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4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
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8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

8. After Ending Quest

UNCOMPLETE (I need some help here: i haven't reach here yet in the GBA version)

There is a "Great Medapart Hunt" where you could search 12 of the most powerful medaparts in the game (thanks to "Lo's Family" <[email protected]> for tipping me). You could enter the hunt right after you finish the game and let the ending finishes. Then, just reload your save and you will be out kicking again.

Here's what xagor2 said about the location of the medapart hunt,

"After the ending credits you participate in a rally, and to win you must follow clues in the medashop to find the parts for mega-emperor, belzelga, and others. You find the parts without any fighting, well nearly no fighting.

1. Search on the podium where Mr. Referee announced the competition.

2. At Rosewood School you have to search for Karen. You need to fight several people including Koji.

3. In the ancient kingdom you need to find one of the medabots that the princess owns. It's on the same island as before. You need to fight the rich kid.

4. In the Rubberrobo's sewer hideout you need to fight several Select Corps. Then fight the Screws in the underground part. You must win 5 robattles in a row, I think. Then try and leave and Koji will fight you.

5. In the medabot island hideout follow the scientist to the acid bath, then search inside.

6. Go to the secret site on medabot island, then win 2 races.

7. At some point when you go back to your room your mum will ask to watch a shopping channel on it. They will advertise Mega Emporer's legs. Then go to the Medamall, fight your way to it and buy it. Then beat the Baron when you leave.

8. Take Salty for a walk. He will lead you to a medabot in the museum. Search it.

9. Visit the old lady in the mountains. She wants you to send a message to her grandaughter? working at the Medabots Corp. After delivery a couple of mesages, I think you are told to get it from her flying medabot.

10. Go to Ninja park and finish the 3 rooms in the large house.

11. I think you need to do something in the flying fortress, but I can't remember what."

12. You have go to your school at the second floor, there should be 2 girls standing beside a classroom door. Go in and fight, then go to the office. Talk to the guy on the left (forgot, if not, talk to both). He should run away, then go to the boy's washroom for a fight

9. Elemental Series

You could transform your medabot into different transport unit. All you need is the key item for it and the full medapart of it. Although the medaparts are sold by scientists in the science lab, but it is better to get them for free by finishing certain quest. Here is the list of them with the specialty it has after transforming its medaparts.

Earthkrona - Specialty : Protect allies. Its attacks consist of traps.
(Tank)                   A good choice to take.

Saldron    - Specialty : Attack enemies "bravely". Powerfull attacks!!!

Windsail   - Specialty : Lower abilites. It has annoying interrupt
(Air)                    techs. Quite lousy anyway.

Aquacrown  - Specialty : Help out allies. You can't receive this until
(Sea)                    later in the game.
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