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2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (15)

Robattle #49
Medatrainer: Cafe Ole
Head HP : 25
Comments : The leader medabot will have a high evade rate. It also have a confuse attack. Use medaforce on it whenever possible.

After the battle, the medabot will take you back to the mainland. Exit right and enter Kodine Temple. Head to Margarita's room and talk to her. Ikki will tip her about Cafe Ole. Exit the temple and go one screen right into the Flower Garden. Head up and talk to Cafe Ole to convince him to see Margarita. There will be a cool picture of Ikki in the warrior suit and Margarita hugging her long lost medabot.

Follow them back to the temple. Head up to talk to the Oracle. The Rubberobos will come in and kidnap the medabots here. However, Cafe Ole and crew will create an illusion to trick them. Now it is your turn to go home. Margarita will give you a silver locket (for a NEW vehicle, but you can't use it yet) and Cafe Ole's medaparts.

There will be a cutscene of Dr. Armond trying to steal the Fiyun Stone in Kodine Kingdom. You will be warped back to where you belong.

7.27 * Massive Trouble *
Tearrin Type : Street, Saibar
Medabots : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**, Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*, Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam, Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*

Exit the sewers and talk to Erika. She will be jealous of you since you could enter the Rubberobo's hideout. She will complain about how smelly you are too. Well, go get some new clothes.

Backtrack back to your home and talk to your mom. Head upstairs into your room and search the rack above your bed. Talk to your mom again before getting out from your house. Now, head into Erika's house and talk to her mom. You will find out that someone has been using your name to take Erika as your date. You have to get to the bottom of this. Exit into the city again.

Exit right and talk to the intercom at the southeast house (Karin's house). You will be told that Karin was out and that she is going to meet you at the train station *sigh*. Now, exit down and then left. Talk to Koji. Something juge will fly over their heads and it appears to be the Flying Fortress Fuyin. Dr Armond will announce his world domination and the kidnapped of Karin and Erika. Time to ask Dr. Aki for some advice. Head back to the science lab. Robattle any medabots trying to stop you.

In the science lab, talk to Dr. Aki. He will tell you that you need the WINGS OF THE WIND to make your medabot fly. Go to Miss Nae and she will She will give you a full set of medaparts plus a female tinpet and a medal.

EXit the science lab and Ikki will bring out his new vehicle and off he goes to the flying fortress.

7.28 * Wings Of The Skies *
Terrain Type : Wilderness, Desert
Medabots : No random Robattles

Exit down and follow the path around to the bottom of the room. Don't forget to change your leg medapart to fit the terrain here. Robattle any medabot who is in your path. Talk to the last medabot you meet in this room. It will give you a LEMON. Exit down.

Head into the the middle of the room and talk to the medabot. Now, search the oil cans in front of it to receive a new male tinpet. Exit right and you will be greeted by a medabot called Harvey. Talk to the medabots in this room if you wanted a fight. The terrain here is Desert. Exit right again once you are done.

Here you would want to walk a little down and right into a room with a computer in it. Search the middle book rack to receive a LEMON BATTERY. Head up after that and speak to the medabot between the two cans of oil. He will tell you to speak to Harvey for oil.

Well, you are at a loss of clues, so backtrack to Harvey and talk to him. Once you talk to him, an emergency signal will ring and Harvey will fly away after warning you about the dangers of the Fiyun grounds. For your information, the medabots here has lost their mind because they were controlled by someone or something. Talking to the medabots in here will engage you into a Robattle.

Exit right. Eliminate all the medabots here. Talk to the medabot opposite of the computer (beside the rack where you got your lemon battery). Then, talk to the medabot guarding the door above and eliminate him as well.

Enter the door above. Follow the straight forward path, eliminating insane medabots on the way. Go up the stairs (you could unlock the door above the stairs with your lemon battery to be back at the entrance of the ship. You will have a cutscene of Dr. Armond talking about his plans and telling about the Limiter in medabots.

Once you gain control of Ikki, follow the path as it twists around the room. Robattle with any medabots blocking your way. Don't forget to nab the treasure box containing a HAT TRICK head medapart. Exit to the next room.

In this room, head right and face Dr. Armond. You know what is coming. The terrain you will fight on is Desert.

Robattle #50
Medatrainer: Dr. Armond
Head HP : 70
Comments : This Robattle is extremely tough if you don't have enough speed. Start of destroying his grapple medabot. I won by using a shooter and two grapplers to win Dr. Armond. Hopefully you could win the same way too.

Dr. Armond will call up your medabot friend, Harvey. Prepare another Robattle.

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