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4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (8)

I. Erika's Sidequest
Then, go down a little and enter the arcade building. Walk up and talk to Erika. Talk to the lower left boy. He will walk away, so take over his place and game on.

Your goal is to toss or throw the balls and hit the Rubberobo guy.

Press A to use your right hand to catch the ball and toss it Press B to use your left hand to catch the ball and toss it

Beware that the Rubberobo guy will also toss the ball to you to defeat you.
II. Karin's Sidequest
You will see Karin standing near some bushes. Talk to her and she will follow you. Now, enter the haunted house above you.

This place is a little tricky. There are medabots hidden in the bushes and you will have to find all of them. To find all of them, go one step up, two steps right and one step down. Turn right and search the bush. The medabot will then Robattle you. Just as a reminder. the terrain here is Woods.

After that, go one step up and five steps left. Go one step up and search the left bush for another medabot. Then, walk two steps up and four steps right. Take one step down and two steps right. Search the bottom bush. Now, just head up and enter the door.

Follow the winding road and a medabot will appear and try to hide. Talk with it for another Robattle. Then, exit through the right door.

The next room will be a pitch black room. To exit this room, just take three steps right, two steps down, three steps right, two steps up and a step right. You will be knock away from the door. So, just take two steps right. You will see two Karins in the next room, you will automatically find out which is the real one and Robattle with the imposter. Follow the runaway imposter and you will enter another dark room.

Take four steps down, two steps left, four steps up, two steps left, four steps down and four steps left to another room.

Now, just move to Karin and talk with her. She will runaway into another room. Follow her and you fall into a hole. Then, talk to the medabot blocking your way and Robattle it. After that, go up the stairs at the lower left corner of the room. Head down and exit down another time.

Now, enter the arcade below you. Head up and talk to Erika. Exit the arcade after this.


You are still not quite finish here yet. Head back to the arena and to the locker room to continue the second part of the tournament. Talk to the guy at the upper right corner of the locker room. Prepare for a Robattle.

Robattle #23
Medatrainer: Prince Kir
Head HP : 50
Comments : Put any two medabots to attack while the other one with SPIDAR medaparts to set a trap for his medabots.

Robattle #24
Medatrainer: Shandy
Head HP : 45
Comments : She is quite slow, but her HP is long and her attacks packs a low of whollap. Her attacks are more on long range techs. Beserk techs work ell against her. Use medaforce whenever you are able to.

Robattle #25
Medatrainer: Spumoni
Head HP : 30
Comments : This guy's medabots are really annoying. They could freeze your medabots with their STRIKE hits. Use SPIDAR medaparts to set a trap and use any beserk or aim shot techs to put his medabots to a stop. Oh yeah, his medabots have a really low HP. Anything which can do a chain reaction will be great.

Robattle #26
Medatrainer: Joe Swihan
Head HP : 35
Comments : His medabots have annoying FLOW strikes. They could give one of those insane status damage. Hit him with speed and having a medabot with healing techs will be great. Once again this guy's medabots have a low HP so anything which could do a chain reaction will work fine.

Once you finish this Robattle, you will be with Ryo again. Talk to him if you want a Robattle outside the stage.

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