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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (11)

Robattle #36
Medatrainer: Rubberobo kid
Head HP : 50
Comments : You won't have trouble defeating this kid. He is really easy.

You will find out that he is actually a kid in that Rubberobo suit. You will automatically wear the suit and the Select Corp. will surround you thinking that you are the Rubberobo kid. Prepare for another Robattle.

Robattle #37
Medatrainer: Select 3
Head HP : 35
Comments : Won't be too difficult to defeat.

More Select Corp people will come and surround you. However, a masked woman (she is actually Kirara) will come and save you. She will destroy the police medabots with ease and they will run away. The masked woman will then walk away and you will change back into your correct clothes.

Exit left and then up. Head into the southwest building. Go upstairs and walk down and head right after you pass the first row of computers. Talk to Erika. Now, move yourself around the second row of computers and talk to Dr. Armond. Use the computer at the left of him to Robattle him.

After the Robattle, Rubberobo Gang will be at mischief again. Erika will run out to see what happen (as usual). Looks like you will need to catch up with her again. Go downstairs first and talk to the Dr. Armond He will give you a new medal (Mermaid in Rokusho version). Exit the building after talking to everyone.

Head up to meet Sloan, Spyke and Sammantha. You know what is coming. The Robattles shall be listed as once only as the same strategy is needed to defeat them.

Robattle #38
Medatrainer: Sloan
Head HP : 55
Comments : The same sets of medabots will be used in the previous battle. He should be easy for you now.

Robattle #39
Medatranier: Spyke
Head HP : 45
Comments : Extremely easy to defeat.

Another fat cape guy will come in and then Robattle you.

Robattle #40
Medatrainer: Baron
HP : 65
Comments : This guy is superbly defensive. His medabots has a counter technique which could reflect all your attacks. The best way to defeat him is using medaforce since he doen't attack at all. So, charge your medaforce gauge and let him have it.

After the Robattle, they will walk away (as usual). Exit right and head back to the Rosewood Private School. Talk to Erika. A Rubberobo kid will suddenly run out from the school. Go to the house on the right of the school. Talk to the intercom and enter the house.

After some conversation, head up and read the document on the table. Then, head a little down and left and search the tank medabot. The medabot is actually a stolen one from Medashop. Something is fishy here. Attempt to go back to the entrance of the house and the strange butler will appear again. Exit the house and enter Rosewood Private School.

You will meet Erika and talk to her. She will then walk to the left. As for you, head right and then up all the way. Erika will distract the guy blocking the stairs. Head upstairs and talk to girl standing at the door of the classroom. Then, head to the southern part and enter the meeting room. Talk to the teachers here. Now, exit and you will see Professor Siraf. Talk to him and he will move away. Head back to where the girl was standing and enter the classroom. The pupils here will Robattle with you, but don't worry, they are same as those random encounters. After the Robattle, they will tell you about Awano Hachiro. You will realize that Hachiro was the Rubberobo kid which disappeared. Exit school.

Talk to Erika. She will reenter the school again. Exit left and head into the northwest building which is the Select Corps HQ. Talk to the policeman at the counter. Then talk to the policeman at the southwest part of the room. Prepare to Robattle!

Robattle #41
Medatrainer: Select Corps
Head HP : 35
Comments : Just same like the usual encounters before this.

After the Robattle, the alarm will go wild and they will move out. Exit the building. Backtrack to Rosewood School. Attempt to attack the Rubberobo henchman standing at the entrance of the school. Koji will come and give you a hand. The hanchman will be tricked by Koji. Follow Koji into the school. Head right and then up to meet up with Koji. He will chase after the fat Slect Corps guy while you have to take care of the Select 3. It is an easy Robattle.

After the Robattle, they will let you pass. Go up the stairs above. Don't worry about the Rubberobo here. Just head down all the way and turn left. The Select Corps guys will come and talk to you. Enter the Teacher's Lounge above you. He will have two keys and he will only give you one key. Choose the key base on the sidequest you have done in the Medabot Island. Here will determine the whether or not you will receive the medal. If you took Erika's sidequest, please skip the right key and go take the left one.

Right Key (Karin's Sidequest/? medal)
Choose the right key (B Class).
Head up all the way and enter the classroom in the middle. Head down and Robattle those Rubberobo scums surrounding Karin.

Left Key (Erika's Sidequest/CAT medal)
Say no when you Koji ask you to take the right key. You will receive the left key (A Class). Head up all the way and enter the classroom at the left end. Head left to see Erika trapped by Rubberobos and Robattle them.

Whichever you do, Gillgirl will come in to Robattle you.

Robattle #42
Medatrainer: Gillgirl
Head HP : 45
Comments : Lay a shoot trap and attack. They are not hard to defeat. CIRCULIS only has interrupt techs which deals small amount of damage on your medabots.

She will drop Big Key and some medaparts for you. After some conversation with Karin, she will walk away. Exit the classroom. Walk right along the balcony and down all the way. Head left and use the key to enter the Headmaster's room on your left. Head up and Robattle Hachiro, the spoilt brat.

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