get a Red Apple. Exit now.

--------Deserted Road
-Items Found: -
-Boss: -

Nothing here.

  Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

boktai sun in your hand cheats

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