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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (13)

7.22 * Into The Sewage System *
Terrain Type : Saibar
Medabots : Soniktank, Megaphant, Antacker**, Antldier**, Rollerman, Flatstick, Haniwa, Gorem

Head down and go across the second junction to the right. Go right along the path and search the manholes. Robattle all of the kids hiding there. After that, follow the path right, up and right again. Then, head down. Exit right.

Follow the pathway and attempt to go into the Rubberobos secret hideout. He will stop you and ask you for the password. Of course you wouldn't know it so Ikki will just step back. Exit left and talk to the guard there who will Robattle you. He will give you the password although the password sounds stupid.

Exit right and talk to the guard to give him the password. Now, just go to the racks and search the books at the right end. Phantom Renegade will pop out and give you some encouragement. Now exit up. Talk to the Rubberobo at the upper right of this room. He will tell you about the latest evil invention of the Rubberobos, which is carbon-dioxide soda. A medabot will come in to run the test, but it does not affect medabots. So, the Rubberobo will go in to test it on himself. Then, talk to the Rubberobo at the left. He will go in and blow himself up.

Okay, now the path to your left is open. Seacrh the box with a green line to receive 100 pounds!!! Then search the above box to receive 20 pounds. Then, search the box near the boy below to receive another 50 punds. Now, you are rich. Before that make sure you save as there will be a Robattle ahead. Attempt to exit the store room and the Rubberobo will take back 100 pounds. Now exit down and right to see a graduation ceremony. The Rubberobos are up to mischieve again. Time to stop them. So, follow them up the ladder.

7.23 * Rubberobos Here We Come 2 *
Tearrin Type : Street,
Medabots : Attack-Tyrano**, Air-Ptera*, Landbrachio, Spidar**, Phoenix*, Megaphant*, Cordy, Komandog*, Magiclown*, Kuraba, Mistyghost, Sailormate*, Starpeda, Tentaclam, Rollerman, Pingen, Snowbro, Rappy, Twinkle*

Alright, your mission is to swipe out all the Rubberobo kids for good in Medaropolis. Hard work!!!

Start off by heading to the southwest section of this area. You will find a Rubberobo kid and a Select Cop. Talk to the kid and Robattle him. Once he loses, he will run away. As usual, you need to chase after him *sigh*. Exit left and talk to Erika. She will tell you about the secret hideout of the Rubberobos which you already knew. Now, there will be a scene of the Rubberobo kid, Select Cop and Phantom Renegade. Follow them to the left and up. Talk to the Rubberobo kid for another Robattle. He will run away again once he lost the battle.

Exit up and head to where the Select HQ is. You will see the Rubberobo kid. Talk to the Select Cop holding the guy and he will unpurposely release the Rubberobo rascal. More Select will come out. Seems there is trouble at the Medaropolis Square. Exit down.

Head all the way down to the Medamall and you will see the group of Rubberobo kids. Squidguts had betrayed them by reporting the incident to the Select Corps. Now, you will have to lead them to safety with the help of Phantom Renegade. Prepare yourself for the Robattle ahead.

Then, head up and talk to the boss of Select Corps. Robattle with his lackey. Exit up and Robattle the Select Cop blocking the way at your right. Exit right.

Now, the kids will be caught by some Select guys. Well, you need to save them by Robattling those Select guys. Once you win, Hachiro will send his medabot to push the Select guy away. He was not bad after all. Not only that, he will generously give you a UNICORN medal!!! Hachiro is really Ikki's friend now ; ). It starts off with a high level.

Attempt to enter Rosewood Private School and Phantom Renegade will appear into the scene. He will change the name of the school plate to fool the Select Cops. Mission accomplished. The kids are safe and sound for the time being.

Enter the school to receive a manhole key from the ex-Rubberobo kid. Exit the school. Exit left and then down. Once again, you need to go into the sewers to get rid of the Rubberobos for good in Medaropolis. Face the front of the statue and wholla the stairs will be revealed. Enter it again.

7.24 * Phew, This Stinks *
Terrain Type : Saibar
Medabots : Soniktank, Megaphant, Antacker**, Antldier**, Rollerman, Flatstick, Haniwa, Gorem

Walk down and across the second junction. Walk along the path and search the last manhole to open another new set of stairways. Enter it. Head up and talk to everybody twice. Robattle those who wish to challenge you. Attempt to go out from the room and the whole Rubberobo gang will arrive and push you away. Take your seat and a Rubberobo will be angry of you for taking his seat. Just go up the stage and Robattle him.

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